This is an idea that came into my head and had to be written down (well, sort of...). It's J/S of course. No spoilers. Let me know what you think.

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Staring blankly at the screen, faces white in shock, the team listened in horror and disgust at the sounds echoing out into the otherwise deserted office. Jack clenched his fists tightly on the desktop as he watched the image on the computer grimly. Vivian had stopped watching after about a minute of the tape, and was now cradling her forehead in her hands. As the screams and cries of pain on the recording increased, both Martin and Danny's faces turned paler as they struggled to follow the video playing out before them. At this point the image on the computer screen became blurred and dark, but the audio was as evident as ever. Martin roughly brushed a tear from his cheek as he heard his own voice on the tape.

"Sam? Sam! It's going to be okay, I'm coming! Sam! It's okay, I won't let them hurt you, I won't." Martin heard himself yell.

"Martin! Help, please! Martin? Where are you? Martin!" came Samantha's voice; her fear and panic obvious in her tone. "Martin!" More screams.

"Sam!" the Martin on the tape shouted. "I'm coming!" Then another couple of voices are heard shouting and swearing. "Let her go!" he shouted at the two men. "Or I swear to God I'll hunt you down and kill you!" The video brightened again as the Martin on the tape emerged in a street. The team could make out the grainy visual showing two men pushing a woman- Samantha- into the back of a white van while a third came out of nowhere and smashed straight into Martin, knocking him to the ground. They could still hear Martin's voice on the recording: "Sam! Sam!" even after they lost video again.

Martin beat his hand down on the table in frustration and despair, Danny sat down quickly into the chair beside Viv who was wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. Jack turned to the three remaining members of his unit and spoke quietly but with an undercurrent of anger, disgust and emotion that they all recognised.

"We are going to get Sam back alive, but we have to focus, try to be one step ahead of what these bastards are doing." Jack said.

"But Jack, these guys, we know what they do, and they know it was us behind blowing their operation, and they're going to make Sam pay for all of it. We haven't got a chance to get to them before they do something to her. We don't know where they've taken her, or-" Danny began before Martin cut across him.

"We've got to get Sam back, this is all my fault, if anything happens to her, it'll be my fault. I should have done something, protected her, I should have-" This time it was Jack who interrupted.

"There was nothing you could have done Martin, stop blaming yourself and focus on finding Sam."

The team worked non-stop for the next four hours; following every lead, investigating every angle, anything to find Sam. Jack, Viv and Martin were sat around the table, checking feverishly through phone logs, court records, police reports, desperately trying to find a link, something to give them an indication as to where Sam had been taken.

Suddenly Danny came running into the Bullpen.

"I think I've got something!" He told the others, who all looked up hopefully, attentions completely focused. "Tech's been cross-referencing the prints taken from the last crime scene with addresses of our guys. They got a match: a warehouse in Brooklyn, currently owned by a Mr Stanley Greenberg, otherwise known as Rick Steel." Danny finished, holding the two photos side by side; same guy.

"Excellent. Danny, Martin- let's go. Viv- get SWAT down there asap."

Vivian immediately set to work notifying SWAT while the boys grabbed their guns and vests and headed out.

We're coming Sam, Jack thought to himself, praying that she was alright. I'm coming.