The phone on the table in the centre of the bullpen had barely rung once before it was snatched up by Jack.

"Malone" He answered, praying to God that it was Sam or Danny calling him.

"Jack it's me." Danny's voice breathed down the line.

"Danny thank God, are you alright?" Jack asked hurriedly.

"Yeah I'm fine, and Sam's fine too, she's here with me."

"That is so good to hear, I'll put you on speaker." He pressed a button before continuing. "Do you know where you are Danny?"

"Not sure, we're in a small room like a cell, big steel door, no windows, no lights." Danny told him. "Sam was unconscious up until she woke up here, so she doesn't remember anything. But I was in the van for maybe twenty minutes, the road started off smooth then was bumpy as hell, but I think I blacked out a couple of times so I'm not sure."

"That's great Danny, we've got a trace on this phone so we-" Then Jack's voice was cut off.

"Damn; battery's dead." Danny said, moving the phone from his ear and looking at the now blank screen.

"They must have got a close enough location from that." Sam stated. "And they'll be able to work out the rest from what you said."

"Yeah, I hope so." Danny replied, putting his phone away.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, Danny watching Sam out of the corner of his eye, noticing for the first time the bruise on her cheek. As she reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, he noted more dark patches on her wrist.

Sam wrapped her arms across her stomach, withdrawing slightly into the corner. It was only now that Danny saw that her shirt was ripped; a couple of the buttons were missing and it was more open at the top than Sam usually wore it. There were more bruises below her collarbone.

Lifting both her arms up to run her fingers through her hair, Danny realised that Sam wasn't wearing her belt. Her jeans looked lower on her hips, meaning that when she raised her arms, the gap between the waistband of her trousers and the hem of her shirt exposed her stomach, and the long, red scratch marring the pale skin of her side.

His fists clenched and he turned to stare at the opposite wall. He closed his eyes, opened them again, and then Danny spoke.

"Sam, did they... do anything to you?" His voice was quiet, calm. Sam didn't reply, her head bent, her hands now in her lap. Danny turned to look at her. "You can tell me, if they did." He went on softly.

Sam wiped a tear from her cheek quickly. Then she nodded slightly, turning her face away from him. She closed her eyes as more tears slipped down her cheeks. Her hands were trembling.

"Oh, sweetheart. Come here." Danny pulled her into his arms once more. He held her against his chest; her head nestled in his shoulder. Danny could feel her frantic heartbeat as the memory of the pain and the fear overwhelmed her.

"They're gonna pay for what they did." He promised her. "Jack and the others will be here any minute and they'll arrest them and they won't leave prison, not ever." Sam simply sobbed into his shirt. Danny pulled her tighter against him, desperate to comfort her but not wanting to cause her more pain than she had already suffered.

The two of them stayed like that until they heard shouting outside. Sam moaned in fear, holding onto Danny frantically.

"Shhh, its okay Sam. Its Jack and Martin and Viv. Its okay, we're okay now. They're gonna get us out of here okay?" He felt Samantha nod against him.

They could hear shouts of: "Freeze! FBI! Drop the gun!" and a voice they recognised as Jack's calling their names.

"Danny! Sam! Can you hear me?"

"We're in here Jack!" Danny called back, and then turning to Samantha he said: "Come on sweetheart." He helped her to her feet; Sam clung to his arm, pressing her body against his. Danny put an arm around her as they heard a loud clunk of wire cutters breaking the lock on the door.

The heavy metal door swung open to reveal Jack, Martin and Viv, with police officers searching the rest of the space behind them. Jack was first into the room.

"Are you two okay?" He asked immediately, moving forward to his agents.

"Yeah." Danny answered, his arm still secure around Sam's back. Jack reached out towards Samantha. She met his gaze slowly.

"Jack?" She asked, her voice wavering slightly.

"Its okay sweetheart, you're safe now." He reassured her as she looked on the verge of tears again. Sam stepped forward, putting her arms around his neck and burying her head in his shoulder. Jack held her tightly. Martin put a hand on Danny's arm.

"You alright man?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He told his friend, though he glanced at Sam worriedly. Jack met his eyes. A look of understanding passed between them and Jack pulled Sam closer.

Viv guided Danny out to the paramedics and Martin headed over to rally forensics, leaving Jack and Samantha alone.

"Come on sweetheart; let's get you to the hospital." He said quietly, loosening his hold on her.

"Jack!" Sam choked out, holding onto his hand tightly. "Stay with me, please."

"I'm not going anywhere Sam, okay? I'm not going anywhere." Jack reassured her, keeping her hand securely in his as he led her out to the ambulance.

Jack kept his word; his hand never left Samantha's as they went to the hospital, nor when she was taken into a private room. The doctor ushered him out when they came to check her over, but he returned the second they were done.

A couple of hours later Sam was discharged, having suffered only minor injury- well, physically anyway. Jack drove her home and accompanied her up to her apartment. The question: 'do you want me to stay?' was on his lips, but the look in Sam's eyes showed him the answer immediately. He knew he wasn't going anywhere.