Doctors Hunt and Yang happen to arrive for their shifts at the same time in the lobby.

Owen: Dr Yang, I-

Cristina: Dr Hunt, I realize now that you wish for us to have a totally professional relationship in the hospital where other people can see or hear us. Sorry about telling you to stay the hell away from me.

Owen: I am sorry that I did not explain that to you earlier, then I would not have hurt your feelings.

Cristina: Come over to my place tonight where nobody can see us?

(The Chief walks in)

Owen: I agree with your proposed course of action, Dr Yang. I think it will be very beneficial to the parties involved.

The Chief: Good work, Dr Yang! We'll get out of 12th place any time now!

(Later that night).

Cristina: Yay, we're all dressed up and having dinner, just the two of us. Callie is conveniently elsewhere.

Owen: And I'm all relaxed and having eye sex with you. I am very happy that you and Meredith are fighting, so she won't join us in bed tomorrow morning to read to you from her emotionally abusive mother's diaries.

Cristina: Let's have some champagne! (grabs a bottle, opens it, the cork pops out and hits Owen between the eyes, and champagne sprays all over Owen.)

Owen: AHHHHH! FLASHBACK! (Runs into bathroom)

Cristina: Seriously? (Runs into bathroom)

Cristina: What are you doing in my shower, with your shoes on?

Owen: You're worried about MY SHOES? And I'm washing the champagne off. That cheap stuff burns.

Cristina: Hey, you're kind of hot, all wet like that.

Owen: At least I'm not covered in blood, like in Rome.

Cristina: What?

Owen: Never mind.

Cristina: You still have some champagne on your face. Here, let me gently wipe it off while looking at you tenderly.

Owen: Works for me. I hope it doesn't make me look emo though.

Cristina: You can't go home in wet clothes, you'll catch a cold, and then you can't protect me from the serial killer.

Owen: I thought you didn't like my saviour complex.

Cristina: Dude, he likes to kill women. Saviour away. Now let's get you out of those wet clothes