A/N: Hello peoples! Yes, I am actually posting another story. Believe it or not, I got the inspiration for this story from the song "My Immortal" by Evanescance. I was listening to the song on my iPod touch and I was struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration. I was trying to make this oneshot (it's more like a drabble, but who really cares? xD) really sad and somber and it's supposed to have a few religious themes to it. I also used a lot of metaphors and some symbolism as you will see. So, without further adieu, enjoy my story and PLEASE review once you finish.

P.S: I almost cried while typing this.

P.S.S: This drabble/oneshot is named after Alice's hi-ougi.

All was silent.

She looked into his eyes; mournful, grieving. But for what did she grieve?

For him?

For herself?

For the sins she committed?

She grieved for the things she did, the things she didn't do, and the things that her actions led to. She couldn't help but feel a horrible guilt overcome her. She felt the tears come down, one by one. She couldn't do anything but collapse as sorrow and despair filled the hollowness of her heart and the emptiness of her soul. Piece by piece, she shattered. He could do nothing to comfort her, to have her silence her cries. He crouched beside her and stroked the bare skin of her back, reassuring her with murmured words he wasn't even sure were true.

The messenger with feathered wings finally appeared. The area around the two lovers had ignited. She rose in shock and clutched his jacket tightly, frightened of her and her lover's ultimate fate. He held her close to him.

The messenger had passed along his message; they were not to suffer in Oblivion. The flame was to cleanse, to purify their souls so they may pass on to Paradise. Her tears ceased, yet her features revealed her fear and apprehension. He stared into the eternal sunsets within her eyes and she stared at the endless oceans in his. He brought his lips gently to hers. They blinded themselves from reality if but for a moment. They savored every last second of the fleeting warmth their love brought each other; they had to if they were to withstand the pain the process would bring them.

She wrapped her hand around his; he tightly surrounded her hand with his own.

Then they walked together into the flame.

How ironic it is that the Monster Graveyard became the graves of a human and a half-elf.

He died so she could live but it was all in vain.

But even as they walked into the raging holy inferno, even with the promise of some day ending up within the heavenly gates of Paradise, still they felt the pain and sadness that the other had joined them in the Realm of Death.

For them, Fimbulvetr, the Great Winter, had just began its gentle powder snow when they attempted to kill their foes. Now, they were in the middle of its relentless blizzards.

But with the heat of their love, they would survive the ceaseless cold and would find happiness when the first shoots of Spring had finally made themselves known.