Prologue: Marriage

Joyce said to Buffy in a gentle tone while she sat at the dinner table, "Honey, Hank and I are getting married."

Buffy jumped up from the table and said, "You can't!"

Joyce stared at Buffy then rolled her eyes and stated, "He's a good man, Buffy, and he'll take good care of us.

He offered for us to come live at his mansion, we will have housekeepers and maids and even a butler."

Joyce was too caught up in her daydream to notice Buffy's horrified look.

"Mom, I've tried to tell you, he touches me and kisses me and…," Buffy trailed off noticing her mother was barely even listening.

Joyce snapped out of her thoughts and said, "Don't you dare talk badly about Hank. It's bad enough you said you didn't like Peter and Stanley but there is nothing wrong with Hank. Besides you told me Stanley did that as well and I left him. Now you are going to tell me that Hank does that too??"

Buffy's eyes got wide realizing her mother really didn't believe her. She was going to be stuck in this house forever with a man who insisted on looking at her like he wanted to have sex with her. Quickly losing her temper, Buffy yelled, "You pick losers!. Ever think of that?"

Joyce dropper her voice thinking that acting calm would help the situation. She was sure if she just gave Hank more of a chance then Buffy would like him.

Suddenly Joyce came up with an idea, "Buffy I'm gone this weekend. Why don't you go and stay with Hank?"

Buffy sighed not thinking this is a good idea at all, "I'm 14. Shouldn't I be able to stay alone yet?"

Joyce shook her head and said, "I'll talk to Hank tonight when we go out. He should be here any minute. I'm sure he'll agree. Then you can get settled in before the wedding. We can even move in when I get back."

Buffy frowned but figured there was no getting out of it. She could only hope she was wrong at the way Hank looked at her. She had a really bad feeling about this weekend but she still had 3 days to find a way out of it.