Chapter 39: Epilogue

"Mommy, daddy come quick. Watch me and Willie as we jump together. We can time it perfectly."

William came out of the kitchen headed through the dining room where Buffy was setting the table watching the pool from the room.

Both of them walked out onto the deck overlooking the pool.

"Watch this! One, two, three!," Dawn jumped into the pool at the same time as Willie making a huge splash.

William looked at Buffy and laughed saying, "Why don't you kids see if you can perhaps keep some of the water into the pool today for once, yeah?"

Buffy laughed and William pulled her tight against his side wrapping his arm around her waist and leaned in to kiss the top of her head then shouted to the kids as well as Buffy, "K, half-pint and little bit, you got two minutes to get out of the pool to attempt to dry off so you can get changed to be allowed into the house before dinner will be ready."

The kids yelled, "Do we have to? Can't we eat on the deck again tonight?"

Buffy looked at William and shrugged and he said, "I guess so but you still have to be sort of dry so two minutes. Then you two can play in the sand box after dinner for at least 30 minutes before you can swim again, K?"

The kids nodded still swimming around.

They were like little fish during the summer time. Willie was 7 but as quiet as can be and preferred letting 5-year-old Dawn talk for him.

Just then the phone rang waking up sleeping Olivia who started to scream and Buffy went to get the baby while William went to get the phone.

Buffy returned to the room with William pulling the food out of the oven and grinned at Buffy as he leaned in and gave her a kiss that squished Olivia who squirmed.

She didn't cry but instead tapped on Buffy and William's face when they stopped kissing, trying to re-push their faces together.

Buffy and William laughed and Buffy asked, "Who was on the phone sweetie?"

William grinned and said, "Joyce and Giles. They invited us and the kids over to their house and said to invite Anya and Xander and their lot as well as Oz and Willow."

Buffy grinned and said, "Think Anya will come even though she's pregnant again?"

William grinned and said, "I can be very persuasive besides, I'll offer my sweet and sour meatballs and he'll definitely drag Anya along with Maggie, Forrest and Cordy even with Anya pregnant."

Buffy nodded and said, "The kids play with Rachel and Krista tomorrow so I'll talk to Willow and Oz while they play ok? I have to go over the accounting again for the opening of the new restaurant in L.A."

William nodded and gave Buffy another kiss and said, "Let's make sure the kids are out of the pool before dinner gets cold."

Buffy nodded as she helped William by carrying the bread outside and still holding Olivia that she put into the high chair.

She saw her two good children sitting at the table wrapped in their towels ready to eat. Life in Pratt land was sometimes just perfect.

*}-'--, --'--, --'--, -{*

Somewhere in a prison cell in L.A. max security prison, Angel was yelling at the bars, "Let me out. Let me out! I can't take it anymore."

When no one answered he turned around in his cell and sat down on his little make shift cot and sighed thinking life in prison is worse than the death sentence.

No one other outside the prison gave a second thought to Angel for the rest of his life, forgetting he even existed.