Leah's never been one for fairy tales.

She's never had much patience for damsels in distress or the princes who prey upon them.

She was, however, foolish enough to believe in happy endings. Once upon a time, that is, before the fairy tales came to life and words like werewolves, vampires, and soul mates became common place.

Someone should have warned Leah that happy endings don't come in the middle of the story. Or ever, for her.

Her idea of a happy ending was fairly simple. See, Leah was nothing if not realistic, so while some girls wanted to move off the reservation and become rich and famous, the only thing Leah wanted was him.

She didn't care if they lived in his one bedroom house, or if they ever had enough money for two cars, or even one car. She had all she needed with his lips trailing across her neck, his hands moving slowly down her trembling belly, his eyelashes tickling her cheek as they kissed.

She felt fairly certain she could exist forever on just the smell of him, the taste of him, the heat of him - she remembers vividly how before everything spiraled out of control his touches would burn. All of it was too much and somehow not nearly enough.

But that was before.

Before he disappeared. Before he returned, only a shadow of his former self. Before the lies. Before she came. Before we became they. Before the 'I'll always love you, but-' and the 'I don't have a choice'.

Before the resentment. Before the all consuming anger that fills her every moment of every day came. Anger that soon reached a boiling point, leaving her open and vulnerable in a way that she's never been before, her every thought and feeling on display. Before she became privy to his every thought - she thought nothing could be worse than being cut off from him but the words 'be careful what you wish for' were never more true. She's fighting a losing battle, desperately trying to keep herself together when she is constantly being torn apart.

And so it goes.

Once upon a time, the girl who's never cared for fairy tales found herself right in the middle of a fairy tale gone wrong. She's the beast instead of the beauty. Her Prince has gone off to be with his damsel in distress, but she's long since given up on her own happily ever after.