Welcome to my Mew Mew Submission story of epic proportions! I am going big! Here is the thing. This is an entry to ZephyrFiction's Best Mew Mew Submission contest.

So, I am going to need about, seven OCs. You heard it here first. Do not worry; I have a back up plan. I have already made all the characters… you know, just in case. (Because I am crazy) Actually, this story has a freakin' ton of OCs, as this adventure does not just take place in Tokyo. No, we are jumping time, and space, traveling to different realms and stuff like that. Mermaid worlds, the dark ages, vampires… the whole nine. But let's not saunter on the unimportant stuff.

What you need to do is make an OC, and pick an essence to be infused with. (If your OC sucks, or someone is a better character in the category for the power you've chosen, you loose.) This story feeds off your OCs, so I need you!


February 15, 2010: Hi, old Chiharu! Anyway, so I just wanted to put some current stuff on here to tell you guys what the eff I'm doing. Anyway, I've got all the Summoners I need, and I tweaked some people, meaning I put them in different categories and whatnot. That being said, I have all the Summoners I need and then some! ^_^ *cough* That means Chiharu is putting extras to use.

So, that being said, Chiharu is always taking minor-characters.

Like, give me a Celestial Being or a Cyniclon or something.

And if you want to get technical, give me an Enlightened One, or something. The possibilities are endless. XD


May 19th, 2010: Ah, I just want to put chapter slices on the first page.

- Chapters 1-13: Written last year. You'll find that I started the story in January, and I have an excuse for the shoddy narration! XD These are the chapters that are old-and pretty bad-maybe about January to... September-ish of 2009. Chapters 1-5 are the Kohana Arc.

- Chapters 14-18: Written last year, too. I think at this point in time, I started picking up some skill. The narration-at least to me-improved much a great deal... You'll see that everything improved-and at this point in the story, I think things are competent enough to read. *nod* And this whole thing is the Dark Ages' arc.

- Chapters 19-ongoing: Everything from 19 was written this year, and I think I'm pretty decent! XD;; At this point, everything is smooth. Improved a lot-and I CAN'T be bothered with rewriting the first 13 chapters. XD;; So sorry guys. You'll have to put up with my 14-15-year-old self... XD;; Because when I improve later, I'll be trying to re-write even THIS again. And some narration just... Can't be written again, man. Chapters 19-64 is the whole entire Dark Ages' saga.


August 6th, 2010: I've decided to put a world and a creature chart up here. See, the story is getting kind of big, and I wanted to put a list of the species and worlds we've been to or have seen in the Flashbacks. XD So without further adue~! Go check it out. For some triva, yo.


November 25th, 2010: Added more information about the Land of Summons, and more Aeons. One more world. Uh, there's two stars next to the worlds that are actually a part of the main eight worlds, which means that the others don't really benefit the Summoners. But are still important all the same. I've also put the name of the temples next to said worlds and their meaning. ^^ Did anyone notice that the name of the temples are also the names of the Overdrives belonging to the Aeons inside of them? The Dark Ages' Abyssus Incendia temple is Latin for "Hellfire," the Overdrive for Evreet.


January 10th, 2012: Can you believe it? In just four days I will have been writing this story for four years. XD;; It feels like it's been much longer than that, you know? Wow, it's definitely amazing. The magic I had the first time when I started is still there, and we have a whole lot more ground to cover before CCFA's truly over. Very much so. Let's toast to these 700,000 words! I'm four years older than when I started, and I feel like I've grown so much as a writer with this story. Hopefully there's a dramatic showing of that in my work. XD;; To new readers, old readers, people who lurk and still read every single chapter each time I update-as invisible as you are, thank you so much for helping me along!

And for people who are just picking up the story now-good luck. XD;;; *shot*

Tell me who'd have thought that we would be so controversial.
And stand against the normal.
Are we too outspoken, loud, and messing up the comfortable?
Well we've been messed up also.

Clairvoyant Calamities: Fictitious Affectation

-: Introduction :-

The world has been plagued with an illness. This illness is called the Wickedness. The Wickedness is a big, floating monstrosity, which attacks people with no mercy. The Wickedness is a giant floating monster, resembling a cross between an enormous shark and whale. Every ten thousand years, a new host is chosen to become the Wickedness, and so are the new saviors of the earth. Meet the eight summoners of the Magic Wand, ready to kick Wickedness butt. However, that is not all that must be fought against. I am sure you must know that there are thousands of essences in the world. The summoners of the Magic Wand are just infused with eight different ones. They also have to control the other essences before the remaining essences kill them. See, if I told you everything, I would not have much of a story to write! Join the main protagonist as he/she/it journeys across the galaxy/world/universe, looking for he/she/it's partners, to bring down the threats! Yeah. The original Mews will not be in this thing, but Keiichiro and Ryou will!

-: Worlds :-

* Earth: If you don't know what Earth is I kinda feel sorry for you. The first part of this story takes place on it... First in some Japan place that starts with an A, and then the protagonists find some way to get to Kyoto, Japan, where she and her Guardian find two of their partners. And since this is Earth we're talking about, it's also home to Earthlings, correct? There's nothing really special to say about Earth since I'm pretty sure everyone should know all of the dynamics to it... Baw. Poor Earth. There's nothing special about it... XD

* Royaume Rêveur: It translates to "United Dreamer" in French. Royaume Rêveur is the home to the King of Essences, and all Essences reside there. It's a really beautiful, grassy place that has lots and lots of otherworldly flowers on it. Typically Essences come and go from from that place all the time, so there isn't many houses or things of that nature there. Essences are always born on Royaume Rêveur and have to stay there for a couple of centuries before they are allowed to actually leave and journey to other planets that may need them. Royaume Rêveur is the closest planet to Earth.

* Spectra: Spectra, named after what Celestial Beings call the "Celestial Goddess," is where the Summoner project began. Shirogane and Akasaka live on this planet as well as others of the Mew Mew team. Currently, it is unknown whether or not the rest of the Mews are alive. Spectra is a futuristic planet, its cities protected by invisible domes that keep out rain and snow. Generally, everything in Spectra has a sparkly glow to it... Like glitter. (Hey! Keep all the Twilight to yourself! XD) Other than that it's just a pretty, peaceful land with lots of cities and towns in it. Home to the Celestial Beings. Spectra would be the third farthest planet away from Earth.

** The Dark Ages (Abyssus Incendia - Hellfire): It's exactly what it sounds like. XD The Dark Ages is a world that has a pseudo-medieval type set up. It's a monarchy, ruled by a king and a queen. Except they're both idiots, basically (this is coming from the author's outlook; you can take their behaviors as you will) and they've split their people up. One type of species lives in the city underground called Austere, and another kind lives in the palace in the sky called Aysel. Named after the idiot queen, of course. Austere's pretty run down, but it's impressive for a city thousands of feat below the surface. Aysel is a beautiful palace in the sky, so people go bird watching and all of that jazz. The Enlightened and Nocuous live here. Incidentally, this is prolly one of the most farthest-away planets from the Earth. Summoner Leyiko comes from this world.

** Forsythia (Lunatic Vox Vocis - Lunatic Voice): This planet is named after the flower forsythia. Forsythia is covered in those flowers. Forsythia are those yellow bushes you sometimes see outside of people's houses, and they've got like these small yellow flowers hanging off of each branch thing. Forsythia is a symbol of anticipation, and the world is the home to the infamous Archfiend, which is the equivalent to Satin. XD There's a lot of oceans and villages here, and there's a desert and it's pretty much all lush green and stuff like that. And guess what? Summoner Jessica comes from this world. Forests everywhere. I don't really know how far away Forsythia is for Earth, though. So yeah you don't get that. XD

** Betsaida (Thor's Pango - Thor's Hammer): Ah! Betsaida! What can I say about Betsaida? Summoner Nina comes from Betsaida, which is a peaceful world. Or, so it seems. What citizens of this world don't know is that there's underground black magic taking place... When a certain someone came here, she... They... Them... XD;; They kinda blew this world straight to hell, but it wasn't she/they/them's fault. More so a bitchy puppeteer that wanted to avenge someone. So, that being said, this is a really basic little town, full with nice people. Now if only you could tell the difference between what is reality and what is not in this world, because things get really trippy, fast. It's a world full with magic tricks and gag jokes. In all honesty, it's a very great comic relief from the stress bubble that is Forsythia. XD;; Unlike the previous worlds, only special people are granted with supernatural powers.

* The Land of Summons: Also called the Illusionary World. See, this world isn't so straightforward; just as the Summoners have to go through tests to get the Aeons to come work for them, they have to travel through what is called "The Passage of Illusions", which is composed of nothing but hot, flowing lava. There's loads of monsters and all of that fun stuff walking around (imagine trying to fight monsters while on top of lava). Yep, and beyond this hell of a simulation is The Land of Summons. A complex of crazy rooms and cities that make completely no sense, but the Aeons that reside here are pretty much scary. And the ones who have survived the trials must prove their worth to Queen Asura and King Leviathan. And while they don't fight you at the same time, as they believe in fighting fair, trust me. Queen Asura kicks way more ass. XD;; And she goes first. Just so we're clear, Aeon Asura is a six-armed woman with three faces: anger, benevolence, and joy. And Aeon Leviathan is a sea serpent. You have been warned. XD;; This may be one of my favorite worlds. ^^

** Sunda Mizu Mura (Millennial Senium - Millennial Decay): A land... Well, no, an ocean. This world is notorious for its mermaids, because it's a world of mermaids. Crazy, insane, batshit mermaids, but mermaids all the same. XD;; It means "Clear Water Village", and most of the time spent on this world is underwater. There is life on the surface, but so far no one has been able to tell whether or not that's true. This world is full with Lorelie and sirens... Actually, this world has more species then some of these worlds put together. There are Ceasg, a type of mermaid with an upper-body that resembles a human while the lower body resembles a trout, Enchantado, which is a dolphin-like being with the ability to shape-shift into a human form, Margygr, a monster with the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish... Melusine, a being that resembles a human except has two fish-like tails instead of legs... Yep. Lots of mermaids. And they're all insane. XD;;

-: Species :-

* Felinefolk: They come from Forsythia and are a humanoid race that have descended from cats. They look like Earthlings but they've got tails that extend from their butts and a variety of ear shapes. Some Felinefolk are really, really curious because of this and have extraordinary hearing and night vision. Felinefolk are the racial majority on Forsythia.

Notable Felinefolk:

- Lady Kaelyn

- Red

* Enlightened: Enlightened have the ability to use energy from what they call a focal, which is a device inside of the brain that allows them to cast magic. They're from the Dark Ages, of course. Focal energy is what it's really called, not magic, but I get lazy sometimes. It's not really magic, if you get what I mean. They have the ability to levitate things and cause big-ass explosions at will. There's nothing that really sets them aside from Earthlings physical-wise, but they can use energy from their focal... Something Earthlings don't have or possess.

Notable Enlightened:

- Lucrecia Scylla

- Princess Renata

* Nocuous: These guys are also from the Dark Ages, 'cept they're not like Enlightened at all. They have focals, but they don't work at all, so they're pretty much powerless as far as being able to use magic goes for them. Yeah, they're pretty much down-casted because they can't preform magic, which is why they all are banished to live underground and are used for experiments and stuff like that.

Notable Nocuous:

- Chase Kaluza

- Klaus Mataraci

* Celestial Beings: They're from Spectra, and one-hundred percent of Spectra is of Celestial Beings. They are people with animalistic traits, be it cat or bunny. They can hide their animal-like traits or let them show... Though it isn't more than ears and a tail. Maybe whiskers or something like that. Every Celestial Being gets a pair of wings, no matter what type of animal traits it has. Only, they can't fly large distances with their wings unless they've "matured". Yeah. They can also transform into the animal that they resemble fully, and they do it usually to compress their energy so they can get into other planets without too much trouble. They eat stars. Other planet's stars.

Notable Celestial Beings:

- Miyuki

- Moonlight

* Aeons: Aeons are from the Land of Summons. Final Fantasy, anyone? XD It means life, being, or my favorite term, age. Oh. It also means forever and for eternity. Aeons are beasts that help the Summoner out. Particularly the Summoner of Convene, for the Summoner of Convene is the only one that can tame and call them. Aeons are tricky little things; before they'll work for a Summoner, they'll fight them in order to gauge the Summoner's strength. Aeons are the spirits of once dead soldiers, meaning all of them have known death. When a Summoner calls them, their spirits manifest and they are called down to fight from the Land of Summons. And yes. They are pretty badass.

Notable Aeons:

- Shiva

- Evreet

- Siren

* Dark Aeons: These are the dark counterparts of each regular Aeon. They each have a red spot somewhere on their body to indicate that they are a Dark Aeon. They're called "Heretic Summon Beasts" as well, and each Dark Aeon has the word "heretic" in their names. e.g. Dark Shiva would be called "Heretic Shiva." Um. Yeah. These guys? Badass. XD;;;;

Notable Dark Aeons:

- Heretic Shiva

- Heretic Evreet

- Heretic Siren

* Essences: These beings have been alive since the beginning of the universe. They are what make everything go around and around and around. They're the reason for magic, for rain, for fire, for everything that happens to a person in their everyday life. They are the building blocks of life. Capture an Essences, and you have an unlimited amount of power. Most Essences only go by their basic names e.g. "Flower," for the flower Essence. Some Essences have human names, and some prefer not to be named. They're billions of years old and cannot die. They travel worlds, making sure the universe stays in peace. And they don't age.

Notable Essences:

- Flower

- Water

Lesser Essences: Though these are not Essences that have been born on Royaume Rêveur, they are the energy and will inside of a person. Celestial Beings can twist this energy up and use it as a weapon, given their chemical composition. Everyone in the universe has a Lesser Essence inside of them, but so far, only Celestial Beings can use it. This is not a species. XD Just clearing the air. XD

But how can we be silent?
When a fire burns inside us.
'Cause we're a million strong and getting stronger still.
They'll remember we were here.

Clairvoyant Calamities: Fictitious Affectation

-: Major Character Sheet :-

Name: (Not all names need to be Japanese)

Body Characteristics:






Least favorite subject:

Favorite Crayon:

Favorite Pizza:

What the character would wear:

Clumsy or coordinated?


Closest Person in life: (This can be a relative, friend ect…)

Theme Song:

Would your character drink a cup full of syrup, or egg yolk?

Dirty secrets:

Love interests? (As in, what is your character looking for in a person?)

How would your character react to:

- Inheriting $1 million:

- The death of a loved one:

- A natural disaster: hurricane/earthquake, etc:

- Being fired:

- Meeting an old friend or enemy not seen for years:

- Having or raising children:

- Being raped/mugged/violated in some way:

- An unexpected kindness or compliment:

- A serious illness such as AIDS or cancer:

- A flat tire on the expressway:

- An interracial relationship:

- Five minutes on local or national TV:

Essence injected: (Look below. Just put the name)

1. Time: TAKEN This essence, according to ancient records, is the first power source of the planet. The summoner of time wields what we call a Magic Wand. With this weapon, the summoner can use time at will, bending and molding time whenever he or she chooses. This Magic Wand is a small, slender, light purple pole with a green diamond at the top of it. Wings surround this diamond, and a green ribbon wraps around the pole. However, you cannot stop someone from dying. You can change how they die, but you cannot prolong their life. The Magic Wand can hold other essences inside of it, making it a real threat when used properly.

2. Shape Shifting: TAKEN This essence gives the wielder the ability to transform into anything. Whether or not it is human or nonhuman. The weapon for this essence is a long blue staff, and incrusted in blue diamonds. It is called the Staff of Change. This is a nifty ability to have. (semi not true… but you get where I am getting at.)

3. Fire: TAKEN This essence gives the wilder the ability to manipulate fire. This weapon is actually an orb with fire within it. You can let your mind loose on how you are going to be able to use it! Anyway, this person can manipulate fire, spawning it out of hands, finger tips, ect...

4. Death: TAKEN This essence goes hand to hand with the time essence. The wielder possesses the ability to kill mercilessly. Usually, the one with this essence is somewhat crazy. The weapon? You have guessed it, a scythe. The scythe is duel bladed, and those blades reside on a black slender pole that is incrusted in red diamonds.

5. Convene TAKEN (Calling Beasts of Folklore): Yes, I like this one. The wielder of this essence can call beasts such as Shiva. However, this is not always the case as the one wilding this essence takes the longest time getting stronger. During the progression of the story, the summoner of convening is going to have to go to he/she/it's temple to get more beasts to follow he/she/it. The weapon? A ring.

6 & 7. Water and Lightning: TAKEN If you go for either of these, you have to submit twins. With water, you have the ability to heal, and with lightening, you have the power to obliterate. The wielder of water will have a fan as a weapon, and the wilder of lightening will have a top. (You know that spinning thing) Simplistic huh?

8: Love: TAKEN Whoever wields this essence will have this sort of appealing loveliness (for lack of a better word…) to them. With this power, you can will however to fall in love with you, or anyone else. Ya' know, if you get that experienced to control it, because love is an essence that is rather wild. Weapon? Bow and arrows. Upshaw!

Don't like those? You can also make minor characters! If there is one thing I like, it is exciting weapons! Milk jugs, paper clips, ect…

We were made to start the riot, take on the impossible.
And we will stay the giants!
We are done with fake religion, fighting now to find the movement.
Won't stop till we find it.

Clairvoyant Calamities: Fictitious Affectation

-: Minor Character sheet :-

Name: (At this point, I can accept crazy names)

Species: (Mermaid, Angel, Vampire, Imp, Little Person, Human, Other)




Favorite ice-cream flavor:

How would your character react to:

- Inheriting $1 million:

- The death of a loved one:

- A natural disaster: hurricane/earthquake, etc:

- Being fired:

- Meeting an old friend or enemy not seen for years:

- Having or raising children:

- Being raped/mugged/violated in some way:

- An unexpected kindness or compliment:

- A serious illness such as AIDS or cancer:

- A flat tire on the expressway:

- An interracial relationship:

- Five minutes on local or national TV:

Yeah, so, what are you doing reading this? Submit! Yeah, and the summary will be posted on the next chapter. :D Good luck and happy creating!