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Batman groaned softly. Clark had just passed out the monitor duty schedules. Why did he have to put him with Flash? Flash would kill the whole appeal to monitor duty. It was quiet and monotonous. Now, Batman was faced with two months of Flash every other day for six hours. Speaking of, there he was; the great speedster himself.

Flash zoomed up to him. "Bats, it looks like we've got monitor duty together."

"It would appear that way." Batman didn't have time or patience to deal with that nickname, let alone the creator. Clark was going to suffer the next few months.

"See ya at six." Then, Flash was gone. Batman rolled his eyes. He was always the showoff. Batman stalked off to find Superman.

He found him in the control room talking to Diana. Superman knew immediately that Batman was out for blood. He held his hands up in mock defeat. Batman nodded at Diana. "Excuse me, Diana." She nodded back.

"Clark, why did you put Flash on my duty?" Honestly, he almost would have taken one of the newer members. They at least shut up when he glared at them. Flash did for a few minutes before talking again.

"Everyone else has had their two months with him. He's really not that bad. Bruce, just be patient." Superman said.

"He really isn't. He's actually quite funny and entertaining instead of annoying, like he is around the others." Diana offered. When he gave her a glare, she just shrugged.

"Fine. I'll deal with him." Then, Batman turned and left.

At six that evening, Batman walked into the monitor womb. Flash still wasn't there. At 6:01, Flash walked in, carrying an iced mocha.

"You're late." Batman growled.

"Sorry, didn't realize a minute could murder." Flash muttered and settled into the chair next to Batman.

"Why were you late?"

"No reason." Batman glared at him. "Work kept me late." Flash admitted.

"You have a job?" Batman mentally slapped himself. He hadn't been able to keep his surprise in check. Now Flash probably thought he actually cared about his personal life.

"Duh. Everyone has to make money. Well, every non-billionaire person." Batman noticed Flash hadn't said what he did. He was attempting to shift the conversation.

"What do you do?" Batman tried to act uninterested. Flash probably had an embarrassing job that he didn't want to tell anyone about. Batman got a brief mental image of Flash as a door-to-door salesman. He cringed a little at the thought.

"Nothing. Watch the monitors." Flash grumbled. He had turned his short attention span to the monitors. Batman dropped it. Still, he was determined to find out what Wally West did. Maybe not today, but very soon, he'd find out.

At 8:00, Flash was tired of being quiet. "Hey, Bats?" Batman grunted. "What do you do for fun outside of dressing like a bat and playing superhero? Golf?" Wally suggested.

Batman breathed out. "What, I won't tell anyone. Seriously, I promise." Flash vowed.

"I sleep." There, that should shut him up. Batman had no such luck.

"For real. Sleeping isn't an acceptable answer. Neither is dating supermodels as Bruce Wayne. Something personal."

"I don't do anything personal."

"Seriously?" Wally couldn't believe that. "Man, sometime I'm gonna need to drag you out and go do something fun."

"Flash, shut up."

"Fine. I'm shutting." Flash pouted and crossed his arms.

The next few weeks passed in the same manor. Flash asked questions that Batman either dodged or ignored. Bruce was tired of playing these ridiculous games. Finally, on a Wednesday night, they reached a compromise.

Wally's cell phone rang. He checked who was calling, the sped off to a corner of the room. He thought Bats couldn't hear him

"Hello? Teresa?" Wally whispered. Someone on the other end replied. "Yeah. Mix the cleaner with the blood." Blood? Batman wondered what Flash did in his spare time. It certainly wasn't golf. "Does it look the same as the blood on the dresser?" He waited. "Swab it, stick it under a microscope, and record the data. Uh-uh; it's no problem. Tell Freddy I said hi. Oh, and when you get done with the slide, leave it in the fridge for me to take a look at tomorrow. Bye." Flash zoomed back over.

Batman really wanted to know what Wally did now. He hadn't had the time or energy to devote time to find Wally West. Who were Teresa and Freddy? Did they work with him? Batman had checked out Wally's profile, but the occupation was left empty. He had an idea to get it out of Wally.

"What was that about?" Batman asked casually.

"Nothing." Flash answered without missing a beat.

"Didn't sound like nothing." Batman smirked inwardly.

"It was just a work call. Like I said, nothing." His eyes narrowed, challenging the great detective.

"I'll make a deal with you, Flash. Tell me where you work and I'll tell you one of my hobbies."

Flash considered this. "I want something other than a hobby. Something personal. The second one you tell me can be a hobby. After all, I'm telling you my big secret."

Batman almost didn't take it. "Fine. Where do you work?"

Flash smiled. "Not that easy. Tell me one thing first so I know you won't bail on me." Flash was tough. Batman had the distinct feeling that he had sold his soul.

Batman breathed out again. "I used to take ballet classes. My mother wanted me to. My father agreed with my mother. They took me out after one recital." Batman wondered why he chose to tell Flash that.

Wally laughed. So that was were Bats got his gracefulness from. Put him in tights once and he's stuck in them.

"Where do you work?" Batman grumpily asked.

"In Central City's police department. I'm a forensic scientist." Wally looked defensive. "Yah, I know-ha ha, Flash's got a brain. I have my degree and everything." Batman was surprised. A forensic scientist wasn't something he saw Wally doing. "You're not laughing." Flash said timidly.

"Is that why you kept it a secret-because we all think you're brainless and you didn't want to correct them and get laughed at?"

Flash looked down sheepishly. "Kinda." He looked back up. "Don't tell anyone. They laugh if I even use a considerably big word."

"I understand. I won't." Batman wondered if that was all Flash was holding back from them.

"Good. You owe me something else." Flash immediately bounced back. He was very resilient, almost like a child.

"My favorite hobby is people watching." Batman admitted quietly.

"Really? I've never done that. Too slow for me."

Batman nodded, then went back to watching monitors. Flash silently agreed to be quiet and didn't say anything else.

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