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"Watchtower, table for one." Wally grinned at Bruce before disappearing. Bruce also smiled, then called the Watchtower on his ComLink.

He'd ended up spending the rest of the weekend with Wally. The past two days were the best he'd had in a while. Still, it was time to get back to the real world. They had monitor duty tonight and that meant being around the others. They weren't going to tell them yet, but they would have to eventually.

J'onn beamed him up and Batman was in the Watchtower. As he walked to the monitor womb, Superman caught him. "Hey! Bruce." Superman came up to his side.

"Clark." His response was short.

"I just wanted to know how monitor duty with Flash was going. If it really is that terrible, I guess we could work something out."

"It's fine." Batman made up his mind. "Actually, I'd like to have him as a partner next time as well."

Clark's eyes narrowed. "Why?"

"Because I'm tracking him to see how fast he can go. I'm studying him." Batman tried to come up with a typical-him answer. Clark bought it. After all, this was Batman.

"Okay. Whatever. I'll see you later." Superman looked a little creeped out. Batman nodded and kept on his course to the monitor womb. Flash had beaten him there, of course.

"Hey, Bats; long time no see." Flash couldn't keep the grin off his face.

"Two minutes isn't long." Batman answered.

"Considering that's the longest we've been away from each other in two days, it felt like forever." Flash winked.

Batman wanted to admit that it did feel longer than two minutes, but his pride wouldn't let him. "I've eventually got to get back to Gotham. I have a meeting Tuesday."

Wally laughed at him. "Bruce, you're with the Fastest Man Alive. Seriously, you're worried about being late?"

"No. I worry about being distracted." Bruce turned his attention to the monitors.

Wally shrugged. "I can't help there." Batman smirked. Wally was childish and immature, but that was alright with him. Just as long as Wally was his, they'd all be fine.

"I guess relationships really do change." Bruce mused under his breath. Wally still heard him.

"What do you mean by that, Bats?"

Batman remembered when he thought his nickname was annoying. That had changed too. "Nothing. I never thought I'd end up like this."

"That's true. You went from hating me to tolerating me to friends to a whole lot more. I'm glad they change."

"Me too." Batman whispered. Flash pretended like he didn't hear, then turned around and grinned. After all, this was love, the best relationship of all.

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