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Hinamori Amu adjusted her cap before looking back at her watch. Just 2 more hours until school would end. End as in summer break. Amu couldn't wait to....hang out with friends and celebrate? Dive into a nice pool with her boyfriend? Shop for cute summer tanks, bathing suits, or mini skirts? Go to the beach for an exclusive party?

No. What Amu wanted to do more than anything was to lock herself in her room and watch endless amounts of....anime. So while everybody was celebrating the last day of school, Amu had been thinking about the latest episode of Naruto that was going to come out today.

The bell than rang. All the students rushed to their next period. As Amu slowly got up and slung her empty messenger bag with a picture of Tsubasa Chronicles on it around her shoulder, she tripped on something. Everything from her bag slid out onto the floor.

"Shit.." Amu murmured on the floor. She tried to quickly throw them back in her bag without anybody noticing, although she really wouldn't care if they did.

"Geek." Somebody coughed while walking passed Amu.

Amu was used to this so it really didn't matter to her. Her cap kept every strand of her pink, chest-length hair, completely hidden, so hidden that most people didn't even know what hair color she had. Her shirt was big and loose, with the Jigoku Shoujo mark on it. Her high-water pants stopped at her ankles, with old, scratched-out Skechers at her feet.

After throwing the last remains of her things, Amu rushed out the door, not before bumping into a few people, but she ignored all the dirty glares and snickers.

Amu ran past almost half of the school to get to her last class, History.


"Hinamori, you're late." The teacher had an unpleased look on her face.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto and the rest of the class laughed at Amu, who was sweating from running and had her clothes all messy from the summer wind.

"That anime geek is such a loser, right Ikuto?" Saaya asked him, also turning to him so he could get a full view of her delicate legs seeping out of her mini skirt.

"Sure." Ikuto never paid any attention to Saaya. But he at least heard what she said. He thought of Amu as a girl with no life, nothing more.

As Amu made her way to her desk at the back of the room, Ikuto casually stuck his foot out. Like always, she didn't notice and fell onto the ground for the second time today.

Amu glared at Ikuto as the whole class laughed at her stupidity. "Bastard..." Amu murmured while she gathered all of her things and threw them in her bag, not caring at all if any papers got ripped. It was the end of the school year, anyway.

The teacher sighed. "Please watch where you step next time, Hinamori."

Amu didn't respond but just walked to her desk calmly. On the inside Amu wanted to kill this whole hellhole people call high school. Just a bit longer.....

"Ok, class! Since today is the last day, we are going to have a vote of what to do. The choices are we could all watch a movie and then pass out yearbooks at the end of class. Or we could pass them right now and everyone can talk while signing each other yearbooks. Now, who would like to-" The teacher was about to count votes.

Everybody started getting up to walk to where their friend was sitting at and immediately started laughing and chatting.

"Ok, never mind. Ummm..Hinamori! Pass out the yearbooks!" The teacher called the only person who wasn't occupied with a friend.

Amu groaned but got up and took the yearbooks off the teacher's desk and started passing out the yearbooks to everybody in the class.

After Amu only passed out the first yearbook, everybody was screaming for theirs and knocked her out of the way, dropping all the yearbooks out while the students grabbed yearbooks like animals.

"God....." Amu was crawling away from the crowd until she saw a yearbook left out in a corner. It must have flew all the way there. Getting up to dash as fast as she could to claim it, Amu finally had her hand on it.

Amu immediately flipped open the book and scanned through to see everything. The hottest girl of the year was Saaya and the hottest boy of the year was...Ikuto. Amu was able to get a spot in the yearbook, though she wasn't to pleased that it was the loser of the year. Damn that Saaya for having to be the president of the yearbook club. After Amu was done with the yearbook, she threw it somewhere on the ground.

"Kyaa!! I got the hottest girl! Again! I mean, who would have ever guessed?" That bitchy voice had to belong to Saaya. "I bet Ikuto and I are going to be king and queen of the prom!"


"I know, right?"


"So Ikuto, you're going to the prom, right?" Saaya asked him.

"No. I'm busy." Ikuto replied without looking at her.

"Who could be busy on the last day of school?!" Saaya asked in a whiney tone.

Ikuto smirked and grabbed her chin. "I know you want me, but you really need to play hard to get sometimes."

Saaya instantly...fainted.


"I wish I fainted from Ikuto-kun!"

"He is sooo sexy!"

All the voices were really tipping off Amu. She really wanted to go home now.

"Oh yes, class. I have letters for students that need to enroll into summer school." The teacher took out a stack of envelopes. "When I call your name, come get it."

"Hinamori Amu."

"Fujisaki Nagihiko."

"Yuiki Yaya."

"Souma Kukai."

"Yamabuki Saaya."

"Mashiro Rima."

And the teacher went on with about 10 more people. "The teacher's aid will be Tsukiyomi Ikuto." She gave him a smile.

Amu groaned. The last thing she wanted was to spend 5 extra weeks in school. In summer.

"Dude, teacher's aid? Ikuto, are you kidding me?" One of Ikuto's friend asked in disbelief.

"I'm doing it because I want to." Ikuto glared a bit at his friend before a girl started chatting with him. The guy stood there dumdfounded, then he started grinning. "Ikuto just glared at me!"

"No fair!"

"Ikuto-kun! Glare at me!"

The bell rang.

"Thank. You. God." Amu said before rushing off to go to her locker.

On the other side, papers were being thrown in the air and everybody was celebrating. One girl was so happy that she threw her shirt in the air. One guy even threw his pants in the air. Saaya jumped high in the air, letting everyone see her thong very clearly. All the guys' nose started bleeding. Someone took out a radio from their locker and blasted rock music at max volume.



Saaya jumped on Ikuto and held his hand. "Let's go to my pool party! Eveybody's celebrating there right before the prom!"

His eyes glinted in a mischievous way, he was always up for a party, ecspecially with bikinis. "Sure."

Saaya grinned from ear to ear. "Let's go then!" And she dragged him to her convertible.

As they drove off, passing the speed limit, Amu was passing by, on her black skateboard with a collage of anime stickers on the back. All the car's smoke from it's engine went in her face and Amu started coughing.

Amu sped on her skateboard to her house, which was about a three-fourths of a mile. She has been skating for about 3 years now. Amu had mastered some tricks on her board for the past years. There was this one shortcut that took her only about 7 minutes to get home, but it had a lot of logs and stones since it was through all these trees. Amu could jump over all the stones and logs on her skateboard. Once, when Amu came to this place at night, she saw a full moon shining brightly. And there was a gigantic stone you could sit on. Amu remembered sitting there and looking at the sky until she heard a rustle of leaves from behind her and dashed back to her house in less than a minute.

"Finally..." Amu said when she reached a tree that had had an X carving on it. The X signaled that her house was coming up in a few seconds.

When Amu finally reached her house, she took off her shoes, grabbed a chocolate bar from the kitchen, threw her bag on her messy bed, and turned on her computer. She threw her skateboard across the room. Her wall had at least fifty or more posters cramped together, all of anime. Her bed was topped with all of her clothes and different things were scattered on the floor here and there.

When Amu's computer finally opened up to her desktop background, which was Konata from Lucky Star sleeping on the Windows background mountain(A/N: It actually is a real background. If you want to check it out, you can Google it, typing in the words Konata background and it'll be the one with her face on a green mountain.), she opened up to and clicked Naruto Shippuden to watch the new episode that was just released today. Ripping the wrapper of her chocolate bar off, throwing it on the floor, and chewed off a piece of chocolate. Amu sat back and started enjoying the episode before summer school would start in two days.


"Ikuto! Can you please take off your shirt?" All the girls whined in their revealing bikinis.

He smirked seated on the hot tub edge, and said seductively, "Maybe later."

"Awwww....." All the girls said sadly.

"Give Ikuto some room people!" Saaya yelled, arming all the girls that were crowded around him.

"Man Ikuto! You always get all the babes!" Kukai sat down next to his buddy.

"I guess I'm just too hard to exist." Ikuto replied back.

Kukai rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah. Hey! Where's Utau?"

"I don't know. And I really don't care." It was Ikuto's turn to roll his eyes.

"Whatever. I can't believe I have to go to summer school, especially with that Hinamori geek." Kukai sighed.

"Well, it would suck to spend five weeks with a loser like her, but at least other chicks will be there." Ikuto smirked.

"Why'd you sigh for teacher's assistant, anyways?" Kukai turned to look at Ikuto.

Ikuto sighed. "You know why." His serious tone told Kukai to not talk about the topic any longer.

"So now what? You just gonna sit there all day?" Kukai grinned.

"I guess it's bout time." Ikuto got up and reached to take off his shirt.

Everybody gasped and stayed silent, staring at Ikuto. He smirked like a playboy and slowly took off his shirt. Everybody was holding in their breaths. When Ikuto finally took off his shirt, squeals were heard everywhere. His six-packs and muscular body looked extremely hot and he knew it.

Some girls fainted, actually, most of the girls fainted, and when Saaya was jumping to him so she could be embraced by his muscular arms, Ikuto dived into the pool.

Kukai jumped in too and high-fived him.

"That was nice, man." Kukai said.

"I know." Ikuto was still smirking than an idea hit him. He reached for a random girl's bikini and pulled the strings. She turned apple red and squealed. Kukai grinned at Ikuto and he smirked back.

"Ikuto! Pull my bikini!"

"No! Pull mine!"

Kukai sighed. "A true playboy."

In two days, summer school was going to start. Two days.........

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