A/N: Slight reference to sexual situations. Not enough to warrant rating changes.

Cracking the Tower of Sin

Chapter 6

Eliot and Beauty walked into the breakfast room where everyone was waiting. Earlier she had already had one of Alexi's elixirs, and now she drank the final one. Her power practically pulsed the walls and windows of the room.

"It is time to go. Any questions? You all know what you have to do. Hardison, are their security cameras on a loop?"

"On it."

"Good, just in case when the limo pulls up to the side lower door as it circles the tower, I will make myself invisible to the whatever might be watching. And I'll fry the alarm to that door. Alexi, Paolo let's get the car ready. Are the ambulances ready?"

"They will be there when we need them."

Beauty gently touched Alexi's arm, communicating volumes of her trust and love in and of him. If she did not survive, she wanted him to know.

The limo was already in front, Alexi pulled Eliot to the trunk showing him the armory that was located there and covered by a magical blanket making the trunk appear empty. Everyone took their seats in the back of the limo, Nate and Eliot sitting on either side of Beauty, with Sophie, Parker, and Hardison sitting across from them. Sophie was steaming mad about Nate and Beauty and the tension was filling the car. Beauty reached over and touched Sophie's leg, and communicated with her psychically. "Sophie, my friend. You must relax your jealousy. Nate means nothing to me, just as I mean nothing to him. He is in love with you, even if he has been a fool going about it. We practiced for our cover this morning. He did not touch any part of me that would have been too private. Eliot would have killed him and he knew it, even if he had wanted to. Right now we have a good sexy thing going that will make our cover work. Please don't spoil it by letting your unfounded jealous dampen it down. You will have him back when we are done. Please relax and trust me."

Sophie looked at Beauty and at Nate and Eliot and all the sudden the tension in the car disappeared and the heightened sexual sensation was raised.

Alexi spoke into the back to Beauty, "We are approaching the tower. I will stop shortly at the side door for you to open it, and then we will continue on to the front. Those of you getting out here, be sure you take your invisibility capes."

While Hardison had all cameras and such blocked except for theirs, it will still a risk and Beauty decided the invisibility cloaks were a must. She scooted gracefully over Eliot's lap and raced to the door, blowing the lock with a puff of wind, and opening it slightly so Parker could get it open the rest of the way. Sophie, Parker, Alexi and Paolo exited the limo and she reentered the limo. She kissed both men again raising the sexual tension. This time she used a little magical boost of lust. They didn't have time for the old fashioned way.

Soon the limo pulled in front of the marble portal that would have been worthy of Caligula. Eliot got out first in his role as bodyguard, touching Beauty quite possessively, and then leading Nate out of the car as well. There was a slight breeze surrounding them, lifting Beauty's hair gently and causing her dress to move even more than usual. What the men didn't know was that while the breeze made the dress even more attractive on Beauty, it served as both a warning and under danger would become as impenetrable as iron or steel. Nate led the way to the waiting man tucked just inside the portal.

"I believe Giovanni is expecting us, Carl, Lucinda, and our bodyguard and lover Stephan."

"Yes, sir. Please come this way."

Giovanni stood behind his huge mahogany desk draped in a white almost sheer gown. He certainly left nothing to the imagination, and shook everyone's hand paying special attention to Beauty, or rather Lucinda. She pulsed enough distracting sexual desire through her hand into his that one could easily see the strong level of distraction he was undergoing. Nate and Eliot tried to ignore it and Nate needed to concentrate on getting them to the lower floor and Eliot needed to concentrate on keeping them safe, especially Beauty. The guy on the other side of the table looked like he wanted to eat her, and she was gamely playing along.

"Perhaps you would like to see what your money would be buying you. At your entry fee, you would be allowed to participate in any of the activities. We have constant orgies going on, we also have slaves, both of age and underage that you can participate with. They are constantly keep ready and primed by our most well endowed supplicants. These are men who exceed even the largest of men. They keep the women open and slick, prepared just right for you. They also keep the men and the women's tightest passages open and ready for anyone who prefers that entry."

Beauty spoke up, with a wicked smile. "How very considerate of you Giovanni. Whatever gave you this idea?"

"I have my own strong, sometime violent sexual needs. Women as beautiful as yourself, wanton, lustful, even shameless are perfect for what I have created here. While I am sure these two men can satisfy you licentious nature, I assure you that we have an entire stable here that would serve your every need."

She felt her dress freeze around her , and broke with the plan. The man repulsed her on a level she had never known existed. She looked at him, smiled coldly, and whispered "Dust to dust." And he immediately turned to dust falling into a dust pile in his expensive desk chair. His greeter started to approach and she immediately turned him to dust."

Nate talked into the com. "Please tell me you got everyone out."

"Everyone's out, but you aren't downstairs. Where are you?"

"We'll be coming out the front. Hardison, you better move the limo away from the building. NOW! And close the lower door nice and tight."

"We are coming out people."

"Not yet, I have to get rid of all the people. Eliot watch our back."

She walked over to the glass in the office, popped the glass out and started destroying everyone. It did not take as long as Nate had feared, and then she was ready to go.

She stood 30 yards from the marble monstrosity, said a small prayer, and the tower began to crumble from the inside out. Within five minutes, there was nothing but dust where that den of iniquity had been. Beauty was feeling extremely weak and Alexi could tell. He was running to her with a defibrillator and Eliot was running to catch her. She had one more thing to do, and she created a strong breeze and blew the dust and ash away leaving room for grass and meadow and beautiful flowers to grow where such a monstrosity had once existed. Beauty then collapsed into Eliot's arms, white like death, no pulse, and no breath.

Eliot held her gently, tears streaming down his face. "NO! Beauty, YOU WILL NOT DIE!" He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "'Soul meets soul on lover's lips'." He drew his lips tenderly towards hers and kissed her, breathing his breath into her open mouth meeting his mouth. Seconds later her lips closed around his and she responded weakly to Eliot's kiss. She was weak and would be exhausted for days, but her kiss became firmer the longer her lips were connected to Eliot's.

She finally broke apart from him weakly but clearly "'Soul meets soul on lover's lips.' I love you Eliot. Can you take me home now? Did the kids get to the hospital?"

"Yes I will take you home. And Parker and Paolo are with them at the hospital. You can see them when you are stronger. Now, I'm going to carry you to the car, and then once we are home, I am going to carry you to bed. And I am going to take care of you until you are strong enough for us to recreate last night every night for ever. I love you too, Beauty. Our souls are intertwined. We are meant for each other."

Eliot lifted her now fragile body and turned to carry her to the car. Alexi was standing in front of him, the defibrillator sat on the grass at his feet. Tears gently crawled down his face as he had watched Eliot save Beauty's life. Alexi knew that there were only a few ways to save Beauty's life after a powerful magic death, and a soul mate's love is the best. Beauty and Eliot may or may not know it, or more likely Eliot may not know it, but they were true soul mates. Only the kiss from a soul mate could save one such as Beauty. Saving the Chaos and Eternity would take much more than they may be able to provide.