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She knew what she was doing was immoral, inconsiderate, and impossible. To seduce someone who had tried to take over the world several dozens of times. But she had to comply. The welfare of her friends, her family, and the world rested on her shoulders. If only there were another way, some other point of strategy, but there wasn't. She had scanned through every possibility but it was hopeless. She was to be a distraction. To give her teammates just enough time to save the day, she would have to put herself in harm's way. In the arms of a monster, a madman, an evil corrupted rodent of a man who only received happiness from seeing other people suffer.

And yet...

There was a part of her that didn't mind at all the "crime" she was going to commit. And what "crime" was that?

Making a villain fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with her.

She knew the consequences of her actions. Once he found of her way to get rid of him through his heart, he would simply take her out by the strike of his hand, or the trigger of a gun. One false move, one out of step thought, and it would all be over. She couldn't be careless. She had to dress like she was in love with him, act like she was in love with me, and think like she was in love with him.

She had to start with phase one immediately. However, how could she come to herself by doing this?

"You're theone that he seems to be attracted to," spoken from her boss, Jerry. Even his face seemed darken by the whole mission he had planned for her.

"B-but..." she stuttered."Why should we sink to his level?"

"You know as well as I do, Samantha," Jerry sighed. "His latest plan of world domination has an execution style form of conquest. He plans on murdering a sixth of the entire population. You know as well as I do, we can't keep him locked up forever. He always escapes. He will begin his plan as soon as he does. And, well, we cannot let just 1 billion people die. You must do this for the sake of the world."

"What if she fails, Jerry?!?" one of her best friends spoke. Alex always seemed to be a little emotional when it came to putting her friends in the devil's lair, which was actually exactly where Sam was headed off to. "He could kidnap her, or... o-or...." Her mouth quivered as her tongue stopped in its track. She couldn't come to herself to finish that thought...

"Or something worse...." Clover stated with a grim look on her face as she finished the sentence. "Thinking about what he could do doesn't leave us any room for letting you do this, Jerry. Sam is our best friend, and we are not, repeat not, letting you make him fall in love with her, only for her to kill him in the end. Not only does the emotional side of making a villain fall in love with you break you down, but having to kill him in the end? Face it Jerry. This plan is one of your worst..."

"But it's his only choice," Sam cried, coming to the fact that Jerry had no other option. "The world is going to lose one sixth of its population if I don't. One person over one billion is all right. It's my job. And I'll do what I have to for the sake of my family, my friends, and my world." She stood proud, wiping away the tears from her eyes.

She let out a sigh of regret. She stared into her boss's eyes. The eyes of a man who seemed like her father. He was the only one man in her life who had never treated her like a child, but like a strong, independent woman. Jerry was her second father, and the only man who seemed to be understanding on how Sam was the only spy to go on this sort of mission.

She spoke in a voice that not only frightened her teammates but herself as well. "Jerry, I'm ready for Mission Enemy Territory. Let's head over to the briefing room, and after, I can begin my mission immediately." She held her head high, leaving the smile and her happiness on the floor, along with her friends who seemed to be the only ones with tears in their eyes. But, Sam didn't look like she cared anymore. Her emotion to care was gone. Frankly, she had seemed to have no emotions now. It was like she was becoming a whole other person to do this mission. She stepped into the elevator, and said goodbye to the girl that was once named Samantha Simpson, and hello to the spy who was doing the most cruel and horrific mission of all. She was the spy who was about to make a super-villain fall in love in order to kill him and save the world.


The ceiling had water leaking from it for the first time. It had never leaked before. It was the swimming area above dripping into the cell room below. Normally, the leak would have been fixed at first notice. "WOOHP must be cutting back because of the economy's troubling times..." whispered the man in the 10x10 foot room as he felt a drop of water hit his forehead. He was lying on the floor looking straight up to the ceiling. That was when a small smirk reached his face."If I wasn't using this for my advantage, I'd almost feel sorry for old Jerry."

The man stood on a six inch thick mattress and jumped toward the ceiling. He pegged a toothpick inside the tiny hole, plugging the leak in. He listened carefully as the pressure was starting to build. Tiny creaking noises started to become louder and louder. His smirk on his face only lasted for a few extra seconds as he gasped for air. He counted down in his head and closed his eyes.

Within seconds, a large wave came crashing into the room from the ceiling. Screams from outside could be heard. "Wasn't he in that cell?" shouted the guard. Other people were heard too. "Dang we can't let him die; Jerry's going to kill us!" One of them rushed to the prison's phone and started dialing. Others were too busy worried about the situation at hand.

"Open the door!!"

"Hurry Come on!"

"Get the hose... No the BIG hose!!!"

"Move out of the way, the water is going to come crashing out!!"

The guards quickly opened the locked wall, which opened straight up. It let out, as expected, water which never seemed to stop flowing out of the room. The water poured out into the hose, which the guards had set up to leak out of the facilities. It was a very wide hose, large enough to have a person washed through. But the chances of anyone surviving being pressure washed through a hose and outside with that much water, was slim to none, especially when you didn't see it coming.

The guards quickly ran into the room. Their faces gasped when they looked around and saw no one else in the room besides themselves. They were about to give up on the hope of the man's survival when one man stepped into the damp cell.

"Gentlemen, what we have here is what I'd like to call a planned getaway..." Jerry sighed. "What's the evidence? One, the crack in this room wasn't reported because the janitor on duty has been missing. Two, the fact that none of you are truly suppose to be on guard right now because somehow the guards qualified for watching this man are all on vacation at the same. Finally, these tiny fragments of wood on the ceiling and some right under it on the floor leave reason to believe that a toothpick caused pressure to this crack."

"Sir!" spoke one of the guards. "Does this mean sir that we j-just..."

"Yes," Jerry sighed even more heavily. "That tide of water you just let roll out of here carried the man in this cell, and he expected it."

"Sir..." the guards spoke, full of shame.

"Tim Scam has escaped..." Jerry said, as blunt and as serious as anyone could have put it. "Tim Scam has escaped, and he's after revenge, and I'm having to send one of my top spies on a wild goose chase after him." Jerry stared into the open holed ceiling.


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