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So, after accepting the fact that Sam has turned away, what would happen?
That's where we are.

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*Chapter name inspired by the song 'As Long as You're Mine" from Wicked

August 9th

Woods outside L.A

To those who stumble across this later, my name is Samantha Simpson. I would state my age, however, I was told I should not. I have red hair, green eyes, and a IQ of nearly 200. I used to be a international secret agent. I worked for an agency where I worked with my two best friends. We went around the world, saving people and capturing villains.

I am also in love with one of the most wanted men of the world.

His name is Tim Scam.

He was the one who told me to write this autobiography of the events that are occuring as we are venturing away, as we are on the run. For you see, last night, I decided to be with the man I love. Some might be wondering why I am in love with a super villain. But, as a woman of science, even I cannot describe the reaction of the emotion of love. It's something you cannot control, something that can't be defined, only in the word of 'love.'

I turned away from those two best friends. Turned away from the organization that has treated me like family since the day I was recruited. I am being searched for and hunted down by that same agency. I am now a rogue agent. When I am found, because Tim and I both know how they work, they will put me into a window-less room and interrogate me. They will ask for any information about Tim, as to what he has planned, where he holds any nuclear weapons, and why I ran with him. I will not answer any of those questions, though. (Frankly because I only know the answers to the last.) Then, they will shave my head, and throw me into a jail cell as I spend my years rotting away.

I know my decision. But even if I decide at any point to turn back, I will receive the same treatment as said before. While I might not have known how serious it was when I ran away, I now do not regret it in any possible way.

To those of you, if anyone at all, find this record of events, I ask you to give them to the only people who should read them. And that is no one.

Samantha Simpson.

These are the accounts of my days as an enemy.

August 20th

Los Padres National Forest

Tim and I have been living amongst the trees for weeks now. I have lost so much weight. My hair has lost its orange shine, and my eyes appear grey. Tim has even grown a beard in such a short amount of time. My dear, how beautiful he looks. As I walked out this morning to find some food, I found that we are not some undiscovered wood near Los Angeles. We are living in Los Padres National Forest. This is the reason why we haven't been surviving very well these past weeks, for its a nationally protected forest and not filled with items to live out in the wild.

I was able though to come across a gift shop, staying very in the shadows, and got some food. And, yes, I stole the food. For the money that the taxpayers will use once I'm in jail, I think they won't mind me having some of their food now.

When I told Tim about our location, he decided it was time to make a run for it, for anyone would find us here in the woods. We leave tonight.

I don't know where I will go, but I do know that I hope it is somewhere at least that I can sleep without sleeping on what feels like porcupine needles.

And to those still reading,
Samantha Simpson

August 25th

Bakersfield, California

My legs ache from all the running. It seems like we never stop. But, I know we must keep going. Tim says that we will be doing this every few days, staying in a city and running to another city. Because of this, I think I will leave out entries unless something happens.

For those who care,
Samantha Simpson

September 29th

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last week, we reached Las Vegas. Tim says that it will be easier to hide here, in plain sight, becasue there are so many criminals and scum walking around.

Is that what I've become? Scum?

I know now that this is all the torture, all the pain, that I and my friends must have put countless thieves and crooks under when we were chasing them.

This, this feeling of fear, of dread. A part of knowing I am doing wrong, yet I cannot stop. For stopping still means giving in. Which I cannot do. And it is not like I killed anyone.

I merely fell in love with a killer.

Luckily, when I ran off, I had some spare jewelry with me. We pawned it for some money, and because Tim is an excellent strategist, we were able to earn more through gambling.

If you told me five months ago I would be gambling with Tim Scam, I would have laughed in your face. However, now, as I hold his hand and we walk toward a cheap hotel room together, I can't think of anything better. But at the same time, I wish things were different.

Our clothes are a little worn, so in the morning we shall stock up on essentials. We will possibly get a car too, considering it would be easier to get around with. Both of us are exhausted to the bone.

Every day, Tim talks to me, asking me if I was sure what I had gotten myself into. That in a heartbeat, he would turn himself in and claim I was just a hostage, not a person who came here on free will.

And everytime, I look into those eyes of his, and I just hold him close. For I have never felt this way about anyone before. The security, the compassion, the love. It's beyond words. And I hold him, and we kiss, a kiss that in words can only be described as this.



October 13th

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The car we borrowed finally had its share of us borrowing it. We left it on the outside of Tulsa, our new place of visitation. In the heart of Tornado Alley, tracking will grow harder for those after us. We haven't had any trouble or encounters yet. Could it be we are possibly outsmarting them?

I asked Tim this, and with it he replied that they are simply waiting. Waiting until we are worn to the brink of death and then will set out traps for us, which we will easily fall for. Tim worked for the agency years before I even thought that a secret spy headquarters existed. He knew it like the back of his hand, which could possibly be the reason that he is their most wanted man.

Every day, he gets closer and closer to telling me the secrets of how he left and why he turned rogue himself.

Perhaps the storms around us will lift him up to say soon.


December 03rd

Atlanta, GA

We couldn't run forever. We made it far, but nonetheless, we couldn't stay in hiding forever.

At the time, we were in Alabama. Our minds must be running low on fuel, for we thought that the small town we were living in would keep us low. However, little did we know that this town would almost have been the end of us.

I was visiting the local grocery store, filling up on supplies and whatnot. I walked outside, and swore that I could hear rockets. I thought that I was losing my mind, however, I did hide in bushes in case it was something.

And then I saw them.

My best friends.

My two best friends in the whole word.

One, who shall be referred to as Agent 002, was scanning the local area with her watch, a familiar gadget that I use to wear proudly. My other friend, Agent 003, was wearing sunglasses and staring out into the woods.

I held my breath, prayed to God, which is something I normally do not do.

I could hear their conversation. It was about the location of 'Scam' and where he could be hiding. There was mention of how they had found traces of him in certain cities, one that we hadn't been at in weeks. And something about a source that told them to look here. They claimed there was nothing here, and they should get back to headquarters.

With that, they flew off into the sky, and I saw them head toward the direction of California.

They didn't even say my name or mention me at all.

I'm still crying about it. And as always, Tim holds me in his arms and gently rocks me to sleep.

He says that the constant tears will eventually leave, however, the feeling of losing best friends, it won't go away for a very long time.

What have I done?


December 25th

Orlando, FL

I must say that since the previous entry, we have almost run into Agent 002 and Agent 003 two more times. Nothing too dangerous, however, still, they are getting closer and closer.

We are now in Orlando. Things have been calm here, and we were able to find a condemned apartment that no one has set foot on in years. Of course, we cleaned it up at first, but then again, we kept it pretty much the same. We had found some spare furniture, a chair and a bed, from other places around the city. We also exchanged money for clothes and stocked up on food.

I no longer cry myself to sleep thinking how I have lost my best friends, but still, this pain in my heart hasn't left.

And I must say, I do not regret being with Tim. He thinks I do, but I do not. I love him, and I know he loves me and I would do anything to keep him safe.

Today is Christmas and -----

"Are you writing another entry?" a voice whispered into the room. Sam turned slightly to see Tim with his arms folded across his chest. His eyes were still dark, exhausted from running. His body structure was skinnier, as he was losing some weight, however, he was still strong as ever.

"Just finishing it up," Sam sighed. "Merry Christmas."

Tim laughed as he walked over to her to lift her up from the chair she was sitting on. He grabbed her hand, and made her stand. "How could you possibly be thinking of a merry holiday at a time like this? I haven't celebrated Christmas since... Well, think of your first days at WOOHP and just subtract to the last Christmas."

"Can I ask you something, Tim?" Sam said as she stepped back a little from the man she loved.

"What is it, Samantha?" He took a step closer and held her arms close to his chest. "You know you can ask me anything." Tim then sported his famous smirk, a smirk that made Sam feel instantly secure and safe.

"What happened at WOOHP? I mean, why or how did you leave?"

Sam saw in Tim's eyes that this question was not something he was expecting. They instantly lost glow, and his body stance stiffened. "I suppose I should tell you. We have been running for a long time, and I should let you know as to why I am running."

"If you don't feel comfortable, then I understand," Sam quickly exclaimed. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I don't need to know, all I need is you."

"No, no, my dear Samantha," he said as he gently pulled her arms from their grasp around him. "You should know, and I'm not telling because you ask. I'm telling beause I want to tell you. And I want you to know. I want you to know everything."

He sat Sam down on the chair, and he stood far off, staring into the wall on the other side of the room. "I was at the top of my game back at WOOHP, the superintendent, second in command," he smirked at her. "It all happened the day you showed up at WOOHP for orientation."

Sam's eyes grew a bit larger, and she nodded for him to continue.

"I was walking, going off to drop of your spy files, and then off to meet you," Tim sighed. "And I could have avoided all this if I just didn't go down the weapons department... For you see, someone was robbing weapons, and I saw them and tried to stop them. However, the criminal pointed a gun to my head, and I grabbed something near by, and to safe my own life, I shot the man in the shoulder."

"But that's--"

"Against WOOHP regulations?" Tim smiled. "Yes, entirely so. However, willingly letting yourself die is also against the rules, so I was merely acting in the moment. Yes, maybe I shouldn't have shot him, but it was a minor offense. However, the board considered it high treason to the WOOHP law."

"High treas-, no, they would have only put you on probation," Sam exclaimed, reaching for his hand. "You shouldn't feel bad, I would have done-"

"Now, now, Samantha," Tim laughed. "Let's not jump to conclusions. For you see, when I met with the board, they didn't appreciate the actions I partook when I spoke to Jerry about everything. I got a little harsh, a little crude, and little, dare I say, vulgar. That's what led to me being fired from WOOHP. They stated that I had too much anger inside me and would be a serious threat to the company."

"If anyone is a serious threat to the company, it's the security who allowed a criminal to walk on in and steal things!" Sam cried. "Tim, I am sorry, so sorry, for how they treated you."

"Well, it's not like they were wrong, I did have too much anger inside," Tim continued. "Enough to become the most wanted man by WOOHP, and possibly the world. I have always had a problem with things not running the way they are suppose to, or the way I want them to. And I have learned that I should possibly have taken a more somber approach to - "

A cluttering noise near the front door alerted them both. Their ears perked and both stood their ground. Sam grabbed her journal quickly. Silently, they walked toward a small closet in which they had planned to escape from if anything should happen. It was not a real closet though. It had a secret compartment that led them through a hallway.

Sam's vision held tightly to the end of the hallway. One thing she learned from running was never to look back, never give in to the side of her that wanted to see Clover and Alex, and never surrrender.

Her feet, from months of running and climbing and hiking, were bruised and blistered. Blood had scabbed over various parts of her feet, some all over her leg. And as she ran through the hallway, old wounds opened as her bare feet scraped themselves over shattered pieces of glass, rocky edges of the brick wall that stuck out, and the occasional rat teeth that gnawed at her while passing.

Sam could tell that if her old self, the naive and innocent young lady she use to be had been in her place now, that she would fall down and break into tears, complaining that her heart and her mind were not working properly to be running with a high class criminal. Once, she had laughed at the idea of loving, even liking, Tim Scam. And now, she laughs at her old being, the one who only believed in science and theories, the one who never trusted any other with her life nor wished to have any person of the opposite sex trust her with their life.

But she and Tim Scam were together now. And they were running away. Whether it was actually someone at those doors in that apartment, or it was just a idiotic teenager scrambling and accidently coming across the abandoned building, they left Orlando, and continued journeying farther and farther from their past.

Tim was grunting out of exhaustion as they jumped over an electric fence. Sam sighed as they landed on the other side of a field. They looked behind them to see no one following them nor any sign of any thing coming after them, for the time being. She turned and stared into Tim's eyes.

He pulled forcefully her lips toward his. A spark of thunder rolled around them and lightning lit up on their faces. Tears were flowing from both their eyes.

"Merry Christmas, my love," Tim whispered before bringing her lips back to his own. He let his arms grab her and hold her tightly. Sam's lips moved around, and let his tongue have entry into her mouth. Her hands were running wild across his chest, as she tried to rip off the shirt that held her from being as close as possible as she could. He softly and slowly slid his hands underneath her top as he felt her smooth skin on his own skin. His kisses start to trail off from her lips to her neck, and she moaned. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he slowly started to place her on the grassy field.

"Merry Christmas to you," Sam whispered in his ear before returning her lips to the place they should be.

On his.

January 30th, 2010

Unknown Location

I cut my last entry off because Tim came in. He came and told me of how he became a wanted man by WOOHP. He told me, and now I know for a fact that he and I love each other, completely. I laugh as I remember being trapped inside his secret lair, at first loathing the man completely, and then the next minute falling head over heels for him.

After Tim told me everything about what happened, we thought we heard someone invading the apartment, so we ran out. We crossed into a field, only then realizing it was nothing. However, we were both just filled with sadness at the fact we would be continuing to run away, yet joyful because we were together that we... well, none of that is important for this journal.

We have been running non stop since that night, occasionaly staying at hotels to stock up on food and sleep.

I feel WOOHP closing in on us closer and closer each day. Inside of me, a part is hopeful that they will stop chasing us. But I know them far too well. Agent 002 and Agent 003 will not stop until I am in their sights so they can question me.

For now, all I want is to sleep in a bed in a house without rats and mold. I want to wake up in a queen size bed, underneath a blanket that doesn't have holes. I want to wake up to the smell of a breakfast made by the man I love. I want to be able to smile and kiss him in that kitchen. I want to be able to forget the day and just spend time with him in our house, or in the park, or anywhere with no worry.

But I know that will never be.


March 12th, 2010

Outside of the Washington D.C. area

I don't have much time to write down what's going on. We only have a few moments of silent before we have run off. Tim and I found a rundown apartment outside of Washington D.C.

Things have been silent for far too long, and Tim is suspicious. As I am. He thinks something is going around us, and I am not doubting his intelligence.
If anything happens, please know for a fact this true statement:

I, a former agent of a worldwide organization to execute human protection, do hereby swear that I regret nothing. I would never go back on the decisions that I have taken on these past few months. If given the opportunity again, I shall proudly declare it. No one is going to hold me down. Would I like to still be a agent of that old organization? Yes. But I know it can never be. Why? Because I am in love with Tim Scam. And that is the most truth in this statement.

Samantha Simpson

Samantha Scam


"Did you finish writing yet?" he sighed from anxiousness. His foot was taping from being impatient. "I don't mean to rush you entirely so, but this is kind of important."

"I know how important this is, Tim, which is why I'm including everything here that needs to be," Sam scowled. They were both growing tired and knew that the time they had together was ending quickly. "Stop being impatient for the inevitable."

"Listen, I don't know who you think I am, but I have experience with running away from WOOHP," Scam shouted. He walked over by the window and continue his post of keeping look out.

"So, are you saying that if you didn't have me to deal with, you would be perfectly fine?" Sam yelled back. "Well, in that case, maybe I'll just go and turn myself to WOOHP right now, so you don't have to deal with me slowing you down. It's not like we both won't end up getting caught anyway."

"Don't you dare think you can pawn this on me, my dear," Tim snarled. "You chose this, remember."

Sam held her breath. He was right. "Yes," she whispered. "But you didn't choose for me to run away with you..."

"What are you going on about now?" he turned his head and stared into her green eyes. He saw that something he said must have cut deeper than he realized. The anger, the fear, the pain, all left him when he saw her sitting on a chair, holding herself and staring at the ground. Tim walked over to her and brushed her hair out of her face. "I apologize, my dear. I didn't mean to come off so cross."

"But, you have reason to," Sam sighed. "I'm just holding you back. You would probably be in Russia by now, hiding away and having nothing to fear for months. But no, you have me to deal with."

"Now, now, my dear, Samantha, " he laughed. "If I were in Russia, then I would have fear. Do you know why?" He leaned down and lifted her chin up. "I would be worrying about you and your safety. You would have still been living with your friends and having to live a false life, pretending not to follow your heart. My dear, understand this, yes, I did not wish this to happen to you, and if there were something I could do to change that, I would. However, I'm selfish." He wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear. "I want you here with me. This is hard for me, because I don't want you to be a criminal, but yet I want to be with you. For now, this is the only way to be with me, and so, we are at a crossroads of viscious circles."

"So, you want me here with you?" Sam uttered, as her head fell onto his shoulders. Uncontrollable tears fell from her eyes. How she just wished that she could be with him in a normal setting, in a normal life, loving each other and being accepted normally. No worry about friends coming and breaking them up, and possibly killing him. No worry of whether or not she would end up being tortured or be placed to rot in jail. Just them. On a beach. In a house. Smile and laughter. Happiness and joy. Friends and family near. Acceptance.

"Didn't you just hear me you silly woman?" Tim sighed, fashioning that grin of his. "I want you to run away with me. I want you to follow me around the ends of the earth. I want you to be with me, criminal or not. I want you to become a criminal if that's what it takes to have you in my arms. However, yes, I would want you to be safe and sound and away from an evil bastard like me, I am in love with you, so I want you with me, wherever I go."

Right then and there, Sam knew that even though her life right now was filled with suspence and at any second she could be ambushed, she wanted to be with Tim, no matter what. And she was filled with happiness knowing that he wanted it as well.


"We've been searching non-stop for months," Clover spoke with no emotion and no inclination that she cared. "Scam is nowhere to be found. We've searched everywhere that we've had leads. He's just covering his tracks very well this time."

"Probably the best he's covered them," Alex sighed. "Or maybe we aren't smart enough to uncover him. We always had... other help before."

"Well, the other help isn't here anymore," Clover snapped. "We're tracking down the help because the help is with him now because she's completely lost all sense of thought."

"Can we not call her that, I mean, you haven't said her name since---"

"Alex, I'm not going to talk about this," Clover mumbled. "Right now, let's focused on tracking down Tim Scam. I just received word from Jerry that our quiet tactic has been working well, and we think we have them- I mean, him, located near Washington D.C."

"All right," Alex whimpered. "Let's go get... him."

On the Otherhand...

"Leave it there," he said as he grabbed her hand and lead her out of the apartment. He wrapped her quickly next to him.

"But, you said no one should read it," she claimed. "The whole reason was for me to just vent out my thoughts and feelings."

"Dear, trust me and leave it," he whispered into her ears and she smiled. Anytime he whispered something in her ear, she just melted inside. "Now, let's get dressed up. We're going to be running into a few guests later on, and we should look decent."

"If we're going to get clothes, let's at least look formal," she said with a smirk on her face that almost matched his own. It was almost as devilish, mysterious, and scandalous. And now, she was sporting it.

"Well, well, well," he exclaimed. "A devilish smirk. We'll have to get you a seductive black dress to match."

"I've already got the seductive part, let's just get the dress," she sighed, almost sounding bored.

"Oh my, I think I just fell in love with you again," he moaned as he lightly kissed her on the lips.

"Mmm, let's go."

And off they went.

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