I'm really bored so I decided on a sequel from some discarded ideas I had from the first story. So until the Army gives me word on when I'm gonna join or not I will have my butt planted here typing and drawing haha.

Chapter 1. Eloi-orks

The life of the Eloi had changed for those of Fere's dark colony. The Muumoo's supplied an ample amount of juicy meat for them all. They proved easy to raise as they had no instincts to flee from predators. Now the once fabled Eloi lived on the outskirts of the tree lines like feral mustangs, free to roam wherever they desired.

There were several setbacks in any case. Many of the Eloi could not care for themselves as such necessities were bred out of them. They wandered like bony ghosts, not knowing how to feed themselves. The better of them got the hang of picking fruits from the bushes and trees. Fere, herself, would try and help out the best she could by sneaking piles of fruits around the bottoms of the trees at night when none other of her kind noticed.

Katie herself lived among the little people, spending her days basking in the sun's light and letting the breeze curl itself around her light hair. She did as much as she could to help feed the others as well.

Shandow was a constant follower, never leaving her side. He was learning how to care for himself from her teachings. He was a very slow learner but progress was being made. One thing he learned very well was how to weave those flower necklaces all the others of his kind would often make to toss around each other.

It had only been a few months since the great migration to this land. The land around them was quiet as the Morlocks were underground, snoozing away the daytime. Katie folded her legs under her and collapsed on the plush grass to rest herself. The Eloi naturally followed each other like herds of deer. There were several types of Eloi among them now. Each from their master's own separate breeding and some that bred naturally from Mother Nature's own molding.

Some had long, lanky legs that made them terrific sprinters. They were much more wild and flighty then Shandow was. They were obviously Eloi that were bred feral. Most were Eloi of the dark colony and of the White Sphinx.

The White Sphinx Eloi held their own ground. They acted differently from the rest of their brethren as her father had taught them. Katie always did her best to stay away from this group. It was a harsh lesson she learned from the past.

Shandow grabbed her around the waist and brought her close to him. She nuzzled his face and returned his love with kisses. His breath was sweet and his eyes sleepy. The other Eloi around them decided to join in the fun and danced around the pair with arms locked. The air was filled with their lovely music once more.

Katie added her own voice to the song, feeling her spirits lift. Shandow was never the type that sung too often. He only smiled and watched her with eyes locked on her slender body.

"Prambee!" One Eloi called out, the others followed in unison like sheep. Katie nodded and searched for a tree. She had become a shepherd to them in some ways.

Up top a high branch she pulled some large cherry-like fruits from their twigs and dropped them to Eloi who knew how to catch. The fruit was passed around and the group soon settled down to fill their bellies. Shandow himself had climbed a branch and sat there waiting for her to come down.

"You would have to go higher if you want fruit." She smiled at him. "It makes me happy to see you learning."

Shandow nodded, proud of his mate's praise. The children Eloi would gather around one single fruit and pick from it while the adults feasted on one themselves. Katie was hoping to have some children with Shandow someday. She had mated with Shandow her first time three months before and nothing had come from it. Getting pregnant around here seemed like a task. Of course being a hybrid had its price.

Shandow shared a fruit with his lover. Afterwards he romped around with her in the grass again. He nipped her ears and pinched her rear. Katie grabbed his hands and rolled him over on the ground and laid herself on top of him. They both had a giggle fit as Shandow gave her this serious face he had picked up from her father. On George it was something to take notice of but on Shandow it was just downright silly.

"You crazy Shandow." She rolled on her back.

"Katie nuts." He chuckled.

"A new word eh?" She ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek.

The sun sunk beneath the mountains and the night of the Morlocks began again. The Eloi were still fearful and would always be. It would take many generations to undo the night fright.

The Morlocks came out to tussle on the grass. The children would sometimes try and play with the Eloi. Both of similar age would play their simple games. The Eloi children were typically slow but were catching on. Perhaps some future pairings here?

Shadow also came to visit Katie with their son. Billie always met her with tough arms around her neck. Shadow's mate stood close by, keeping her distance so she wouldn't disturb. Her own stomach was bulging out wide with their own child.

"I would be careful Katie." Shadow warned her as he watched the two play. "Some of your father's Eloi had come to this place. They are on the other side of the river and aren't too friendly."

Katie felt her heart jolt. If they were here that meant surely Tago was with them. This group of Eloi were certainly rogues that should be avoided at all costs.

"I will keep away from them as best as I can." Katie responded in a clear voice, trying hard not to show her fear.

"If you feel any danger come down to us. I will protect you. You know I will. Even though we are not mates we still have a part of each other." He smiled.

Katie kissed her son. He purred loudly with both fists clutching her hair. He never wanted to leave her.

"Not so loud that your mate hears." Katie reminded him with a sheepish grin.

"Well she knows we have a child." Shadow got up, his size dwarfed all the Eloi easily. They froze at the sight of him.

Sometimes Katie would keep Billie with her till the sun would come back up. Usually this was the time she would sleep. He would sleep extra hours just to be in her arms.

"Is daddy teaching you good things? No dirty words?" She teased him, pulling on his deformed toes. Billie giggled with his thumb in his mouth.

"He has a close friend now doesn't he?" Shadow grinned. "The other hybrid female. Perhaps someday they will be mates."

"Yeah he'll see when he grows up. All he wants now is somebody to pamper him." She tickled her son before letting him run off. Shandow always seemed like a great plaything to him. He would grab the Eloi's tunic and chew on it to Shandow's dismay. Eventually the small child would send him up the tree just to get away.

Shandow this time was prepared and sat dangling from the lowest branch with his eyes keen on the hybrid child.

"Oh you big silly, running away from kids." She called out.

"Hurt me." Shandow furrowed his brow and kept his distance.

Billie moved on to more easier game, giving a chance for his victim to rest at ease. He remembered Eloi children just being much more tolerable.

Later that night Katie and Shandow bid their goodbyes to their Morlock friends and settled under a berry bush for the night. The nights here were always warm all year round and the days were usually very hot as the sun was closer to the earth now.

Shandow snored quietly with his head propped on her back. Katie stared off at the leaves swaying back and forth in the nightly breeze. She would often recollect old memories of her childhood with her father and Shadow. One she recalled was when Shadow played a joke on the Eloi. He would lure the ones who followed inside the house and lock them up in the master's closet and bathroom. Later on her father would find his tub water running over and his cologne totally used up.

She giggled to herself. Shandow himself if he was around with them back then he would have surely been the butt of all Shadow's jokes. Her mate was very gullible.

Then her thoughts lingered to the White Sphinx Eloi. The warped minded Eloi who typically enjoyed walking over the weaker minded ones and being bossy. George himself was starting to have regrets of ever training them. Their aggression was like a hot horse they could not handle. The future must be a very shaky one to be had. Being optimistic, she longed for peace between all the Eloi groups.

17 years pass…

The two figures stood side by side, looking down from the tall branches of a tree at the plump Muumoo's grazing away at the vine growth that covered the ground.

"I surely hope we don't bring down a cow." One of them spoke just a hair lower than what the animal's would twitch an ear at. "You remember the last time you killed one the calf came out and cried."

"Oh good grief Billie quit whining constantly." Favul punched his shoulder.

"Well you didn't look too happy yourself that's all I'm saying." His mouth sagged.

"You mean you are just too soft at heart." She grunted, staring down at her prey with flashing eyes.

"You know why I'm the way I am." Billie glanced at her with a dark promise in his eyes.

Favul looked away, back at the grazing animals and dropped to the ground. The last thing she wanted to do was get into another pointless argument about his mother.

"Okay than we will bring down a nice young bull okay?" She spoke softly.

"Okay." He nodded.

The Muumoo's had started to be acquainted with fear just as their long lost fleet-footed deer ancestors have before. They would start to lumber off if a Morlock came too close. Favul and Billie worked as a team. One drifted off towards the woods while the other would cut the chosen prey off from the herd. It was Billie's job to split the prey from the others. All these tactics were unnecessary as the Muumoo's were still very easy to catch but the half-breeds wanted to make a game out of it.

Favul waited in the brush as the Muumoo bull got closer and closer. Then she snapped her body out in full length like a hidden cat and grabbed the animal by the neck. She used her weight to roll it. Then with her spear she gave the death blow to the throat. Her teeth were too small for the job and her claws too fragile. She had many looks of the Eloi part of her blood. But in heart she was all Morlock. She enjoyed the hunts and obsessed over the blood spills of her prey. Billie on the other hand, even though he was the spitting image of his father, was more gentle like the Eloi. He would rather lay around and munch on the fruiting berries. To the outside eye he would seem like a Morlock with mental issues.

"I want to bring some home for my brothers and sisters." Favul tore a strip of flesh from the fresh carcass. "They were crying when I left."

"Your parents sure loves kids." He smiled, peeling a small piece from the shoulder.

"Yeah I wonder if mom and dad will ever stop." She giggled, her cheeks blushing. "The cave is barely big enough for us all. I might have to go live out on my own soon."

Billie grunted back in return and picked up the limp bull from the ground and heaved it over his shoulder. His legs buckled under the heavy animal's weight. It must have been a good one hundred and fifty pounds.

Down below the Morlocks went onto their work as usual. It was still too light for them to go above ground. In Favul's cave the children were bustling around with Muumoo skulls and bones as toys. Shikha was in the middle of them, tending to the youngest in her brood. She laid down the carcass in front of her siblings and watched them sprawl over it to pick out the softest pieces to chew on.

"A nice young Muumoo. Good job my dear." Shikha smiled, she had since lost some of her figure since her sixth child but she was still a lithe female.

Billie stood at the entrance. He never felt safe intruding on another family's home, being considered a bachelor now because of his age. It was only natural feelings. His own family were all Morlocks. His step mother was kind to him and treated him as one of her own but Katie was his real mother he always went to. He now had two half brothers, a half sister and his step mother's son from her previous mate.

The thought of his mother tugged his heart again. He hadn't seen her in long time because she refused to. Katie was refusing to see anybody. Not since Tago with his group attacked her small following of Eloi and killed Shandow. She gave in to Tago and now she wandered around without any spirit left in her in his premises. Shadow wanted to kill him but Tago had grown too smart and found ways to keep in hiding. Even his sugary scent would suddenly cut off as he had covered it so well.

Katie bore Tago three sons. Fortunately the evil Eloi male never further developed his fatherly instincts for his offspring and so the children split to opposite directions to live plain Eloi lives.

Lately Tago's age was beginning to show. Unlike their ancestors the Eloi didn't show much aging. He developed a few wrinkles beneath the eyes and grey hair sprouted but in all he looked the same. Only the stiffening in his joints prevented him from forcing himself on Katie any longer and she went solitary. The old male was going on seventy. The long life of the Morlocks and Eloi made it so they could live as long as the oldest human could today.

Katie stayed invisible in the treetops where the leaves grew their thickest. Shadow and her son would often call out to her, beckoning for her to come down to them. She turned a blind ear to them. The death of Shandow and her horrid life with Tago had done it in for her. She had all but disappeared inside. This troubled Billie so much he would spend many hours just sitting under the tree she occupied.

He didn't go today, knowing it was pointless. Instead he went to work alongside his father. There he had somebody to talk to. Shadow was very gentle with his son unlike the other Morlock fathers. They all told him that would only turn him soft and fragile if he didn't harden him up.

That just wasn't the case anymore. Shadow knew what ate up his son inside and only patience was needed. His son was old enough now to be courting. Billie didn't show any interest in anybody around him. He was the lowest in the pecking order of the young males. Being half-Morlock brought its toll on his temperament. He cowered in the presence of the full-bloods and avoided the bachelor crowds. If it even mattered, he didn't even try to earn a place for himself. He had that same dreaded dull look in his eyes as his Eloi relatives did.

The half-breeds earned their own name. They were referred to as Eloi-orks. To some of the younger generation they were considered disgraceful weaklings that needed a daily beating to show their place. Their blue eyes and pinkish skin made them the laughingstock of the colony.

Billie clenched his teeth as a passing male shoved him into the wall to give himself a wider berth to walk through.

"Oh father why did you have to mate with my mother for? Why not a female Morlock? Why do I have to be so different?" Billie cursed under his breath.

His father was taking a break by the water pool for a drink.

"How is my boy?" Shadow smiled, ruffling his hair. "How is the family?"

"Doing fine." Billie answered, he never bothered to check on the others. His father was worrying about his mate's pregnancy. She was close to being due. "I went hunting with Favul."

"How's your mother as well?" Shadow almost didn't ask.

"What else is new?" Billie answered in frustration. The answer was clear in his tone of voice. There were no changes between them.

The half-breed sauntered off back through the rocky passage towards home. He came upon a group of the bachelors that knew him all too well. He stopped and spun around to double back to find a much safer detour. His scent betrayed him before he even fully turned his back.

"Well look what the Eloi shat out." One laughed and yanked him back by his shoulder, digging his claws in.

"Leave me alone damn it. I'm bloody tired and just want to sleep." Billie squinted, feeling his blood drool down his chest.

"Oh come on you big pussy. You can pick a fight with me right? Show me what those tusks are for." The male grinned, showing off his to the crowd before him that he had already dominated himself. The other males nodded in approval and gathered around them. They all crouched down low with arms held low to the ground, breathing hoarsely.

"Piss off Brach. He's already submissive to you why turn it into something else?" Favul squeezed herself between the males, setting herself in a dangerous position.

"Oh how sad. The big tough guy needs a female to watch his back. Really your father must regret that he ever squirted you out." The male shoved Billie against the wall and held him there. The half-breed felt the moss against his sweaty back.

"Did you even listen to me? Do you want me to fight you?" Favul sandwiched herself between the two. The furious male's hot breath made her sweat. For once he actually looked at her.

"Move out of the way halfie." He snarled, his hair standing on end. It made him look ten times bigger then he really was. Billie felt himself shrink in his grasp.

"No I won't." Her eyes never left the bloodshot ones of the rival. He snorted and withdrew away from them. He did it in such a manner that showed he didn't really care to fight at the moment, pointless you might say.

"What a tough female. It's too bad her friend doesn't have such balls." He punched his chest and left with the crowd. The halflings could breath freely now.

"The only reason you are so brave is because you know they won't fight you." Billie's knees collapsed beneath him.

"Don't ridicule me. Now come on lets go to our hideout and enjoy a nice meal. I fixed it for us." Favul groaned at him. Billie did feel ashamed that it took a female to get Brach off his back. He didn't say anything about it, knowing it would only set her off.

"Sure." He hung his head and followed. At least his father wasn't here to watch his failure.