Chapter Four



Anakata Island Park was an island out in Megakat Bay where a large amusement park had been built as well as a hotel and golf course. It was the hottest spot for tourist who visit the city.

The cool blue ocean waters washed waves onto the beach endlessly making a soothing sound. Most of the hotel room windows looked out over the beach. Inside one of the rooms, Ulinda stood on the balcony and let the wonderful salt air blow across her face as she watched the waves crash on the shore and listen to the loud seagulls wheel around in the sky.

She smiled quietly to herself as she turned and walked back into the room. She had finished unpacking her suitcases for her three day vacation. It had been T-Bone and Razor's idea that she d come to Anakata Island and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. So she had taken their advice and now here she was.

She only wished her lover's had been able to join her but the criminals of Megakat City had decided to step up their attacks recently. All the big hitters, Dark Kat, Dr. Viper, Pastmaster and so on had made an appearance so far.

This had prevented the SWAT Kats from having much time seeing her of late. By the time she did get to be with them, they were nearly too tired for much but sleeping with her. She sighed. She hated to admit it but she'd gotten used to having those two strong toms sleeping on either side of her and disliked being alone any longer.

'So much as changed in the last few years.' Ulinda thought as she sat down on the bed and mused about the past. Three years had gone by since the three of them had come together as a triad.

Ulinda laugh a little as years a ago she would have never believed she would have been in such a relationship much less with T-Bone and Razor. But here she was three years later and enjoying her new life to it fullest. Over that time they had formed a strong and lasting bond. So much better than her temporary ones with past boyfriends.

"Still…I wish they could be here. They could use the break too." Ulinda said a little sad about the exhaustion her guys were suffering lately.

Needing to lift her spirits she stood up and went to the dresser taking out her two piece bathing suit. 'Time to get outside and enjoy my vacation.' She decided.

She changed into her suit, grabbed up a towel, a light hoody, and pants and packing them into her beach bag before adding her wallet and keycard before leaving her room. She was soon walking out of the elevator and across the lobby floor for the beach laying just across the boardwalk in front of the hotel.

Finding a nice spot she spread one of the two towels she'd brought and laid her stuff down then headed out to the water to swim for a bit. She enjoyed the sun and water for a few hours before drying herself off and going to the boardwalk to find a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Finished, she returned to the beach and sunbathed for the rest of the afternoon. When the sun began to set she sighed, repacked her bag and returned to the hotel.

Once back in her room, Ulinda tossed her beach bag and towel onto the chair that was in the corner of the room called room service for dinner then turned to head for the bathroom to take a shower and wash off the salt and sand.

Stepping into the warm shower, she reached for a bottle of body wash and began to wash. Her mind drifted to her lover's, wondering what they might be doing now. 'Probably trying to get the cars in the garage done.' She thought as she washed her hair.

She smirked a little. Those two thought they had succeeded in keeping their identities from her but one couldn't be intimate with someone as long as they had been without little clues giving away who they truly were. Of course, she had never let on that she knew. She hadn't wanted them to worry or get upset. If they wanted her to know, she figured they would tell her themselves when they were ready.

She remembered back to the moment when she'd put together the little clues she'd collected and realized the two mechanics at the city salvage yard were her two lovers. At first, she couldn't bring herself to believe it.

Callie had to have her car repaired often enough at the garage at the salvage yard that she was in the habit of having Ulinda give her a ride back to the office. During those visits, the dark she-kat couldn't help but begin to notice just how much Chance and Jake resembled her lovers.

As time went on she couldn't shake the familiarity she felt every time she came near them. Their voices, mannerisms, coloring, and built were just too similar to the SWAT Kats to not be them also when she thought about it a salvage yard and two ex-enforcers were the perfect combination for the creation of a pair of vigilantes. Smiling to herself, she turned off the faucet and stepped out to grab a towel for her hair then walked to the dryer and allowed the warm air to dry her fur as she toweled her hair. 'It doesn't matter to me who they really are, I love them both deeply.' She thought warmly.

Once dry she headed out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body and made for the dresser to grab clean underwear and a large button down shirt. She'd just finished dressing when there was a discreet knock on her door.

She moved to the door and stood behind it as she looked out. A pleasant faced waiter nodded at her.

"Your dinner, ma'am." He said politely.

"Oh, thank you, just put it there," Ulinda said with a small smile, indicating the side table just inside the door.

"Yes ma'am." He said rolling the cart in, placing the food dishes on the table then turning to leave. "Have a good evening ma'am."

"Thank you." She said then closed the door. The food smelled wonderful as she sat down and ate.

Once full, she sighed happily left the dishes to put out in the morning then made for the bed and slipped beneath the covers. Closing her eyes, her mind drifted to her lovers as sleep closed over her.

Not long after, she began to dream that T-Bone and Razor were in the bed with her. One of them was removing her shirt and the other her panties.

She could feel Razor behind her back with one of his paws under her butt. His fingers teased her outer lips and just lightly touched her clitoris making her whimper and mew while T-Bone nuzzled her breasts. He licked her nipples before cupping her breasts taking one in his mouth sucking and flicking his tongue around it.

Ulinda's head jerked a little the dream felt so real making her so very aroused. In her dream she reached out to T-Bone touching his chest, her fingers gliding over his nipples then down his strong abs to his hardening cock. She could hear him moan as her paw took him stroking up and down stopping from time to brush the head of his cock with her thumb.

It was then that Razor slipped one of his fingers into her opening, thrusting it in and out of her. Ulinda cried out in her sleep. She could feel her inner walls begin to tighten as he continued his arousing action sending ripples of pleasure rushing up her body. She felt the pressure building up in her lower body as it began to reach its peak. She could hear both T-Bone and Razor chuckle a little at her pleas.

"Razor…"Ulinda said then cried out as Razor not only thrust his fingers into her even more but placed his thumb on her clitoris rubbing it in small quick circles.

Unable to hold back any longer, Ulinda jerked awake as her body went over the edge. Her climax raced through her as her walls gripped Razor's fingers.

As she came down from her wonderful high, Ulinda realized T-Bone and Razor were really there in the fur and both were naked, grinning wickedly down at her.

"Wha......when did you… two get here?" She asked breathlessly then moaned a little as Razor withdrew his paw.

"Oh, only a little while ago. We would have been here sooner but Razor and I needed to take of something first." T-Bone said mysteriously, moving back until he was sitting on his knees a small distance from her on the bed.

"Oh, like what?" Ulinda asked softly

"That will have to wait, first we have some catching up to do." Razor said from her other side.

"So get on your paws and knees, beautiful." T-Bone said huskily.

Ulinda blinked at him then smirk and did as she was told and moving her tail out of the way. Razor came up behind her, leaned over and nipped her shoulders causing her to moan then caressed her folds once more with his fingers until she was hot and wet again.

Removing his fingers, he raised up over her more and allowed his member to press against her but didn't enter just yet. He rubbed her sensitive hood with his tip, over and over until she was mewing and begging.

He chuckled at her cries but still didn't hurry what he was doing. Meanwhile, T-Bone moved to her face. She begged for him to enter her but he had other plans. He tapped his cock against her nose making it clear what he wanted. Ulinda looked up at him and smiled before doing what he wanted. She opened her mouth and reached out a tongue to flick over his enlarged head then moved down his length, licking it like a cone. T-Bone moaned and held himself back from just plunging straight down that hot throat, allowing her to do what she wanted. For long moments, she continued to tease him just as Razor was tormenting her from behind. The two actions had her so very hot and needy.

She finally took T-Bone into her mouth and purred as she did so. Her tongue move under his cock tracing the now pulsing veins. T-Bone quickly signaled Razor to take Ulinda now. His friend wasted no time lining himself up and sliding in her hot channel. Ulinda eyes closed as she felt Razor enter her, filling her.

He held still for only a moment then drew back till he was almost out then thrust back in. She purred as he thrust into her in a steady rhythm. Wanting to have T-Bone join them, she reached out and placed her paws on his buttocks and squeezed them then began to bob her head up and down his hard cock.

Soon she was matching her rhythm to Razor's thrusting. As she bobbed, she would suck and swirl her tongue around T-Bone's cock. One of her paws moved to between his legs to fondle his ball sack for a bit before returning to his buttocks to slip a finger into his tail hole searching for the sweet spot inside.

She knew she'd hit it when he howled his pleasure above her. Razor panted and grinned, realizing what Ulinda had done to his partner. He began to thrust faster and harder into her causing jolts of pleasure to roar through her. He could feel her inner walls begin to tighten around him. Panting, Razor tossed his head back and groaned out loud.

The room filled with moans, groans and mews of pleasure and the scent of sex. Razor and T-Bone could feel their bodies reach the edge along with Ulinda. She could feel her walls tighten around Razor now swelling cock as her body reached its limit. Razor growled and his thrusts lost some of their rhythm as he got closer to his climax.

Ulinda reached the peak first, her body shuddering as a warm pleasurable feeling overtook her. She let go of T-Bone's cock as she screamed. Razor thrust twice more before yowling his own release, pouring his seed into her.

Still hard, T-Bone gave his partner an urgent glance and Razor responded to the silent plea by pulling gently out of Ulinda and falling to the side. T-Bone quickly grasped Ulinda by the waist and turned her around, laying her quickly on her back.

In moments, he slid within her still clenching channel and thrust home. He started slow until she was aroused again then hugged her to him as he picked up his pace. She moaned and clasped him to her chest and wrapped her legs around his waist as she became aroused once more.

They panted heavily as they raced toward a climax. She moaned as she felt T-Bone swell inside her bringing her closer to the end. He groaned as he felt Ulinda tighten around him. He thrust even faster till she screamed again pushing the tabby to thrust harder then roar his own climax just after her.

Going limp, he collapsed atop her as they both recovered, hearts drumming, breathing coming in hard pants. Once he could move again, he gently withdrew from her then laid beside her, giving her a warm kiss. She smiled at him then glanced over to Razor who had moved close to her other side. He took a kiss from her as well.

"You okay, Ulinda? I know I didn't give you…" T-Bone began to ask, a little concerned he was too rough but Ulinda raised her paw.

"I'm okay. You don't have to ask all the time. I'll tell you if it isn't alright." She reassured him. "However, I would appreciate a brief break, I'm a little too sensitive right now."

"Of course. We have to rest too, you know." T-Bone smirked then became more serious. "Anyway, we have something we need to talk to you about."

She eyed their serious faces and nodded to let them know she was listening. "So, what is you want to talk about?"

"We been together for the past three years now......." T-Bone began.

"........and during all that time, we placed you in danger by being so close to us." Razor continued.

".....but you've never once asked us who we are and accepted the danger without complaint." T-Bone took up next. "Being with you has been much more than it ever has been with anyone I've been with before. I feel a strong bond with you."

"I feel the same about our relationship. Its just so much more than I've ever experienced before in my life." Razor added fervently. "So because of that T-Bone and I have agreed to ask you something we've both been thinking about for a while now."

Ulinda sat up and stared at them. "And that is?" She asked softly.

"We want us to be mates, all three of us." T-Bone said, his voice thick with emotion as he waited for her answer.

She blinked at them in astonished wonder. ""I…I…don't know what to say." Ulinda said feeling tongue tied.

"Its okay, you don't have to give us an answer right away. If you don't want to…" Razor began earnestly before Ulinda raised a finger to his mouth to stop him.

"Oh, no. It's not that. I feel a bond with both of you as well. I want this relationship to go on forever too. But I have a question, are we going to live together and what about having kittens?" She asked seriously.

"So it's a yes then?" T-Bone asked feeling joy.

She smiled, "Yes it is. But we really need to address these questions."

Razor grinned happily. He and his friend had been so worried she might not want to do this but now all their worries were for naught. It was wonderful but there was still one more thing to tell her. He glanced over at his partner.


The tabby returned his look and nodded then turned back to her.

"Ulinda there's still one more thing we need to tell you. Please close your eyes for a minute." T-Bone told her.

"Alright." Ulinda said, closing her eyes.

Once she had done so, T-Bone and Razor reached up to their masks and removed them. They tossed them down on the floor where their clothes lay.

"Open your eyes, love." Chance said dropping his affected gruff voice.

Ulinda slowly opened her eyes to behold Jake and Chance. The mechanics she had come to know so well during the times Callie would go to them from time to time to fix up her car. She laughed a little when Jake and Chance saw that she didn't seem shocked or surprised at who they were.

"Don't be so surprised. I had already suspected who you were but waited until you were willing to tell me yourself. Nice to know I had been correct all along. I couldn't ask for better mates then you two. Chance, Jake shouldn't we now be celebrating this moment now?" Ulinda said taking both Jake and Chance' paws into her own.

Without another word, the two toms wrapped their arms around their new mate and hugged her tight.