Yesterday-was the last day of school

Tomorrow-is the first day of summer.

Then today is-a new beginning.

Elizabeth-Rose. That is my full, entire, complete, exact, first name. no joke, I know. Is it long or what.? But my last name is fit Sumner, ELIZABETH-ROSE SUMNER

Elizabeth-Rose Sumner. That is my full middle name included.

Last summer, I got in a terrible car accident. Where I forgot my world.

I was clueless. Lost and confused. In the middle of the universe.

Zachery was supposedly my best friend. But now? I don't have

A single clue who "Zachery" is. Did I love him? Does he think I hide

Behind him. Is he like my bodyguard? You might say this is

Easy to figure out. But I don't know how. And when Yesterday was

The last day of school. And today is completely unknown. your sure it

Has to be a new beginning. By the way things are going. Well tomorrow


Really Is the first day of summer. It is going to be some serious fun. Lots

Of memories. Tanning, bestfriends, and lovers.

So what do you think is in store for me???

Elizabeth-Rose Sumner… well whatever it is. Im calling it Dusk and Sumner.


This tale full of love and hope, is something to never forget.

The fourth of july is more of a love season then valentines

Itself. And after the summer of 2009. Rose seriously, agrees.

Will she remember her first kiss, summers sweetie, Zachery Grey?

Lets all hope so…..