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The Trials of the Pendant 4

The New Evil Rises


A deadly wildfire was spreading through the forest, destroying the foliage in seconds. It was a complete mystery as to how the fire was created in the first place. Creatures ran away from the area. However, they were not running away from the fire, but from something else.

A dark silhouette walked calmly through the area, moving into the flames slowly and coming out the other side unharmed. His keen eyes spotted his prey nearby. A single little purple rat had cowardly taken cover within the panic. If the being could be seen, he'd be giving the unfortunate being a wicked smile.

He walked up slowly to the small Rattata that was paralyzed from head to tail with fear. It seemed that one look upon the eyes worked like a Glare attack did, but that was a supposedly impossibility, as the approaching creature didn't know such an attack. Or did it?

Soon, the creature appeared in front of the paralyzed Rattata. It had a strange look upon it. It was like nothing that had ever been seen within the pokemon world. Possibly one of the pokemon from the yet to be named region, but what would it be doing here in this sacred, untouched by humans place?

The creature was dark-purple, almost black skinned, which explained why it was so perfectly hidden in the shadows. Something that seemed to represent almost a curved red crown was on his head, that split at the side of his head, seeming to come from the ears that were hardly visible. A necklace that was red surrounded his neck. A split tail and his eyes were red as well. He held so much red and black, one could almost guess he was evil just looking at him. The one thing that seemed to stand out though, was the orange oval shaped jewel on his forehead. With the way he looked, it almost seemed unnatural to the small purple rat.

He got extremely close to the Rattata. He seemed to have a look of kill within his eyes. However, that was merely a mistake the Rattata had made. For he soon spoke.

"You! You hold information I need!" He said to the rat.

"M...M...Me?" The Rattata asked scared.

"Yes! You hold the location of an old friend of mine."

"Wha... What do you mean?"

"You know the location of Celebi. Where is he?" He asked, putting his claws right up to the Rattata's throat, threatening to cut it off.

"A... about five miles in the direction of the sun's highest point." The little rat didn't know about the name of the direction, but he did know a good way to remember it.

"Good! Now there's one other thing you can do for me!"

"Wha... What's that?" At this point the rat was so scared, he felt like wetting himself.

"Die!" He said harshly.

Before the little rodent could react, the creature plunged his claws into the chest cavity. The Rattata let out a sharp final gasp of air as his heart was ripped out of his system. With one of the most vital organs ripped out, the Rattata allowed death to viciously take him. The heart then disappeared as it entered the unknown creature's mouth and was swallowed whole.

He then left in the direction the now dead Rattata indicated, leaving the corpse to rot. The creature had not attacked the purple rat out of hunger like one would expect a normal predatory pokemon to do. He attacked out of nothing more than pure enjoyment. He had done nothing more than murdered it.

With the evil that the creature had gained inside himself, he had evolved. He was the much darker and sadistic pokemon of his species. No longer a Sneasel.

He was a Weavile.

And he was hungry!

Hungry for the flesh of his archfiend, Celebi!

---End Prologue---

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