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Chapter 5

The Past

Celebi continued walking through the area. He could indeed fly and get back to his destination faster, but for some reason that little command didn't register into his mind from the moment he started to leave the Pokemon Center. Revenge had rested deep in him now. It seemed to be the only thing on his mind, getting revenge on the monstrosity that had killed two members of his family. True one wasn't born yet, but it was still his family nonetheless.

He soon reached his destination where his family was still waiting around the campfire they had made. The family around the campfire heard someone approaching and turned towards the noise. They saw Celebi walking towards them, probably holding the news of the condition on their mother.

Mewtwo immediately approached him. "Dad, how is Mom doing?" He asked.

What Mewtwo had just called him, he took with a sense of pride. Celebi was glad to know that he had earned such a title even though he wasn't biologically the father of this twelve year old Mewtwo.

"Don't worry, she's going to be okay." He said with as much of a smile as he could muster.

This made the three siblings smile when they heard this great news. However, Celebi knew that those smiles wouldn't last long thanks to what he was about to tell them.

"But everyone, we need to have a serious talk." He said.

Meanwhile, Weavile was waiting for Celebi to return to him. He was standing there within the destroyed forest. He still remembered the horrible thing that had played out.

~Enter Flashback~

It was back when he was a Sneasel. Celebi and him were battling with one another, and somehow, Celebi was winning. Based on type, Celebi shouldn't have been winning. Even with skill and experience he shouldn't have been winning. However, somehow he was. It was a complete mystery. It was time for Celebi to finish him off. Celebi then lifted his arm high and absorbed the power of the sun. He then concentrated it into a ball of green colored energy. At this point, Sneasel charged at him. Then Sneasel tackled him, triggering Celebi to fire. The attack then hit the master of Sneasel. It was so powerful that it had killed him upon impact.

Time seemed to stand still when he saw it happen. It was a horrible sight to see. The attack had hit the chest, destroyed the heart and went through to the other side. Celebi's trainer tried to help, but Sneasel started attacking in anger and rage. It left the trainer with little choice but to have Celebi knock him out. The last thing Sneasel saw before passing out was Celebi's trainer taking his master away.

Sneasel awoke in the Pokemon Center. However, when he awoke, he saw Celebi's trainer looking right at him with a look of concern.

"How are you doing, Sneasel?" The trainer asked.

Immediately, Sneasel attacked the trainer, severing the fabric of the trainer's shirt with his powerful claws. Celebi then launched thousands of sleep-inducing spores right at Sneasel. Sneasel then got drowsy and fell back to sleep.

He later awoke and found himself in a forest. He then saw marks on the ground. The interesting thing about them was that they were in a language that only pokemon could read. Translated, it read:


I am so sorry for what I have done to your trainer. I only hope you can forgive me for the accident I have caused. I hope you won't hold a grudge and seek revenge upon me. The other thing I hope for is for you to find a life out here in the wild, for that is the only place a pokemon that has lost his trainer can be.

Please, live on and don't let this sorrow I have put upon you poison you.

With deepest regrets,


Sneasel didn't believe one bit of the message and kicked the dirt on the ground, destroying the message. He decided to get revenge on the pokemon that had killed his master, and he would do so by enjoying him as if he were a meal.

~End Flashback~

As the memory left Weavile, he looked upon the destroyed forest. He hadn't left his spot since Mew had saved Celebi. He was sure he had put a nice dent into the heart of Celebi by now. He wanted to blind Celebi with so much rage that the little pixie wouldn't be able to think straight. Only then would he be able to kill Celebi and finally avenge his master.

Meanwhile, Celebi had finished telling his family the sad news of the new baby within Mew being killed before it was born. This sort of news had shocked them all.

Mewtwo was the first to speak. "You mean that Weavile killed a half-brother or half-sister I would've had?" He asked in anger.

"Yes, he did." Celebi answered sadly.

Tears of rage were flowing down the face of Misebi as she started to shout. "That Weavile! I'm going to kill him for this! He had no right killing my upcoming half-brother or half-sister!"

"My children, you must control your anger. I'm mad at Weavile too, but I'm not going to kill him over this. I would only prove myself to be as bad as, or even worse than him if I did that. Believe me, I want to make all of his blood within his body spill out like the rest of you, but I will only do that if he leaves me no choice."

"Why let him live? He already savagely killed my twin brother! He didn't even deserve to die!" Little Mew cried.

Celebi saw the tears of sadness, anger and dark want coming out of his youngest daughter's eyes. Despite all the fights Little Mew had with Little Celebi, she still loved him.

"Everyone, please! Don't let the darkness or pain control you. It will only bring you more pain and misery. Also, if you let it control you, in the end, it will destroy you."

"I don't care, I'm going to give that bastard of a son of a bitch what he deserves!" Misebi yelled right before the hybrid pokemon stormed off from the group.

Celebi had half a mind to run after his daughter to talk about her language issues. He had no idea where she learned such language. Then again, she probably picked it up from those kids that always teased her. They would be quite an influence in any case. Despite that though, he knew it was not wise to approach his daughter when she was in the state of mind she was in. A part of him believed that she just needed time to cool down. However, another part of him believed that she would take revenge on Weavile. He sighed, as he was completely lost as to what should be done. What was he supposed to do now?

-End Chapter 5-

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