The four Hogwart's students made their way silently through the forbidden forest. Harry in front, Ron behind him, and Draco and Hermione clasped each other's hands in the back. Together the friends made their way through the dark forest, listening for signs of Death Eaters. The sound of a crackling fire reached their ears somewhere off to the right, and when Hermione squinted she could see the faint glow of it through thick shrubbery and trees.

Hermione let go of Draco's hand and quickened her pace to reach Harry.

"Harry," She spoke softly, laying her hand on his shoulder as the four of them came to an abrupt halt.

She tried to say more, but the words caught in her throat as tears streamed down her face. Ron wiped his own with the sleeve of his robe.

"Remember," Harry said quietly, his voice shaky. "As soon as I'm…dead…kill Voldemort. Don't hesitate."

All three nodded.

"Put the cloak around yourselves. Hide behind a bush or something. I don't think it will cover your feet anymore."

The four began walking again until they could make out shapes in the small clearing ahead. Voldemort was standing up by an oak, and a small fire was roaring down slope. Several death eaters circled him. Hermione could make out Lucius, Narcissa, Bellatrix, and a few other noteworthys. She watched as Draco sucked in a nervous breath at the sight of his family. Snape was also in attendance just next to the Dark Lord.

If he really was on their side, he could be useful once Harry passed.

Ron, Draco, and Hermione found a bush to hide their feet as the invisibility cloak hid their faces and torsos from view. Harry was just about to make himself known when he turned back one last time.

"Tonks and Lupin's kid…make sure he gets that cloak, okay?"

"Course mate." Ron choked out quietly.

With one last nod, Harry made his way into Voldemort's sight.




"Give it time, My Lord." Snape whispered quietly to Voldemort as they stood in a circle among his followers.

"It has been almost two hours Severus. I fear we may have to storm the castle once more." Voldemort replied, sounding as though it was exactly what he wanted.

"I'm here." Harry Potter stepped into the circle, and the death eaters stepped aside for him.

Voldemort grinned evilly, tracing his wand with his finger as he stepped forward.

"Ah, Harry Potter. Alone. Defenseless. Useless." Voldemort hissed.

The followers laughed manically, Bellatrix most of all. Snape's eyes came alive at the sight of Harry wandless. He must have watched the memories.

Snape nodded carefully in Harry's direction, and their eyes met. A look of understanding passed through them. Snape decided that once Harry died he would immediately kill Voldemort. It was the only way.

"Any last words, Potter?" The Dark Lord spat in the boy's direction.

"You're as good as dead." Harry spoke, his voice shaky.

"We will see about that." Voldemort grinned cruelly as he raised his wand. "Avada Kadavra!"

The spell hit Harry straight in the chest. He slumped to the ground immediately. Snape watched in horror as Voldemort too fell to the ground. Everything was silent for a moment, and then death eaters started murmuring.

"Should we see if they're alive?"

"No! Don't touch him!"

"What if they're both dead?"

Suddenly, Voldemort's arms twitched, and his face lifted from the ground.

"Severus." He called weakly.

Snape was in shock, but quickly rushed to The Dark Lord's side.

"See if they boy lives." Voldemort said weakly, as he stood up slowly and backed away from Harry's body.

Snape wearily reached Harry. He cursed himself for not trying to kill Voldemort sooner. Now he was defensive once more, waiting expectantly.

Snape bent down over Harry, placing his hand over his heart.

A small thud answered. A beating heart.

"Impossible." Snape whispered, thinking quickly. He saw Harry's fingers twitch. "Play dead."

"Well?" Voldemort asked sneering.

Snape stood, an evil look was placed on his face.

"He is dead!"

Cheers erupted from the death eaters. A sickly satisfying smile rested on Voldemort's face.

"I've done it!" He screamed triumphantly.

Just as he spoke the last words a flash of green light whizzed past his face, barely missing him.

"You evil bastard!" Ron screamed, seemingly coming from nowhere as he shot another killing curse at Voldemort who just narrowly avoided it.

"Seize the traitor." Voldemort smirked, as Bellatrix quickly grabbed Ron laughing manically.

"Not so fast!" Lucius Malfoy spotted Hermione as she was about to throw a killing curse, and grabbed her swiftly.

She screamed in pain at his grip.

"I see we have company." Voldemort sneered. "Let's take them up to the castle and show the survivors what we do to traitors who try to take down their leader."

The death eaters snickered, as Voldemort hoisted Harry in the air with a spell, letting his body hit branches on the way out of the forest.



Draco watched angrily from the sidelines. Still invisible. His Veela reflexes screaming in rage at the way his father grabbed Hermione's arms. After watching their two attempts fail, and seeing as no harm would come to them just quite yet, Draco decided to take matters into his own hands. He quickly searched the 'victory' party for Snape. The man was standing a few feet from Voldemort. Only one death eater separated them. He would have to be discreet.

Draco made his way invisibly through the throng until he reached Snape.

"Is he really dead?" Draco whispered.

Snape gave only a flinch of recognition at Draco's voice.

"Invisibility cloak?" He murmured quietly.

"Is he dead?" Draco asked again more firmly.

"He still lives. Although not for much longer at the rate he's dragging him."

They continued marching on as Harry's body made a sickening thud against a tree trunk.

"I have his wand." Draco whispered, his heart leaping at the idea of Harry alive although it seemed impossible.

"Best get it to him then…and quick." Snape strode away from Draco keeping pace with the rest. No one was suspicious.



"Harry's alive." Hermione heard Draco whisper in her ear as she tried to free herself of Lucius' grip. She stopped suddenly at the information.

"Keep moving girl!" Lucius kicked her back hard, and she continued moving forward.

Hermione's shocked expression slowly became more aware and determined.

They had finally reached the castle. Voldemort made an announcement.

"All survivors in Hogwarts. Please come out. I have here your dead hero, Harry Potter. He died begging for his life, saying he would sacrifice all of you for himself if he could only live. This is while you all fought and died for him."

"Harry would never do that!" Ginny Weasley yelled as crowds of people came out of the castle.

"I do not lie foolish girl." Voldemort sneered at her as he threw a cruciatus her way. Ginny shrieked on the ground and the crowd went silent.

"Harry Potter is dead. See for yourself." Voldemort threw the levitating body to the ground with a thud.

Draco Malfoy swiftly navigated through the death eaters to where Harry lay. He was still invisible. He quickly took Harry's wand from his pocket and stealthily pushed it into his hand. Draco watched with elation as Harry's living hand grasped the wand.

"Lucius dies first." Draco whispered hatefully to Harry, stepping back once more to get a good shot of his father who still painfully held Hermione.

"I have here two prisoners." Voldemort continued. "Harry Potter's best friends. The traitor and the mudblood. They have refused to join my side. I will now demonstrate what will happen to those of you who refuse to join my side today."

Voldemort motioned for Lucius and Belltrix to bring Ron and Hermione forward. The two fell the ground as they were shoved out of their grips.

"I think I'll start by taking a finger off the girls hand one by one for every time the boy here tired to kill me tonight. Lucius, would you do the honors?"

Lucius nodded eagerly.

"Avada Kadavra!" Draco Malfoy threw the invisibility cloak off himself as he threw a spell that hit Lucius Malfoy square in the chest.

"What the-" Voldemort began.

Snape turned and quickly shot a killing spell at Bellatrix who was holding a bleeding Ron. The two quickly stood wands at the ready.

"What is the meaning of this?" Voldemort screamed in to the sudden chaos.

"I told you, you were as good as dead." Harry Potter rose from the ground and threw his first and only killing spell at Voldemort's shocked white face.

The spell hit him in the chest, and he immediately fell to the ground, dead.



Six Months Later

"Honestly Hermione," Ron cried in exasperation on the Gryffindor common room floor. Papers were strewn about him unceremoniously. "I'm dying here. Just give me the answer. We only have a few more minutes before we have to take the last exam."

"Fine. It's the Flouranese spell. And remember it's up down flick for the motions." Hermione rolled her eyes at Ron over the book she was holding.

Harry Potter came down the stairs, quill and wand in hand.

"Ready guys?"

"Well I am, obviously," Hermione answered standing gingerly. "But Ron on the other hand…."

"Listen when we were off offing Voldermot I wasn't exactly taking the week before winter break very seriously in school. Plus we were kind of on the run. There's a lot I missed." Ron said standing with them, as they exited the common room and headed to Charms for their last N.E.W.T. "It's not like any of us actually thought McGonagall would be mad enough to want to continue the school year."

"Well I think it was a great idea. " Hermione said cheerfully, looking about hopefully in the crowd of students.

"Of course you did." Harry and Ron said together, rolling their eyes.

"Now, now gentleman. No need to be jealous just because my lady here is extra smart." Draco Malfoy appeared in front of them swooping down to give Hermione a kiss.

"Jealousy is one emotion I'm feeling right now. The second is nausea from looking at the two of you." Ron said glumly.

"You two might as well be married." Harry said as they continued along.

"Ah, but we're only seventeen Harry." Hermione said anxiously. "And there are still several things I need to do career wise before we make that step."

"Married? A ridiculous notion." Draco said offended. Hermione looked hurt. "Marriage is nothing compared to the Veela bond. It goes beyond laws."

She smiled sweetly over at him, a look he returned tenderly.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the side just outside the testing room door.

"I love you Draco." She whispered as the last students filed past them.

Draco paid them no mind. His heart and soul was completely focused on her.

"I love you Hermione."

His eyes flashed silver.


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