OH…. MY…. GOD. Look it only took me….what nine months to get this one out to you guys…

Sorry. I wasn't going to do one, then I was, then I wasn't, Then well you see how it went..

So here you go..Let's see what has happens in Bella and Edwards's life.


"Do you think she will like it?" I looked at my son and had to swallow done the lump of pride in my throat. I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed it tightly.

"I know she will love it, son." He looked up at me with the same big brown eyes his mother and nodded his head in agreement.

"I'll take it." He said to the lady behind the counter. "How do you think mom will react?" he asked as he turned back around to me his once excited eyes now filled with worry and indecision.

"Mason, don't worry about mom." We both laughed as he paid for his purchase and we headed out of the mall to our cars.

"Thanks for helping me dad." He looked down at the small bag in his hand and shrugged. "I'm scared." I wrapped my arms around my son and hugged him tight.

"There is nothing to be scared about. This was meant to be." I felt him nod his head before I released him. "Now get your happy ass back to campus and get that paper done." I pushed him toward his car and laughed as he glared at me.

"I hate that uncle Jasper tells you when we have a paper due. Bet he even tells you my grade before he tells me." He huffed as he got into his car. "Tell little man sorry I couldn't take him to the park like we planned."

"I will, see you at dinner tonight son." still laughing while I watched him leave and then took off for home myself. I smiled in spite of myself as I saw pulled up to my house and saw bikes and toys lying in the lawn. After putting everything away I finally walked through the door of my home to be accosted by the sounds of World War ten million Cullen style coming for upstairs.

"Trevor….. Stay out of my room you little twit!" Samantha's shrill voice came flooding down to me as I watched a little person in hot pink four inch heels, many sizes to big, stumbling down the stairs laughing and screaming all the way.

"DADDY!!! Sami's trying to hit me." Trevor screamed as scurried around the banister and went barreling down the hall to hide, surprisingly with his feet still locked in the shoes. I shook my head and smiled as my 17 year stopped dead in her tracks, hiding a hairbrush behind her back the minute she met my eyes. She was the spitting image of her mother, from her dark brown hair to the perfect little purple painted toes on her feet. If it wasn't for her eye color you wouldn't have know I had anything to do with bringing her into this world at all.

"Dad, he was playing with my makeup and shoes again." She huffed as she pointed towered where said little twit disappeared to. "I swear to God that boy is going to be a drag queen." She than added under her breath with an eye roll.

"Sami? I put a lock on your door; why wasn't it locked?" I asked as I held my hand out for the hidden hair brush. She sighed heavily as she handed it to me and then threw her hands in the air.

"I must have forgotten to lock it this morning."

"Well then." I looked at her with raised eyebrows and she huffed once more.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. My fault… whatever." She rolled her eyes and then turned to go back up stairs still mumbling about our little drag queen want to be under her breath with every step.

"Hummmm ..Excuse me?" She turned with a worried look in her bright green eyes and then her mother's smile appeared on her lips as she ran into my waiting arms for a hug.

"Sorry daddy." She kissed my cheek before releasing me. "I love you."

"Love you to, Princess." I chuckled as I handed her back the hairbrush. "But don't chase your baby brother with a hairbrush anymore, ok?"

"Fine, next time it will be bar of soap, the boy stinks." She tossed over her shoulder as she ran back up the stairs.

"Trevor." I yelled as I walked into the kitchen to see Haley and Elizabeth sitting at the table doing homework together. "How are my girls?" I asked as I kissed each on the top of their heads.

"Oh God dad, you will never believe it, it was going so great today until you're stupid nephew almost dropped me on my face when he had to help me down. You know they should, like change the rule that the head cheerleader needs the quarterback of the school help her with her dismounts when their family. I mean why can't I get Seth? I mean he's close to family, but at least he's not afraid to touch me." I laughed as I watched Elizabeth's hands wave around as she talked almost taking Haley out a few times in her wake. But since they were twins and have always had that freaking twin thing going for the last 15 years, she moved out of the way fluidly.

"And what about you Miss. Hay?" I looked at my other daughter who was the mirror image of her cheerleader sister and smiled brightly. Both had their mother's big brown chocolate eyes and my bronze hair thankfully they got Bella's waves. But other then those couple little pieces of use they were all Alice. Short little pixie like creatures that already have the boys calling at all hours of the night and causing my already spotless shotgun; a gift from Jake when Sami was born, to come out and get it's nightly cleaning.

Rodney Adkins 'Cleaning my gun" is my theme song. AND,YES… I am one of those dads who sit in the living room and have the whole; "She deserves respect, that's what she'll get, ain't it son?" speeches the first time I met anyone who wants to take my girls out. Got a problem with that? I know what these guys want; I was one of them, remember? Fuck, if I had my way I would go buy chastity belts for all three of them and hide the keys till their weeding nights at the age of 40.

"Well, Mr. Manning wants to send my last article out for the writing scholarship that Harvard just sent out." My smiled widened as I saw the happiness pour from her eyes. Yes, my two girls look like a mirror image of each other but where Liz got my need to be in the center of attention and Mrs. Popularity; Hay got her mom's intelligence and need to excel in everything academic.

"That's great baby. I'm so excited for you." I looked around the kitchen and then back at my girls. "Where's mom?"

"Trevor put one of his Transformers though 'Evening Majesty'."Elizabeth said as she pointed to my little man who was hiding under the table. I cringed and I closed my eyes while pinched my nose between my fingers.

"Trevor." I sighed as I knelt down to get face to face with my 4 year old terror still wearing his sisters heels, face covered in blue, yellow, purple, and brown eye shadow.

So Yeah, We have a 21, 17, two 15 year olds, and a four year old. Let's just say that little Trevor here was a bit of a surprise that we didn't know we brought home with us from our first vacation without kids.

"Yeah well needless to say she wasn't too happy, but the man at the art place you guys go to told her to bring it down and he will try to fix it." Hayley added as I pulled Trevor out from under the tale and stood up with him in my arms.

"Ok Girls go up stairs and tell Sami to get ready for the dinner party tonight." I looked down at my little bronzened hair brat and sighed. "You are way too much like your father for your own good little man. You know you mama is going to have your butt for this one, I won't be able to talk your way out of it." He ran his soft little hand down my cheek and leaned onto my shoulder.

"I sorry Daddy, do you think if I paint mommy a picture she would not have my butt?" I chuckled as I nuzzled his hair and hugged him close.

"I don't know buddy, we will try the cute act and see if it will work this time. Let's get into a bath and ready for dinner tonight, Mace will be there."

"Mace!" Trevor yelled as he wiggled out of my arms and ran to the stairs.


"I'm going to sell him on the black market. What do you think I will get for him?" I seethed into the phone as I slammed my car door.

"I don't know, I mean if he had blonde hair you would get a lot more, but maybe the bronze could get you a nice chunk of change." Alice mused as I pulled out of the parking lot and made my way back home. "How much did he say it would cost to fix?"

"He told me I should just trash it and get a new one. It would be cheaper."

"Oh Bella, I am so sorry. Hold on Bell's. No Jasper you tell Jackson he has to be there tonight no excuses. This is for his sister and he will be there." I chuckled as she growled into the phone. "Do you think they take 20 year olds?"

"Well, he is blonde." We were still both laughing as I pulled into the drive. "Ok Alice, got to go get ready, I see you in an hour."

"Sure Bell's, and please don't kill my nephew, he's cute." She laughed as she hung up.

"Sure Sure, cute… right." I sighed as I put my phone in my purse and took a deep breath as I closed my eyes and opened the door to get out. "Don't kill the boy. Don't kill the boy." I chanted over and over to myself taking a few more minutes to calm myself.

"Good idea." I smiled as his velvet voice wrapped around me like a warm blanket. "I love you." he whispered right before I felt his warm lips on mine.

"Hummm… are you saying that because I'm you wife and you would move heaven and earth for me, or because you want to save your youngest offspring from death?" I asked as he helped me out of the car.

"Both." He raised his eyebrows and gave me that crooked grin that still 22 years later makes my insides melt.

"Watch that smile mister that's what got us that little hell on wheels to begin with." I sighed as he opened the door for me and I saw said little hell on wheels sitting quietly on the bottom stair dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a light blue button down.

"I sorry I hurt your picture Mommy; I will make you a one." He looked up at me and batted his thick eyelashes over his big green eyes, add that crooked little smile of his fathers and my heart melted; just like it did every time Edward used that same trick with me. I opened my arms to my little man and hugged him tightly as he clung to my neck.

"Low blow Cullen, the eyes and smile." I sighed as I peeked over my sons head and glared at my husbands.

"We men have to stick together baby, were outnumbered." He gave me my smile once more and then reached out for our baby. "Go get ready, and if you could peek in on Sami, she has been on the phone with Steven for the last hour. The twins are down here ready to go." I nodded as I kissed Trevor's cheek and then my husband's before climbing up the stairs.

"Oh, by the way, love the matching outfits boys." I threw over my shoulder with a wink before I turned the corner to my eldest daughter's room. "Sami baby are you ready to go?" I called trough the door.

"Yeah mom, just call me when you're done and I will walk out with you." I heard her muffled reply and smiled as I made my way back to my room to change, knowing there will be a fight to come. 20 minutes later I was back at my daughter's room forcing her to hang up on her new boyfriend and pulling her down the stairs to the waiting car.

"Is everyone here?" Mason asked as we all sat down to dinner. I looked around the table and smiled at our large happy family. Rose and Emmett sat between Lilly who I can't believe just celebrated her 22 birthday and Emmett Jr. who is the same age as the twins. To Lilly's left was her long term boyfriend Jared, who I have a very strong feel was going to be asking Emmett for her hand any day now.

Alice and Jasper sat between their two babies, which I guess I can't rally call babies any more since they are both college students. Crystal and her fiancée, Armand, who she met in Spain on her spring break two years ago, are getting married next week; they were the reason for this little dinner. Jackson who is Mason's roommate in college is now 20 and from what I have heard is a real ladies man. And being a slitting image of Jasper and the outgoing nature of Alice was there any other choice but to be?

I couldn't believe that all our kids were grown up. I smiled in awe as Seth, who was the spitting image of Jake at 15, and Emmett Jr. talk about the last football game they played, my own Liz popping in a jab or two when EJ tried to toot his own horn a little too much. Then there was Miss. Susan who captured my Mason's heart the day she was born. Susan looked a lot like her mother, but she had her father's heart and strength and at the tender age of 20 has already decided that she is going to join the force just like her daddy did and rid the world of 'the filth that plagues our streets'. See I told you she is so much like Jake it scares me some times.

The one that made me the oldest was Embry when he walked up to me holding a little pink blanket wrapped around his brand new daughter. He had joined the Marines at the age of 18 and has worked his way to a boot camp trainer over the last seven years. Don't ask me where I wasn't really listing while I was cooing at Patricia. I did hear somewhere in the conversation that his wife, Lizzett was stuck at the base for a couple days but she was going to make it for the wedding.

Then there was Esme and Carlisle. If you look in the dictionary at the words 'aging gracefully' you will see a picture of my in-laws side by side smiling there million dollar smiles. Even in there retirement years they still act like two young kids playing on the ground with Trevor or taking him to the zoo. Yes I did say retirement years, Carlisle retired just last year, and guess who they get to take his place. Yeah you guess it me; Dr. Bella Cullen, chief of staff.

"Yeah sweetie, were all here." I smiled as I placed my hand on Trevor's back trying to stop him from beating the plate with his spoon and fork.

"Baby, you may want to see this?" I looked up at my husband who nodded his head to the right. I turned to see my oldest son on one knee in front of Susan and gasped. I felt Edwards hand grasp onto mine as tears filled my eyes and I looked over to Leah who had her hand covering her mouth and tears streaming down her face.

"Susan Rae Black, we have known each other our whole lives. I swear that you owned my heart the day you were born. And even more so that day in sixth grade when you kissed me for the first time after I fell out of my tree house. We have had the greatest role models with our parents in how to live full loving lives with the one you were meant to be with. " I looked over at Edward who looked down at me and smiled before placing a kiss on my forehead and nodded back at our son. "I love you so much, and I can't see my life any other way then with you're by my side. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" I felt the sob pull from my body as I watched Susan nodding as grab my babies face and kissed him as she accept his proposal for marriage. A round of cheers filled the house as Edward wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his side.

"Our baby is getting married." I whispered and he nodded against the top of my head. "Did you know about this?" He nodded once more and I looked up into his bright green eyes.

"I love you Isabella Marie Cullen." He brought his head down to mine and kissed my lips gently.

"I love you too, Edward Anthony Cullen." I went to kiss him again when I felt my shirt being tugged on.

"Mommy why is Mace kissing Sue? Doesn't he know up get cooties from kissing girls? He could die from cooties you know?" Trevor said seriously as he jumped up onto my lap. "We will have to take him to the doctors."

"I don't know if he knows that, Sweetie." I chuckled as I hugged my baby boy and kissed his unruly hair. "Maybe you will have to tell him." He nodded his he and jumped down to run off to save his brother from cooties.

"I think I need your expertise tonight Dr. Cullen." His hot breath fanned over my ear as his fingers played with the nape of my neck.

"hummm… and why is that Mr. Cullen?" I closed my easy as his tongue ran over the shell of my ear causing a shiver to flow down my spine.

"Because, I plan on doing a lot more than kissing my wife tonight." I shuttered as he took my lobe between his teeth and bite down gently.

"UGH….Gross." I heard my girl's whine together then watched with humor as they all ran too their grandmother to see if they could spend the night.

"I think we may have the house to ourselves tonight." I laughed as Edward pulled me into his lap and wrapped his arms around me.

"To bad you have to work." He hummed into my ear and I smiled as I shook my head.

"Got the weekend off." I cooed as I ran my hand up his arm and felt his whole body shiver.

"Mom, can you take Trevor too?" He yelled across the room causing me and the rest of the room to bust out in a loud round of laughter.