Chapter One


North side International Airport

New York

I jolted in my seat as the plane had landed, listening to screaming of the wheels as they touched ground. I looked out the windows to see the runway speeding by and those who awaited there next flight. The plane was rolling to a halt as the stewardesses were walking down the isle to the passengers at the rear end of the plane.

As we sat in our seats the signal finally came to undo our seat belts, but remain seated.

"All passengers, when exiting the plane please exit down to the arrival zone to pick up your luggage; please do not leave any items within the plane. We thank you for flying with British air lines."

I walked down into the arrival zone; crowds brushed past me in a hurry, as I looked round all I could see were people in a rush to get somewhere. I collected my luggage and walked to the arrival counter, people were barging in front as if I didn't exist, whilst people behind me were breathing down my neck, while waiting in line all you hear is the frantic rush of people getting from one place to the other, and the loud speaker announcing names and flights.

Again all you could see were people, and security along with the police that were patrolling every section of the airport.

I just arrived here in New York on a two week holiday I'm supposed to be having with my dad, Sam Fisher. He said he got given two weeks holiday from work, and I should come over and see him, which is again why I'm here now.

After the death of mom last year, dads never been the same he says it's his fault for not being there when she died. My mom, Carole, was killed after a drunk driver ran into the car while she was packing the shopping.

Dad, went quiet for about six months, then he decided moaning is not going to bring her back, he went back to work strait after that, and noticed that working clears his head from the situation.

Ever since mom's death, he's always promised to be there for me, no matter what situation. He's love for me is like nothing else, me living in London is unbearable pain for him, I'm always telling him that I'll be fine, but he still looks after me as if I'm six.

"Excuse me madam please step forward and place your luggage on the counter here, and please remove your jacket and any items within your clothing, understood? Good, surname?" said the flight attendant.

"Fisher." I replied.

"Okay and your Christian name?"


"Okay, thank you, just once more, sign this paper, along with your name, birth date, country, then sign your signature down the bottom please. Once finished, through the door to your left collect your luggage and through to customs. Next!"

As I walked over to the security officers, I looked up at the big screens showing all the flights that are coming, three flights were delayed from stormy weather. As you looked out side rain was pouring down onto the pavers, as you watch people running trying hard not to get wet.

As I looked back at the officers, I noticed that they were continuously talking through their radios, I looked into their faces, I could see fear in their eyes, from what was being told through the radio, and behind me two security guards ran past me.

The Officers in front of me placed their hand near the holster of their gun and looked around with terror, obviously something was wrong, I just never made out what. Suddenly everything was quiet, so quiet it was scary.

Then my greatest fear came, a gun shot was heard from the south side of the center, as I looked to that area, hundreds of people came rushing towards me, it all seemed like slow motion, a dream, more like a nightmare.

It felt like one of those situations that you would see on television, and never imagine it would happen to you, as soon as the shot went off my mind went blank, all I could think about was dad, and how he would cope if I never made it back.

Another shot went off. Security ran past me towards the scene. Listening, all I could hear were the screams of terrified people, which sent shivers down my spine, I stood there in fear, stunned about the situation, and that it was actually happening, I stood there as if it were a nightmare and I would wake up in my bed.

I then noticed it was no dream, this was the real thing. I started running along with all the others that were running towards the north side of the center, having a sense of joy that I was near the exit. I exited into the car park into the pouring rain, I stopped noticing the woman to my left crying for her kid that must have been dragged off in the rush, I would have helped but I was in a world of my own.

I started running in a faltered manner for the streets, but something was still not right, five black vans sped around the corner; men then jumped out of the back and started grabbing random people, hoping I wouldn't be one of them. My brain just failed to understand, the situation didn't connect, I was wishing that I stayed back in London.

I just wanted it all to be over, as I looked over I saw the women that was looking for her child be grabbed and shoved into the back of the van, I thought about the kid more then anything else, and that his family would suffer as much as dad would. Twenty, maybe thirty people were grabbed.

I then came in eye contact with one of the men, I just stood there staring at him, it felt like I new him, but I didn't, when I looked at him, I felt... comforted, my mind went blank, I was not even thinking about dad nor the child, I was thinking about myself, thinking that I didn't want to die, I didn't want it to end this way, I just, stood there, as the water from the rain ran down my face, my hair was dripping from the rain, I watched the water drip slowly to the ground. Tears ran down my face just like the rain, knowing that this is the end.

Slowly I started walking backwards as I watched that guy point at me as if I were the person they were looking for, four men then started running towards me, I burst out in tears just wanting to wake up, I was running in pain and agony just wanting to go home. I gave up as I saw the fence between me and the streets ahead. The men then seized me, chucking me into the back of the van, as I saw the last glimpse of light; I treasured it like nothing else. Darkness came around me as I watched the van door closed.