Minutes tick past; I take each minute as it comes. Each minute leads to a decision, a decision that only I can make. Each decision leads to a critical moment in my life, and the life of others. My life revolves around one thing, my job. Fear is my worst enemy, but my ally. Every time I take that step, that leap, fear overcomes me. But it keeps me sane, it helps me take that leap and make those decisions, take each minute as it comes.

'Loved ones come and loved ones go...'

I sometimes take one step to far and miss out on the more important things. Things that I can never forget; my most precious possession got taken away from me, the very thing I promised I would not lose.

'May Sarah Fisher…'

The possession I could not comprehend lost. I sometimes wish I could take back those steps in the compound, fix the mistakes I made, and take back what was mine. After her death I took wrong steps… steps that felt right.

'…rest in peace.' He finished his words and closed his book. I looked down at the coffin that lay there in the ground, covered in roses of all sorts and the brass plate which read 'Sarah Fisher.' Hands of all came upon me, one of which was Lambert's. "Let's get you home…"

I shook my head and walked away. "Sam, where are you going?"

"You've won your battle, now let me finish mine."

Satisfaction doesn't always come easy; to get it you sometimes have to bend the rules.