'Unknown user wants to chat. Y/N'

Jennifer sat starring at her laptop, typing rapidly on the keyboard. The notice beeped once grabbing her attention. She brought the mouse over 'no' and hesitated, usually refusing due to viruses or hackers, but something in her made her choose 'yes'. The screen changed to a chat forum, a message appeared:

'...Lambert is in Danger.'

'Who is this?' she started tracing the computer.

'You are in danger.' She sat watching the progress of the trace before another message came through.

' CO-973/421Refine.' The trace finished and a small link saying 'Finish?' appeared on the screen. She reached for the 'enter' key and paused as she read the message. She was confused, it was a code known only between those in Third Echelon.

'Do not trace this forum. Do not inform anyone of this message.'

'Inform Lambert and stay low. Don't trust anyone.'

'Why is he in danger, who and how?' she pressed enter.

'I don't know, just be careful, you are now in danger. You are tracing my computer, do not inform anyone of me...'

'Who am I in danger from?

'I need you to trust me Jennifer...'

'How do you know I'm tracing you, and how do you know my name?'

A few seconds past before a reply came through.

'Because I'm watching you Grim...'

She looked out her window to the building directly across from her, a dark figure sat by a computer.