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Chapter 1

13 Year old Sam Winchester was sleeping in a motel bed when he started to move around. At first it seem like nothing was wrong and then he started screaming. " No.. let me go, don't.. AWWW"

Dean woke to the sound of his little brother screaming and ran over to the bed. He looked at his brother and tried to wake him up. "Sammy, Sammy wake up."

Sam woke with a start but calmed down when he seen Dean next to him with a worried look on his face.

" Dean what happened?" Sam asked

" Well you where screaming then I woke you up."

Sam sat up in bed and stared at his blanket, he kept thinking about his nightmare and if he should tell Dean about it, then he thought better about it and decided not to say anything. Dean looked at his brother more closely when Sam didn't say anything.

" Want to talk about it?" Dean asked

Sam looked up at Dean and tried to smile a little, he didn't want Dean to worry so much about it so he lied about it.

" No.. I-I don't really remember it that much."

"Ok, well how about we get up and have Breakfest." Dean offered

Sam got off the bed and followed his brother out to the kitchen, Dean got out a pan and sat it on the stove while Sam got some eggs out with the milk and bacon. Dean crack the eggs and put them in the pan with some butter. He flipped them over and waited while Sam put some bread in the toaster and the bacon in another pan. After the eggs, bacon, and toast were down Dean took two plates from Sam and put the food on them and sat them on the kitchen table. Sam came over with two glasses of milk and gave one to Dean, then they both sat down to eat.

Since it was the weekend the boys didn't have to worry about school and their dad went on a hunt and won't be back for a few days. So the boys sat there in silence and ate, after they where done Dean did the dishes while Sam went to take a shower.

Sam took of his shirt and then his pants and that is when he seen the four long bloody cuts, the cuts weren't bleeding all over just a little and he didn't feel any pain so he knew why he hadn't notice it when he first woke up.

" What the... it was only a dream."

Sam got in the shower and let the water take the blood away and after he got cleaned he stepped out to get dress. He got the cream for cuts out and added some to his cuts before he wrapped them. Then he got dress.

Sam went in the living room to watch some tv when he met Dean looking at him.

" What!" Sam snapped

" Dude why are you wearing pants.. it's 98 outside, get some shorts on." Dean said

" No! I'm wearing this." He said

" Fine but your going to be hot."

The boys ended up going to the park just to be outside. The threw a ball at each other and walked around.

They went back to the motel and at. Sam was glad that Dean didn't find out about the cuts and he didn't want to tell him. When it was time to get dress Sam went into the bathroom to clean the cuts and that's when Dean walked in to brush his teeth. Dean looked at Sam and seen him cleaning some cuts. He walked over to Sam and looked at the four cuts.

" What happened? Who did that?' Dean demanded

" I... UM.. UM.. I" Sam tried to think off something but nothing came to mind

" Don't lie to me Sammy." Dean snapped

" It happened in my dream this morning." Sam said

" What did I say about lieing!" Dean yelled

" I'm not. It's the truth." Sam pleaded

Dean was still pissed that Sam didn't tell him who really did it but knew he couldn't push his little brother so he calmed down.

" Fine don't tell me then, go to sleep." Dean snapped

" I don't want to." Sam whined

" Now Sam."

" Please he will get me." Sam pleaded

He was to scared to sleep and he would do what ever it took to stay awake. Dean looked at Sam and seen how scared he got. So he did what he always did when Sam was scared.

" No one will get you, I'm here." Dean promised

So with Dean by him he got in and feel asleep hoping not to have another nightmare.


Everything was quit and peaceful until the screaming started again. Sam was moving around in the bed yelling for help.

Sam was running and then he came to this big house. It was all boarded up and blood was all over it. Out on the front lawn where three girls jump ropping and singing, " One two he's coming for you Three Four better lock your door Five Six grab a crucifix Seven Eight stay up late Nine Ten never sleep again."

Sam turned to leave when he came face to face with a tall man with a black hat and a burned face. Sam backed up away from the man and he seen the knife's on the man hand that had a glove. Sam knew tha man had made the glove and didn't want to find out what he was going to do with them.

" Stay away from me... DEAN!" Sam yelled

That just made the man laugh and move to Sam some more.

" No one will help you.. you ARE mine." The man said and then cut Sam's arm

Sam woke up after that and seen Dean already next to him.

" Sammy, your arm.. what happened?" Dean asked getting worried

Sam looked at his arm and seen the blood all over it from were the man had cut him. Sam looked up at Dean holding his arm to stop the bleeding.

" The man cut me again." He said

Dean cleaned the cuts and wrapped them. After that Sam told him about the dream and the ugly an with the knifes. Dean listened and tried to find out what could do this in a dream.

" I don't want to go to sleep." Sam whispered

" But you have to." Dean said trying to make Sam feel better

" But he will be there... please don't let me fall asleep."

" Ok you can stay up but you won't be able to tomorrow." Dean agreed


They stayed up and watched TV most of the night. Sam kept falling asleep and Dean kept waking him up. They didn't have coffee to drink so Sam relied on Dean to keep him awake and so far Dean did his job.

It was now Ten o'clock AM and dean woke up and when he looked at Sam he was sleeping.

" oh... shit, Sammy wake up, come on wake up." Dean yelled shacking his brother. But Sam didn't wake up.


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