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Chapter 5

The boys went inside the house and acted like they were hiding, Dean had an arm around Sam behind a couch in what looked like the living room. There was a little bit of light so the boys could see. There were holes in the walls and the place smelled like mold and dead body's.

They heard foot steps coming from the stairway and then getting closer to them. Dean got ready to jump out while Sam grepped the knife he was holding. Once the feet where close to them Dean jumped up and grabbed Freddy's arm while Sam cut Dean's arm.

When they opened there eyes they where in there beds. Sam looked up and seen Freddy next to him.

" Hi Sammy, daddies home." He mocked

Dean and Sam got off their beds and moved away from the man. Dean looked around to find something to kill Freddy with.

" I want my child!" Freddy snapped

Dean stepped in front of Sam not caring that he didn't have any weapons and glared at the man. Then they heard the door opened and the boys smiled at the person that came in to the room.

" To bad, he's mine, so get the hell away from my boys." John yelled holding a shot gun at Freddy's face.

" Dad" the boys said

" Come over here boys." John ordered not letting the gun move

The boys started to walk towards there dad when Freddy's eyes went to Sam, John seen the man look at his youngest and just wanted to shot the son of a bitch.

" keep your eyes away from Sammy." He snapped

John went closer to his boys but only took his eyes off of Freddy for a second and that was all he need. Freddy waited till John looked away before hitting the gun and slicing John's face. He then ran to Dean who had Sam behind him.

He lifted his hand and threw Dean to the other side of the room before grabbing Sam. Sam started hitting and kicking Freddy but nothing worked. Freddy had his am around Sam waist and lifted the boy up so that he was shoulder to shoulder with him.

" let me go..Dean help." Sam yelled still kicking and hitting

Dean got off the floor and seen his little brother in the assholes arm and that didn't go well with him at all. That does it this asshole is going down he thought to himself.

" let my brother go NOW!" He yelled

Freddy lifted his glove hand and pressed one of the knifes to the boys throat making Sam cry.

" Stay away or I will cut him! It doesn't matter if he is a live or dead because I am dead. And when I leave he will come with me." Freddy said

" Dean make him let me go please." Sam begged

He was scared of leaving with this demon and even being next to him. He just wanted to be with Dean and not have to worry about sleeping anymore.

" hang on Sammy, just try and stay calm.. ok."

Sam nodded and tried to stay as clam as he could. He felt Freddy move forward and he began to panic.

" Well guess we will be leaving right now." Freddy said and then stared walking to the door with a struggling Sam

" let.. MY.. Son.. go NOW!" John yelled

Freddy looked at John and smiled. " He's mine, you don't deserve him... you where never there when he needed you, I will be so NOW he's mine."

With out anyone noticing Dean made his way behind Freddy's back and with one kick he had the demon on the ground. He let Sam go and Sam got up and ran to Dean holding on tight and never letting go. Freddy looked up in to a smiling Dean Winchesters face.

" You forgot about me, I WAS all ways there when he needed someone. So that makes him MINE and I say STAY AWAY FROM HIM." Dean ordered

With that John shot Freddy in the head with the gun and watched as the body turned into ash. They looked at the mess and smiled. Sam looked at his dad with pleading eyes.

" Is he really dead, gone for good?" Sam asked

" Yes son he is, are you boy alright?' He asked looking at his sons

" Yes sir." They said together not letting the other one go

With a nod from their farther the boys ppacked up there stuff and headed out the door to the waiting Impala. They never said anything about what happened that night and they where happy they didn't.

" I will get you Sammy! and Dean won't be able to stop me!" Freddy laughed

The End


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