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Thirteen Courts Psychiatric Facility - Byakuya's Log

Patient File 50327
Name: KUROSAKI, Ichigo
Age/D.O.B: 20/15th July
Gender: Male
Blood Type: AO
Date Addmitted: september 3rd

Kurosaki suffers from a severe multiple personality disorder. To date, only two personalities exist. The original Ichigo, and a second. For futre refference the second has been given the name 'Shiro'

Ichigo is generaly level-headed and calm. However he will not hesetaite to use violence if the situation requires it. He is generally well liked by other patients(in particular KUCHIKI, Rukia), and dosent cause any major problems himself.

Shiro is easily angered, in particular whenever he sees or hears anything related to horses. Shiro has a history of criminal offences (which lead to originall admittance to TCPF) and use of strong sedatives is permitted should the situation require it. Most patients tend to avoid shiro and he generaly avoids them. in fact he hates any human company other than ichigo and is very possesive referring to ichigo as 'King' He is particularly venomous towards KUCHIKI,Rukia and KENPACHI, Zaraki.

Bothe personalites have mentioned 'old man zangetsu'; a possible third personality. However it is mor likely a fabrication to establish a link between the two personalites.

Zangetsu is also the name of a plastic body length meat cleaver carried by both personalities. This is usually kep locked up however both personalities seem to be able to get to it anyway.

It is unknown how they manage this.

Patient File 65239
Name: KUCHIKI, Rukia
Age/D.O.B: 18/January 14th
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Date Addmitted: February 23rd

Suffers from an inferiority complex stemming from her older brother KUCHIKI, Byakuya.

Rukia is a fairly quiet girl who dosent cause any problems, instead helping other patients wherever possible, and has grown particularly close to KUROSAKI, Ichigo. This interaction seems to have been having a posoyive effect however progress has slowed recently as Rukia is reluctant lo leave. This is beleved to be because of interaction with KUROSAKI but has yet to be confirmed.

0800 HRS
Rukia and Ichigo are missing from breakfast. This may turn out to be a problem. Hospital staff have been informed. Orihimes cooking has been successfully switched with a non-lethal version. Chad is Feeding his parakeet his Chocolate and making strange gestures (presumably swearing fealty although this is unconfirmed). Gin is smiling as Renji hits Zaraki on the head with his teddy bear. Ishida Is using one of uraharas mechanical dolls for target practice.

*NOTE*Confiscate Ishida's Bow.

0953 HRS
Rukia and ichigo are still missin. Hospital staff have begun searching for them. Ishida offered to employ his skills as a hunter to track them down but this offer was politely declined. It is possible that ishida reall would hunt tem and injure them with his bow. Chad tried to sacrifice Renji's teddy babbon to his parrot but renji hit him with it. Apparently it had bricks in it. Chad is in bed with concusion and renji has had all his babboon teddys confiscated. They all had bricks in them. Gin jus smiled.

I suspect he is the one who gave Renji the rooks but I am not certain.




1023 HRS
Shiro has awakened and, thanks to Rukia's name calling, has become unstable. He has reclaimed Zangetsu (again) and is now chasing her around ward 13 whilst screaming profanities. I have authorized use of sedatives.

Rukia refuses to stop insulting Shiro. This is not helping the situation. Zaraki has offered to hit her with his kendo sword but this proposal was rejected. A couple of hours in solitary will help her calm down.

*NOTE* Find a way to keep that stupid plastic meat cleaver away from Ichigo/Shiro. It is beginning to beginning to turn into an actual threat.

1359 HRS
Ichigo has been placed in solitary confinement under heavy sedation. Zangetsu has been placed in a new safe on Ward 12. Rukia has also been placed in solitairy confinement in a room next to Ichigo's. I doubt this is wise but Rukia threatened to exspose my scarf collection and give them to Ishida to use as target practice so oi had no choice but to relent. I put extra security on watch just in case.

*NOTE* Check the use by date on the sedatives. Ichigo had enough to knock out 2 elephants before he fell asleep.

1537 HRS
Ichigo woke up. He has informed me that 'Old Man Zangetsu' gave Shiro hell for trying to kill Rukia. And that Shiro has reluctantly apologized for beaking the security guys arm.
I want to meet this 'Old Man Zangetsu' and find out how he keeps that damn maniac under control. Let alone make him apologize. Some tips would make my job a lot easier. Ishida got excited and shot 'Yachiru' in the bathroom. He says he was aiming at a fox. I wonder why he was following zarakis imaginairy friend into the womens bathroom.

*NOTE* Order new sedatives. Our current ones are two year past the expiry date. No wonder Ichigo needed so much. Hopefully it wont have any reverse affects.

1800 HRS
Narrowly avoided disaster. Orihime got into the kitchen and tried to make lasange. She said Bonnie and Clyde didn't want any steak and onion pie. I told her theyd have to make do and wait untill lasange night comes around again.

Ulquiorra seemed disheartened by this. Gin told him too cheer up, and that orihime would break into the kitchen again at some point. Ulqiorra told himto leave him alone.

2013 HRS
Chad has been making strange noises for some time. These are accompanied by gestures followed by offerings to Yuich the (almighty) Parakeet. I have no idea what this means since he only talks to Ichigo in a language other than archaic whatever-the-Aztecs-spoke. The offering consist of boiled rice and chocolate.

He tried to sacrifice another of Renji's toys but renji hit him on the head again, since all the bricks were removed he used a chair instead.
Renji says he can hear scratching noises from rukias cell but I thik hes just hearing things.

2118 HRS
Renji wasn't hearing things. Rukia has chiselled through the wall to ichigos cell using the cutlery from tonights pie. How she has chiselled through a concrete wall in the space of a few hours using a knife, fork, and a spoon is a mystery; but she managed it all the same.

Ichigo has also reclaimed Zangetsu. I don't know how considering I locked in the safe upstairs on ward 12 several hours ago but hes got it back. I have decided to separate them properly.




2338 HRS
The seperation attempt failed. Shiro was worse than normal. For the safety of the other patients (and staff) we have decided not to separate Ichigo and Rukia. We have moved Rukia into a room Opposite Ichigo's as Ichigo assures me 'Old Man Zangetsu' has forbidden Shiro from murdering Rukia.

Rukia seems too happy. I cant help but think she planned this. She is a very good actor….

0164 HRS
Yuichi has escaped . Chad has been panicking badly. He tried to sacrifice ishida with zarakis kendo sword. Ichigo says its because he thinks Yuichi feels he hasn't had enough high quality offerings and has henceforth abandoned him.
I asked him how chad got the kendo sword away from Zaraki but chad wont tell him.

Gin smirked more than usual. I suspect this is another of his little ploys.

0332 HRS
Icigo managed to convinced chad that (The almighty) Yuichi only left because he didn't want chad to focus his attention on him too much and forget to take of himself. Yuichi is, after all, a very considerate God.

After chad went to sleep we found the damn bird stuck in one of the air vents.

*NOTE* Find out why Gin smiles so much. Its very worrying.

0853 HRS
Ichigo and Rukia have failed to turn up for breakfast again. A search is in progress but unless Shiro wakes up I doubt we'll have much success.

1117 HRS
We found Rukia in bed with Ichigo (Clothed thankfully). She said she was cold and asked if Ichigo if she could stay with him. She has to be lying. I just cant prove it. She's too good at Acting.

Damn that Kurosaki Brat!!!!!!!!

1555 HRS
We tried to put Rukia in solitary for a while but she broke the door down with Zangetsu. Apparently Ichigo let her borrow it. I don't know how or when but he did.

Another mystery is how she broke down a steel door with a plastic meat cleaver.
I suspect she and Shiro have some sort of deal going on concerning training and choco-chillki toasties.
Shiro is very partial to those.

Unfortunately i cannot make any assumptions other than that these two/three people are costing me a fortune in medical fees and repair bills.

1632 HRS
Shiro woke up and stole some of renji's paper and sticky tape. He is decorating Zangetsu with Red and black strips of paper. He is also wearin a white mask with red stripes on it now. He is glaring at Rukia and occasionally Zaraki.

I have no idea what he is dooing other than plotting something which will cause me another headache.



1823 HRS
Shiro has been sdated again. We don't really know what happened but Rukia has suffere a lot of paper cuts and has now locked herself in the kitchen making chilli and chocolate toasties.
Specialists are analysing Shiros actions to see if this is progression or not. Some how I doubt it but I doubt my opinion counts for anything. I am only his psychiatrist. It's not like I observe Ichigo/Shiro on a daily baisis after all.

Zaraki is wandering nearby muttering to Yachiru.

2047 HRS
Zaraki is pounding on Shiro's cell demanding hat he use his 'new techniqe' in a battle against him and his kendo sword.
Shiro tells him to piss off. He is just gving him a migraine.

For once I aggree.

2357 HRS
Ichigo was released two hours ago. He and Rukia have been missing ever since. Chad has peen place in solitairy confinement. He was talking to the janitors closet on Ward 10 in Aztec-language again. I really don't understand what the deal is with that cupboard.

Maybe Ichigo can ask him tomorrow.

0407 HRS
Rukia and Ichigo are still mising, and sice Shiro and Rukia arent screaming at each other we have no way of finding them. Gin just smiled and said 'How Ya doin?'

He knows something. I know it. He SPOKE. That just screams suspicious actions where Gin is concerned.

0832 HRS
Rukia and Ichigo arrived to brakfast looking to happy for me to be comfortable. I don't know whats going on but it cant be good.

Shiro woke up and didn't try to kill Rukia. He just insulted her.
When I asked about his change in attitude he just said that they had reached an acceptable comprimise. The he smirked.
This is not good.

Oh bugger.
Renji just ate orihimes porridge. Hes going to have digestive problems for the next 3 weeks.

Yay. I finished typing. I was up till 2 am writing this out, so i am now gong to get some well earned sleep. I'll probably be late for college anyway though.

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