Dark Jewel, the sequel to Dark Salvation is now posted. It picks up a few months after the last chapter of Dark Salvation. For those of you wishing to continue the journey, it does require a seat belt, a strong sense of will, and definitely some dedication as you've already made it this far with us.

Chapter 1 is up, and we're anticipating a posting schedule of every 10-14 days to start. Real life is kicking our asses, but we are attempting to get more chapters backlogged so you don't have to wait even more after several weekly updates.

Much love

Mistress Boo Boo Kitty Fuck and Mistress Mischief

PS. For those of you wanting a little something else, fiberkitty and DefinatelyStaying are collaborating on a one-shot for The Fandom Gives Back auction. Information is available on fiberkitty's blog and profile page.