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Chapter 1

Charley sighed as she ran the vacuum over the carpet of her new apartment. It had been almost two months since Ronaldo Rump had destroyed her garage, and she still missed it. Granted, the two bedroom, one and a half bathroom apartment was nice and all, but it just didn't feel like home the way her setup in the back of the garage had. With her old setup, Charley could always work on something in her garage when she had trouble sleeping, and the fact that she could smell motor oil, grease and car parts just on the other side of her bedroom always seemed to soothe her somehow. That garage had been more than her place of business. It had been her home.

But now things had changed...

Almost two months after moving into her new place, and Charley still felt like she was just visiting. She still had to remind herself that the new apartment was her new home, that all the new furniture was in fact hers, and that her job at the garage that had not fallen victim to Rump, was her new job. But despite all that, there was still one underlying issue that Charley had.

She was lonely.

Sure, the biker mice came and visited her, but it was not like the way it had been at her old garage where they could practically come and go as they pleased without fear of being seen. With her new living situation, the guys could only come over at night, and only by climbing up the fire escape. She understood the reason behind it. Neither Throttle, Modo or Vinnie were keen on the idea of being discovered and being experimented on. However, despite her understanding, the fact that she could not see her dear friends as often as she used to made Charley miss her old garage all the more. Whether they helped her tinker on cars and bikes, or simply lazed about and talked, the three Martian mice had come to be a significant part of Charley's life. She had missed them when they had gone back to their home planet. Truth be told, she had missed them desperately. She had not realized just how significant they had become in her life until they had gone...

Charley could not throw a wrench in her garage without being reminded of Throttle, Modo or Vinnie. They were her best friends in the entire world...in the entire universe. When the three of them returned to earth, it was a double-edged sword for the lovely mechanic. On the one hand, she was ecstatic to have her friends back, but on the other hand she was sad because she knew their home world was in trouble again...of course, that also meant that her own world was in trouble again.

Why was it so impossible for the universe to simply get along?

Sighing and giving a small shake of her head, Charley finished vacuuming and began winding up the cord as she looked around the large space of her living room. She had originally wanted a smaller apartment...after all, it was just her. Unfortunately, the two bedroom was all she could get at the time. But now, after a lot of thought, maybe the second bedroom was not such a bad idea. Maybe she could invite the guys to move in with her. Rolling the vacuum into the broom closet, Charley padded over to the second bedroom and leaned against the door frame.

"It could work," she mused softly. "It might be a little cramped, but at least it'll be more comfortable than the scoreboard. I could put in a bed for Modo and maybe a set of bunk beds for Throttle and Vinnie since they're smaller..." She smiled. "Yeah...it could work. I'll run it by the guys tonight when they come over." She looked at her watch. "That reminds me, they'll be here any minute...I better get to ordering the pizzas."

Charley had just finished hanging up the phone after placing her order when her ears became attuned to the sound of what could only be her three Martian friends coming up the fire escape. Smiling, she turned to greet them only to have her attention diverted by the phone. Turning her back on the window, she reached for it.

"Hey, Charley girl," Throttle greeted as he came through the window first.

"Hey, Charley," Vinnie said with his usual, charming smile as he followed in. "What's happenin'?"

"Evening, Charley ma'am," Modo said as he climbed in.

"Hey guys," Charley said with a smile. "I just ordered the pizzas. Go ahead and make yourselves comfy, I'll be right with you," she said as she pushed the 'talk' button before putting the phone to her ear. "Hello? Rally?" Her entire face lit up. "Rally girl, is that you? Hey, kiddo! How's it going?"

Vinnie looked to Throttle and Modo as he settled himself on the recliner. "Who's Rally?"

"Like I know?" Modo asked before picking up a magazine as he straddled one of the dining room chairs.

Throttle simply shrugged and settled himself comfortably on the couch.

"I'm so sorry I never made it out for your last graduation," Charley spoke into the phone as she sat on the arm of the recliner. "I was still so very proud of you...graduating at the top your class, that was amazing," she said with a smile. "So what's up?" She blinked. "What? You found a job out here and you're coming back home to Chicago? Oh, sweetie, that's great!"

All three Martians had turned their gazes to their human friend by this point.

"Oh, sweetie...you don't need to stay in a hotel. I have a second bedroom in my apartment, you can stay here with me. It's no trouble, it'll be just like when we were growing up...minus the eavesdropping," Charley said with a giggle before sobering. "No...no, this is a different place. The garage? Well...there was an accident. Yes, I'm fine." She smiled. "Rally...kiddo, I'm fine, I promise."

"Okay, now I really gotta know who Rally is," Vinnie whispered.

Charley lightly swatted the white mouse's shoulder to keep him quiet. She did not however expect him to respond in the way he did, which was to wrap his tail around her waist and tug her down onto his lap. She squeaked in surprise at her sudden change of position. "Yeah, kiddo I'm fine...just tripped is all," she said with a glare at the white mouse while she tried to ignore the sudden feeling of butterflies in her stomach.

Vinnie simply smiled innocently in return while batting his eyes.

Despite trying to remain serious, Throttle chuckled softly...though he had the decency to hide it behind his hand. Modo chuckled as well as he continued flipping through the magazine.

"Well, when does your flight come in? Oh you haven't booked it yet? Well, let me know when you do, okay? Of course I'll pick you up from the airport. Why wouldn't I?" Charley smiled. "Okay, sweetie, I'll talk to you later, okay? It was really good to hear your voice. Call me when you have your flight arranged, okay? Okay, kiddo..." She smiled. "I love you too. Bye." With that, she pushed the 'talk' button and hung up, smile still firmly in place as she hugged the phone to her.

"Well, beautiful?" Vinnie prompted. "Who's Rally? And more importantly, why do you love her? Something you're not telling us?" he asked with a waggle of the one eyebrow he had left.

Both Throttle and Modo groaned before Throttle threw a couch cushion at their bro.


Charley simply rolled her eyes, though she chortled softly when the cushion hit Vinnie squarely in the face. "It's not like that at all, you perv. She's my sister."

Modo blinked. "You've got a sister, Charley ma'am?"

"Yep," Charley said with a smile and a nod. "She's my baby sister," she said as she untangled herself from Vinnie and stood. "Hold on, I've got a picture of her. Wait here, I'll be right back." She hurried into her room before coming back out with a framed photo. "This is the most recent photo I have of her. It's from her college graduation four years ago...all the other photos I had were destroyed when my garage went down," she said softly.

"How come you never mentioned her before, Charley girl?" Throttle asked softly as he got up and came to stand beside his friend so he could peer down at the picture of the lovely, bright-eyed girl standing beside Charley in a cap and gown. Her hair was more of a dark brown as opposed to the more mahogany tone of her sister's hair, and her gentle, intelligent eyes were like large, hazel almonds instead of green like her sister's. She was a few inches shorter than her sister, but Throttle could not see much else in regards to her body because of the gown. All in all, that did not matter. Even without seeing Rally's body, the Martian could see that she was beautiful, and he could not stop his eyes from widening a little behind his shades.

"Yeah," Vinnie chimed in as he jumped to his feet and stood on Charley's other side before looking down at the picture. "Afraid I'd use my charms and steal her away?" he asked with a wink and a chuckle.

"You wish," Charley said as she lightly shoved the white mouse.

Vinnie simply grinned and chuckled. "Wow, good looks sure do run in the family. So if you weren't afraid I'd make a move on your baby sister, then why'd you keep her a secret?"

Though she grinned, Charley lightly elbowed Vinnie in the stomach. "Well, in all honesty...I haven't seen her since this day," she said softly as she lightly tapped the picture.

"Really?" Modo asked as he came to stand behind Charley--easily able to look down at the photo from behind her. He nodded in agreement with Vinnie's earlier statement. Rally was quite pretty. "Why not?"

"She's been in California for the past eight years. She was always so busy with school...trying to keep her full ride during her undergraduate work and then working her ass off to get and maintain another full ride for Veterinary school...then she had her year of residency." Charley sighed softly. "I mean, she'd make sure to call me on my birthday and on holidays, but she just couldn't make it back here because she was working herself so hard. I'm surprised the kid hasn't burned out."

"You miss her?" Throttle asked softly.

"Yeah," Charley admitted with a nod. "We used to be so close...but we drifted apart when she graduated high school. She went off to college, and I stayed behind. She's probably changed a lot in the past four years."

"So she's an animal doctor?" Modo asked.

"Yeah," Charley said with a nod and a proud smile. "I don't know exactly when that dream started, but for as long as I can remember, Rally's always wanted to be a Vet. She even worked in a clinic when she was in high school. She loves animals...always has. We used to call her the 'animal whisperer'," she said with a small chuckle.

Vinnie blinked. "You mean like that dog whisperer guy we see on T.V.?"

"Almost. I don't know how she did it, but she could form bonds with animals like that," Charley said with a snap of her fingers. "If it was a living, breathing mammal, Rally could bond with it. Growing up, she'd take in all kinds of strays...feed them, socialize them, clean them up and find homes for them." She fondly shook her head. "We didn't get that much of an allowance when we were kids, but she saved up every penny of hers to pay for vaccinations for the strays so she could adopt them out...and any money she got from the adoptees went to pay for all the food for the remaining strays she had left."

"Whoah," Vinnie breathed in amazement. "That is so cool."

"She sounds really sweet," Throttle said softly with a small smile.

"Yeah," Modo said with a nod of agreement.

"She is," Charley affirmed. "She really is."

"And she's coming here?" Vinnie asked.

"Yup." Charley did feel a little bad about not going through with her original plan for the second bedroom, but she could not turn her little sister away. Besides, with Rally being the only family she had left, Charley wanted to try and rekindle the close relationship they had shared as while growing up.

"Ya think she'll be okay with us?" Vinnie asked a little nervously.

"I don't see why she wouldn't be," Charley said after a few moments of thought. "I mean, for all intents and purposes, you guys are just giant mice...talking mice...she'll probably think you're the greatest things since sliced bread," she said with a small chuckle. "Actually, the one pet she ever really had…and I'm talking about a pet, not a stray that she rescued, was a mouse."

"Really?" Vinnie asked after blinking.

"Yeah. She and that little guy were inseparable…but I can't remember his name for the life of me…"

"She won't think we're rats, will she, Charley ma'am?" Modo asked worriedly. "I don't think I could take that."

"No, Modo," Charley answered with a smile and an affectionate pat to the gentle giant's arm. "She won't think you guys are rats. She knows the difference between the two species."

"Okay, good," the grey mouse said with a relieved smile. "'Cause my mama didn't raise no rat."

Charley smiled and giggled softly before shifting so she could hug Modo's normal arm. "I know, big guy...and you are most definitely not a rat, Modo. None of you guys are."

"Yeah, and don't you forget it, beautiful," Vinnie said with a wink.

Charley grinned and winked back. "Don't worry, I won't. But still...it might be good to introduce Rally to the idea of Martian mice gradually. Her animal-loving side may be all fine and dandy with the idea of giant mice to hang out with, but her scientific, doctor side might find the idea of Martians to be a little far fetched."

"You don't think she'll try to examine us or anything like that, is she?" Throttle asked worriedly as he momentarily raised his gaze from the photo. "You know…since she's a doctor and all…" Being captured and studied by scientists was one of the few things that actually scared the leader of the trio.

"You don't have to worry about that, Throttle." Charley reassured her Martian friend. "Trust me."

The sandy-colored Martian mouse breathed a small sigh of relief and returned his gaze to the photo. He could not help but notice the genuine kindness behind Rally's happy smile "Okay, good."

"Yeah," Modo said with a nod.

"Okay, so I'd say we're in the clear to meet this girl, guys," Vinnie said with a grin. "She won't be freaked out by us and she's not gonna turn us over to freaky scientists or experiment on us herself."

Charley smiled and lightly nudged Vinnie. "Take it easy there, guy," she said with a small chuckle before playfully tickling the white mice under his chin.

Throttle grinned and chuckled softly. "Do what you think is best, Charley girl," he said as he kept gazing down at the photo. "We'll follow your lead."

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