Characters based on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga.

The story picks up exactly the day after Breaking Dawn.

(Bella POV)

I've always wondered what I did to deserve the things I now have in life. I did sacrifice a bit when I decided to move to Forks to give my mom, Renee, her shot of her own happiness with her husband, Phil. Charlie was ecstatic when I told him about it. But is it really a sacrifice when you get something good in return? I went to Forks High School and met the most beautiful man I've seen in my life. Not long after, he became my husband and we now have a child together. To top it all off, I get to spend forever with him. Yes, life, or should I say, after-life since I am considered undead, turned out for the best for me. I am still baffled how I end up with everything I ever wanted.

"What are you thinking, love?" Edward asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Nothing really. I'm just glad that the Volturi left and nobody got hurt," I replied, laying my head on his chest.

He started drawing circles behind my back with his hand; it is always relaxing when he does that, "We have Alice to thank for that, and of course, your shield as well. Without it, things might have gone differently."

"Everyone had their share and I am just glad that it's over."

I stirred to get up, but Edward tightened his embrace on me, "Where do you think you're going? I am not done with you yet. I want to spend more hours with you."

I smiled at his beautiful face and kissed him on his lips, "I know, but the sun will be up soon, and we do have a mouth to feed. I want to cook food for her and for Jacob and his pack. With this whole imprinting thing, I am sure no day will pass without him always hovering around Renesmee."

I got up and started to get ready for the day.

"With all the things that had been going on, we never got a chance to talk about that," Edward said while he got up and get dressed.

"How do we even begin talking about it? I still can't get over the fact that he imprinted on my baby, OUR baby." There's no denying my frustration with the tone of my voice.

Edward wrapped his arms around my waist and looked at me on the mirror while I was brushing my hair, "Bella, love, this is something out of our hands."

"I know Edward; it's just that she's growing so fast. She's only a few months old, but look at her now, she looks almost two. Before we know it, she'll start looking and acting like an adult. I don't know how much time I have with her. I just hate to think that I would lose her to…to…to him."

I sighed heavily at the thought. If I could cry, I'm sure there will be tears flowing on my face.

I stopped brushing my hair and leaned my head to Edward's, "When I held her while the Volturi was here, I can't help but think what if that was the last moment I have with her. I haven't really gotten the chance to know her. And now that they're gone, I feel like Jacob will take her away before I would even have the chance to share with her what moms share with their daughters."

I turned around and hugged Edward. It had always been comforting to have his arms around me, but this time, it seemed that it was not enough.

"Bella, you know as well as I do that Jacob does not look at Ness…Renesmee like that, at least not yet. And I'm sure he will not take her away from us, we are her family. Seems like he's so used to being around vampires now it doesn't bother him anymore," Edward chuckled.

I looked up and smiled, "I guess you're right. I know it's silly. I should not be worrying about this too much. I am going to the house to cook."

Edward frowned, "Why can't you do that here?"

"Esme stocked her fridge. I know that Renesmee like blood as much as we do, but I don't want her relying only on that. I want her to eat as much human food as she can. Besides, Esme's kitchen is a lot bigger than ours. I've been wanting to try out her gadgets ever since my first visit. And also, if Jacob comes over, I don't think our lovely cottage will hold. Please wait for Renesmee to wake up and bring her with you. Call Jacob and tell him to eat breakfast in the house with his pack."

Edward frowned. I kissed him on the cheek, "It's better that he's in our territory, way to keep a better eye on him, don't you think?" He smiled; I kissed him on the lips and headed to the house.

I didn't rush going to the house; I savored the smell of the surrounding. It's a nice feeling to let my guard down, no impending danger to think about.

"Good Morning," I greeted everyone as I enter the door.

Emmett and Jasper are playing their weird chess game. Alice and Rosalie are flipping through a catalog, Esme talking to Carlisle as he gets ready to head out for the hospital. "Good Morning," everyone replied in unison.

"You're out early," Emmett snickered.

I glared at him, "We had a deal, remember?" Emmett brushed me off and went back to playing chess.

"Esme, Bella's cooking for Renesmee and Jacob's pack, better show her around the kitchen," Alice said without looking up.

Rosalie gave me a questioning look and I answered before she even put her question to words, "Renesmee is still sleeping. Edward will come over with her as soon as she wakes up." Rosalie nodded.

Edward and I decided that Rosalie should be Renesmee's legal guardian, just in case, and Emmett volunteered to be my daughter's "protector." Jacob didn't like the idea at the time, but he's not going to win over a wrestling match with Emmett so he let it go.

"How is she doing?" Carlisle asked as he grabbed his bag from the table.

"She hasn't grown, thank goodness," I answered jokingly.

Carlisle smiled, "Don't forget to measure her today," he looked at Rosalie, "I'm sure Rose will help."

Rosalie looked up, "We'll measure her just once today, Carlisle, give the kid a break."

"One measurement is fine as long as she gets measured precisely; you know how Jacob gets when it's not 'perfect'."

Rosalie rolled her eyes and went back to the catalog.

I looked around and something seems different. "Wait, where's Hulien and Nahuel?" I asked finally realizing what's different. Our friends from South America who saved us the fight over the Volturi, Nahuel being half-breed like Renesmee was our proof that she will grow older.

Jasper answered my question, "They left a few hours ago. Nahuel seemed eager to track Joham. Hulien followed suit to make sure her nephew is safe."

"We didn't even get a chance to say goodbye and thank you," I felt bad not being able to, he saved my daughter's fate by being here.

"We extended our gratitude to them on your behalf," Carlisle said with a smile as he leaned to Esme for a goodbye kiss.

Esme kissed Carlisle as he headed out the door.

Esme turned to me and led me to the kitchen. "I want Renesmee to eat as much human food possible rather than living mostly on blood. At least I could still cook even though I can't eat," I told her as we enter the kitchen.

"At least we can put this kitchen to use," Esme placed her arm on my shoulder as she showed me all the cabinets and the gadgets she had. For somebody who doesn't eat, Esme has high-end appliances to show off.

"Do you need help with anything?" Esme offered.

"If you could beat some eggs, I'm making omelet for the pack."

I saw Alice enter the kitchen, "Esme, I'll help Bella. I think you should keep an eye on the boys. I just had a vision that at least one of your vases will break."

Esme gave the bowl with eggs to Alice, "Thanks for telling me, sometimes those boys…"

She trailed off as she headed out to the living room.

Alice moved closer to me while beating the eggs on the bowl, "I'm getting fuzzy images from you, Bella."

I looked up from the chopping board where I have been cutting bell peppers, onions and mushrooms, "What do you mean?"

"I see you in Dartmouth sometimes then it will suddenly change back to Forks. It keeps going back and forth; it's starting to give me a headache. You have been battling a decision."

I looked down and went back to chopping, "I'm sorry."

"It just means that you haven't fully decided yet," Alice continued, "and I guess you haven't told Edward?"

I shook my head, "I wanted to get my shot at a normal life, but being a newborn, I'm not sure now is the time to start. I know Edward will just say, 'whatever makes you happy, love', like that'll help with my confusion."

Alice let out a light laugh and I laughed with her. "So, what's on your mind?" she asked.

There's no use not telling her the truth since she can see the future, "I want to go to college since there's nothing else to do. We can't always go out during the day and since we don't sleep, might as well just go to school to pass time."

I finished cutting the vegetables on the board and started separating bacon strips, "I have a feeling Rosalie and Emmett will come with us; Rosalie won't let Renesmee out of her sight. Carlisle might go with us just to keep tabs on Renesmee's growth and development, so that means Esme's coming too. It's up to you and Jasper if you want to come with us. It would be great to be all together. I'm just not sure how Jasper will feel about me going to school, being newborn and all."

"You will be attending with Edward. Jasper and I are coming of course, if it comes down to that. I can keep tabs on you so don't give yourself too much to think about."

I stopped and looked at Alice, "Thanks. That leaves one more thing; I'm worried what Jacob will say. I know she's his imprint, but she's still my daughter and she goes where I go…"

I trailed off and sighed heavily.

Alice walked by my side and placed her arm on my shoulder, "That is a problem. Think it over. I think you should talk to Edward and sort it out. Then when you reach a decision, call for a family meeting."

I leaned my head towards her and smiled; it's great to have a sister like Alice, she always knows what to say.