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The dinner that night went off without a hitch. The fish her father had caught was delicious but left her wondering if this one had been something special to the fish Goten had hassled. Such a strange thought—did fish even have mates?

She'd been lucky that the boys had tuckered themselves out early. She could catch up on her own sleep, hopefully. She smiled as she pulled a blanket over the both of them in their sprawled poses on the bed. Her hand reached out to brush away a few stray locks from Trunks's face as she marveled at how much of his father was there. His tanned skin, tough guy façade, and trademark smirk were all present, but what he gained from his mother's side was his bright blue eyes and the lavender tresses. He was nearly a perfect 50/50 match of his parents, but she could tell he wanted to be like his father.

Slowly, Serena straightened and exited the room, walking to the kitchen where her mother sat sipping a cup of tea.

"Mom," Serena spoke a little hushed voice though they were the only two there. "I want answers."

"What?" Chi Chi looked confused at the vague statement.

"Bulma and Vegeta." Serena's eyes were set, and she was determined to know more of the situation and what had been. Chi Chi sighed a bit.

"It was a surprise to everyone that they'd ever gotten together; even more surprising that it lasted as long as it had. They were never married." Her last statement was said with a little flippancy, but Serena kept quiet about the rituals of Saiyan bonding as Chi Chi continued. "She found someone else."

"Is he the father?" Serena asked, shocking her mother.

"How did you know? She hasn't told anyone but me." Chi Chi stared at her daughter.

"I could sense the child when you sent her the boxes." She gave a small smile. "Baby stuff?"

Chi Chi nodded.

"Yes, he is the father." There was a solemnity in her voice.

"Where is he now? Why haven't we met him?" Serena questioned.

"He's not really in the picture at the moment." Chi Chi averted her eyes to the table. She knew she should feel sorry for the blue-haired woman, but Serena was finding it hard to think of anything but Trunks's confession from earlier…and Vegeta.

"She told Vegeta she was breaking it off, and despite his nature, he seemed to take it well. We all expected him to blow up the planet." She paused. "I'm sure he knew it was coming…that she was with someone."

"Why does he live at Capsule Corp. if they're not together?" Serena's eyebrows furrowed.

"It broke her heart seeing how Trunks missed him."

"It didn't hurt so much when she broke Vegeta's heart, though, did it?" Serena snapped, anger rising inside her.

"Serena!" Her mother was amazed at her behavior.

"I'm sorry, Mom." Serena said, calming down quickly. How could her mother understand? She would never do something like that to her father—she wasn't the kind, but, up until now, Serena didn't think Bulma was either.

"I suggest you go to bed now." Chi Chi said, avoiding any more aggravation before bed.

Serena nodded slowly, "Night, Mom."

Nothing could soothe her. She didn't know for certain if he was hurting, but it definitely hurt her for him. Kicking the blankets off, she rose from the bed. Escaping through her open window, she made her way back to the river.


It happened again; that uncontrollable rage which did as it so chose. He had to get away, he was about to blow up; the anger was boiling as he thought on it.

He couldn't stand seeing them together. It took all of his strength not to tear that man apart. Now that he was gone, with still no sign of her coming back to him, he could see them together in his mind and how she longed for the worm.

She wouldn't accept the nature of his heritage. Being forever bound together, but she wouldn't allow it. Her skin was too precious to mar with his mark. It was all too hard for her to accept…to accept him.

These angered thoughts pounded his brain as he stood at the edge of a cliff in the darkness of the night.


Missing? It was always there in Tokyo; always bright and shining for her. She could count on its beautiful silver rays to calm her. Even on the night of a New Moon, she felt its charm. Yet here, in her real home, it was missing. She knew why the moon was gone. She hadn't forgotten that Piccolo had blown it up to reverse Gohan's transformation, but she was certain this was the reason she wasn't feeling 'whole'.

Serena walked to the shallow edge of the river, feeling the cool water rush past her ankles. Slowly, she raised her hands to the sky. It was only a matter of time.

"That's better." She breathed slightly exhausted. The landscape was illuminated by the full moon's glow. It felt as though the light was embracing her. Halfway through her incantation her princess gown had taken the place of her chosen pajamas, her moon insignia glowing bright on her forehead. She'd learned to control the Silver Crystal enough to keep it inside her body when she called upon its power. Its warmth fluttered in her chest. Her tail, she'd noticed, had grown back and delicately wrapped itself around her waist. She smiled at her accomplishment and lightly ran her fingers over the furry appendage she realized she'd missed.

"Nervek vengh mot?" {Who are you?}

Serena whipped around, wildly. How could she not have sensed his presence? Perhaps her senses truly were growing dull. The problem was it only happened with him.

She stepped backward, not ready to explain, but he caught her before she could decide her next move.

"Nervek vengh mot?" Vegeta asked again with more force, his grasp on her arms tightened.

"Zyn maerk vad dol Serenity-zenecz ot ke Waén Mön, Vegeta-zen." {I am known as Princess Serenity of the White Moon, Prince Vegeta.} Her voice carried a regal tone despite her fear.

"Mot keievh." {You lie.} He growled in her ear. Impatient and irritated, he let her go.

"How? How am I lying?" She pinned him with her stare. She wasn't surprised he knew of her kingdom's fate. Their races had had dealings with each other in the past.

"The Lunarians were eradicated over a thousand years ago. It's not possible." It sounded as though he was trying to convince himself against all the evidence in front of him.

Serena slowly approached Vegeta; she needed him to believe what she said, her entire being craved for him to believe. The secret was starting to weigh on her, having never told anyone since she'd come home.

"I'll have to show you then." She said, softly.

"What?" Gently, Serena put a finger to his forehead before he could flinch away. She closed her eyes, concentrating. The images began to flow. Unexpectedly, however, memories were exchanged in both directions.

Vegeta saw the day Serena had left, the friends she'd made and ultimately lost, and the moment she'd learned of her past—that she was a princess. Every hardship and each time she had died.

Serena had been shown the challenges of his life from losing his family and nearly his entire race, the servitude to Frieza, his death, and every person who had ever betrayed him—and there were many. But she saw love there. The love he held for his son warmed her heart. Briefly, she saw her face in his mind—

"Enough!" Vegeta was on his knees breathing heavily.

"We're similar in more ways than we'd admit." Serena placed a hand upon his shoulder, to which he pulled away as he stood up.

"The past is where it belongs." He ground out, making his way, it seemed, to leave. Serena's eyes fell to the rippling water.

"You know that's not always true. I want what you want."

"You have no idea what I want." He spat. Now Serena was growing irritated.

"I know you want to do right by your son! You want him to have a normal life; a better childhood than the one you were subjected to!" Her tone settled down as she thought of the youngster she'd grown fond of.

"He's such a sweet boy. He deserves a loving family. I want him to be happy…I want you to be happy." She dared to glance in his direction. "Mot soiske kyno da." {You deserve to be}

Words failed her as he turned to face her once again, his expression was unreadable.

"You think you know all about me?" Serena stayed silent. "You know what I want?"

His tone made her rethink all that she believed she knew. She turned away not wanting to look into his eyes.

"No…I don't."

She felt warm breath against the back of her neck and solid muscle against her back as the Saiyan Prince pulled her to him.

"The only thing I want right now is you." Vegeta whispered in her ear, his voice more gentle than she'd ever heard him use. Turning her around in his arms, he claimed his protégé's lips with his.

It was so bright that night. He may have been dead for a long time, but he knew something was unusual. He'd awoken to an extreme thirst, but after finishing his water, he didn't go back to bed.

Stepping onto the lawn, his eyes were transfixed on the massive full moon.

"When did that get there?" Goku half-yelled not wanting to wake any of the occupants of the house. "Piccolo blew up the moon." He recalled, trying to sort it all out. It was possible that someone had used the dragonballs, but he would have sensed the Shenron if he'd been called forth. To be honest, he didn't know of anyone else who even knew of the dragonballs. If they had, no one had ever wished to bring back the moon; they only wanted a way to take over the world or be the strongest being in the universe. It was troubling.

There was a dim light from the forest that seemed to be pulling at him. A feeling stirred in the pit of his stomach.

With his ki masked, Goku followed the light. Coming closer, he was surprised to see his only daughter there—a brilliant glow seemingly emulating from her. He'd been able to watch her grow when he was in Other World. The gown she wore now was no surprise to him. He knew what she was, and he trusted she'd make it known in her own time. It was so amazing to him, he couldn't imagine how the others would take it—especially Chi Chi.

His biggest surprise though, was the man holding his little girl; a fellow Saiyan, a rival, and friend. Had it been anyone else, he may have intervened; but the truth was, he couldn't have chosen anyone better for Serena…or for Vegeta.

He could tell how defeated Vegeta had felt when Bulma had told him she was ending their relationship. Serena, now she was always Vegeta's number one fan. Goku could see she was hurting seeing him in this state. If anyone could ease the Saiyan Prince's heart, it was her. True, there was an age difference. However, these two needed each other, and he was not about to deny them that.

Goku returned to his home, a smile still etched on his face as he crawled back into bed beside his wife.

Weeks passed since that night. Not surprisingly, scientists were baffled on how the moon had reappeared and were still no where near figuring it out.

That fateful night she had bound herself to the man she had admired nearly since the day she'd met him. The only problem, neither of them had been near each other since then.

Serena had stepped back to give him the space he seemed to want, but why had he pulled away from her? Was he so afraid she'd leave him that he decided to let her go? Was he denying his Saiyan heritage?

Couldn't he see she'd promised herself to him forever? Forever, as she saw it, meant forever.

She'd been sitting out by the river, as she'd been doing often lately, when her father's voice cut through her thoughts.

"You seem quiet, kiddo. Is something wrong?" Serena smiled; he hadn't called her that in a long time.

"No Dad. I was just thinking."

"Excited about the tournament, huh?" He supplied. Honestly, she hadn't thought much about the tournament at all, and besides, it was in two days. Her training mainly consisted of her looking after Trunks and Goten.

"I don't think I'm going to enter anymore, actually." Then she added, jokingly. "I'm out of practice anyway."

She expected a chuckle from her father, but all he said was, "I understand."

"Huh?" She gave him a confused look.

He didn't answer, only drew her into a hug.

'He can be so strange sometimes' Serena thought. 'How I love him for it.'

It had been too long since she'd hugged her father. She really needed it.

"You want to spar with your old man?" He pulled away smiling his goofy grin. Serena stood.

"You're not that old." She laughed, taking her stance opposite him.


'She's so fast.' Goku mused, but Serena had always been quick since she was a child.

He'd missed most of his daughter's life, not all of it being his fault. He had been dead for quite a while, but she'd been gone since before they'd fought the Androids and Cell.

Some cockamamie story of a once in a lifetime school experience somewhere he'd never heard of and a lady with dark green hair had taken Serena with her. Chi Chi had hoped to enroll Gohan as well but was told it was an all girl school, which was another lie.

Something about the whole situation seemed strange, but he allowed Serena to go with much prompting from his wife. The only interaction they had was in letters that mysteriously ended up in their possession. Then he died trying to save everyone, and he was given the chance to see what had become of her life. He knew why she had moments of sadness in her eyes; the friends she'd made had all sacrificed themselves for her.

She was all grown up now, and he couldn't be more proud.

She was matching him move for move, but she knew he was going easy on her. He certainly was acting strange. Then he got a devilish look in his eyes.

Little by little, he forced her back. One more step led her to teeter on the edge of the river. Wrapping his arm around her waist, his hand came around to lazily lie on her abdomen.

He had just confirmed his suspicions.

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