Author's Note: Definitely not my first fiction, but it is my first Twilight fanfiction. Please don't flame me; I take suggestions and constructive criticism, but there's no call for being nasty about it. It IS a free site. Hopefully I'll gather reviewers as I go. It's an idea I invented during a sleepless night.

Two years after Breaking Dawn...the Volturi have left the Cullens in peace, but not everyone was happy with Aro's decision...they fought off the attackers, but at a great cost. With Esme Cullen gone and Carlisle grief-stricken and vulnerable, there is another force that threatens to disturb the peace. But will she be dangerous and deadly to our favorite blonde doctor or just the thing he needs? Rated T for future situations.

Chapter 1.....A Storm Is Brewing

The English countryside was very quiet except for the wind that was blowing. Lavender-gray clouds loomed overhead, threatening storms and rain any second. The green of the leaves and grass seemed abnormally bright compared to the gloomy clouds. Out here in the middle of the woods, a seemingly ancient manor sat. To the east, hills gently rolled away, covered in trees. To the west, there was a field that stretched for as far as the eye could see with gently waving grasses. The manor itself was cradled in a very small valley.

In the back yard, there was a marble white tombstone with an angel's figure curving around one side and the top. The stone itself was carved into the shape of a heart, then the base was rectangular. The angel's eternally motionless hand gestured to the words etched there: "IN LOVING MEMORY OF ESME CULLEN".

Another figure appeared, this time, something with movement. His skin was as white as the grave and his blonde hair fanned out in the direction of the wind. In his right hand, he carried a single blood-red rose. Kneeling next to the stone with care, he carefully slid the long stem of the rose underneath the angel's hand.

It had been two very long years. He knelt silently beside the stone angel and sat every bit as still as she did. All that remained of his love was a pile of ashes. When the Volturi had come to see Bella and Renesmee, they had decided that Renesmee could live in peace without further interference. But a few of them were extremely unhappy with Aro's decision. The ones that disagreed returned without Aro's permission and tried to attack Bella and Renesmee. Esme had bravely put herself between Bella, Renesmee, and her would-be attackers. Carlisle, Edward, and the others had hurried to Bella's aid, but they were too late to save Esme. By the time they managed to get there, Esme was nothing more than a pile of ash. Bella and Renesmee still carried an immense load of guilt about it; they thought they were to blame for the sweet Cullen mother's death. Carlisle insisted to them that he would never blame them for it, but they weren't convinced.

At first, it had been rather hard. Carlisle would go months without feeding and be exceptionally cranky to those around him. He still did his job at the hospital, but with an air of detachment at first. He crammed as many patients into a day as he could and worked massive amounts of extra hours. They knew he was trying to keep busy so that the pain didn't overwhelm him. The Cullens had moved overseas to England, knowing that he could not stand to stay in Forks where the memories were. The first year was difficult for everyone to adjust to, but they did it by working together. This year had been hard, but it was better. Carlisle still felt the pain considerably, but he had moments where he could escape it.

Today was not the day.

He closed his eyes, remembering. They'd been to England before. Esme had loved it here; her favorite thing was to fix up all these old English mansions. She'd constantly been employed here. In her spare time, she liked to ride horses. It had become a ritual of theirs to do it at least once a week. The others would always inquire as to where they were when they stayed gone overnight. They would just smile conspiratorially at each other and tell the others they got lost. The others never bought it, of course, but at least they didn't have to speak the truth out loud.

The breeze shifted and a strange scent caught his nose. He raised his head, inhaling deeply. It was a warm, earthy smell; a mixture of blueberries and fall leaves. He'd been smelling it since they moved here; none of them recognized that scent. Underneath it, however, he could smell something else: blood. Which kind of blood it was, he was unsure.

He vaguely wondered if it would taste as good and as sweet as it smelled, then caught himself. What if that creature was a human? He could never consider harming a human, no matter what.

Esme...I wish you were here so much...

Carlisle was unaware that he was being watched. Hidden somewhere within the trees, a pair of dark eyes watched him. Seeing him raise his head and sniff the air, she made no sound at all as she backed away. She knew perfectly well what he was and it wouldn't do to tempt him. This was her land; she'd allowed them to move onto it without any protests or problems. They didn't know she was here other than her unusual scent. None of them had ever seen a Siren, so they didn't know the smell. The wolves had come closer to discovering her, though, so she had to take special precautions in hiding her home. The old castle to the west (which everyone thought was nothing more than mere ruins) was her home. She'd taken great care in disguising it with her illusions. She shape-shifted often on the way home so that her scent would change. It had worked so far.

But she was fascinated with this young blonde doctor. He seemed so...broken. When most of them had been out of the house, she'd transformed into a house cat and crept up to the grave to read the inscription.

It had to be his lover, there was no other way around it. Why else would he seem so injured; so grief-stricken?

She had stayed there for a moment, sniffing the air with her delicate pink nose. Gosh, he smelled good! His scent almost overwhelmed her. She longed to get closer to him, but was unsure how. Then, the black car had pulled in. She had darted around the tombstone to hide as the door banged closed and he walked up the steps to the house. was too risky for sure...

She had resigned herself to stay outside. But the temptation was getting bigger.

As a Siren, she rarely needed to eat in the conventional sense. Sirens were made to sing to their opposite gender, then absorb their heightened emotional and sexual energy. She often did eat human food, but it was just because she enjoyed the tastes of certain things. Certain men's energy called to her more than others, and he was one of them. The vampires and the Sirens often didn't realize that they used the same description for the same thing: la tua encantante-- "your singer".

Oh, yes, he was her singer. And he didn't even know it. She'd fantasized many nights about his energy flowing into her body like a golden mist, making her stronger, filling her with its sweetness as she sang to him.

She shook the thought out of her head. It was better that he did not know. Feeling somewhat empty, she retreated back to her castle, but the beautiful vampire doctor would not leave her thoughts alone. His grief-stricken face chased her around wherever she went.

That night, Carlisle Cullen had a very unusual feeling. His body felt...heavy. It was something he hadn't felt in so many years that he'd nearly forgotten what it was. His dark eyes began to close of their own accord. His head slumped forward to rest on his arm as he was sitting at his desk. He was suddenly so tired....but why? Vampires didn't get tired! He fought it as much as he could, but he could fight no longer. He drifted away.

She was there in the center of the mall, the fledgling band behind her being put to shame as she sang. Nothing around them could compare to her. She seemed so ordinary...and yet, she didn't. When she opened her mouth, her rich alto voice spilled across the air, casting a spell over all of them. Edward frowned suspiciously. He was the only one that didn't fall under the woman's spell because he'd already found his "singer". Carlisle, too, had not succumbed to the spell, but for entirely different reasons. His throat tingled unpleasantly, then began to burn very hot. His body quivered with a newfound energy. The smell was intoxicating very suddenly as his sensitive ears picked out the wet sound of her heartbeat from everyone else's. A smaller second beat sounded behind the first...wait, two heartbeats?

"Carlisle, we have to get out of here," Edward urged him, "she's not human! She knows what we are!"

I don't care...his thoughts hissed lustily, it won't matter soon...

The venom coated his teeth and his entire body tingled. He was vaguely aware of Edward dragging him out of the chair he was sitting in. The others were cheering for the singer. She looked down from her platform stage and gazed at Carlisle. A feral grin lit her face. She licked her lips and made a very subtle biting gesture, indicating that she indeed knew what he was. That small gesture had all but unhinged him and he started pulling away from Edward. Jasper and Emmett, sensing there was trouble, emerged from wherever they had gone. Jasper's usual talent wasn't working today. Carlisle tore free of Edward's grasp and leapt up onto the stage. The audience was obviously surprised, muttering amongst themselves. The burning in his throat was the most intense he had ever felt. Within a fraction of a second, he had pinned her arms to her sides, standing behind her. He felt the gooseflesh rise on her skin as his breath grazed her exposed neck. She laughed as if testing him to see if he would do it. Then, his teeth sank into her skin. The horrified yells of his family were drowned out as the blood rushed to the surface...and it tasted every bit as good as it smelled...

It was over much too quickly. Drained of all that she had, the woman had fallen limp in his arms. He licked the last drops from her fair skin, noticing it had a slight golden sheen to it. Then, he realized that her blood was not red, but golden as well.

The audience was horror struck. The others, his family, ran towards him and pulled him off the stage. They ran so fast that none of the security guards could hope to catch them. With the golden blood sloshing around on his insides, Carlisle felt mentally sick at what he had just done. He knew he would never be able to forgive himself....

Carlisle woke with a start. He wondered how long he had been sitting there and realized it had been about two hours. Now, he was frightened, a feeling he'd rarely felt. It made him nervous.

Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe he'd just been sitting still and zoning out so much that it gave him the illusion of sleep. Maybe he had just been thinking of random things and lost track as his mind wandered. He refused to believe he'd actually been asleep. Deciding he needed something to occupy his time better, he left.

Downstairs, Edward was frozen and so was Alice. Bella was trying to snap them both out of it, but she was unable to. Alice was having a vision and Edward always froze when he panicked.

"Carlisle had a dream," Edward finally said.

"What?!" Bella yelped.

"He...fell asleep, almost like he was under a trance," Edward choked out, "something...someone's after him and it's not good."

"But what would be stupid enough to try to do something with a vampire?" Bella asked.

"Something that's even stronger than one," Edward whispered gravely.

"Alice, what did you see?" Bella asked when Alice was finally looking at her.

"Something I don't recognize," Alice said wearily, "pale skin with a golden sheen, dark eyes, golden hair. Ivory wings with gold tips. She sings. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that she was a Siren."

"But Sirens don't exist, do they?" Edward asked.

Bella sighed. She knew the answer to this one.

"Face it, guys, if vampires and werewolves can exist, why can't Sirens?"