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-KH3 Online HD: Cast of Characters-

In the heart of Midlight City, a new game has emerged, and every gamer is raving about it. It's new. It's fresh. It's massively online. And it's everywhere.

Thousands of KH (Kingdom Hearts ) fans got hooked on their next-gen console to witness the magic on hand.

The title:

Kingdom Hearts III - Online HD.

KH players from all over must create their alternate character-a KH character as they are called-if they are to withstand the pain, take on the challenge, and face the danger that this massive adventure across the many worlds of Kingdom Hearts has in store for them.

Their mission is simple: they must gather up thousands of their fellow KH characters, skilled Keyblade Masters, into an imperishable stalwart army before a new threat seized that chance.

What does that new threat seeks? Simple: their Hearts of Pure Bravery. Like the Hearts of Pure Light they are special. And those carrying such special hearts are able to wield the Keyblade and control the heart of all worlds.

Kingdom Hearts.


The Thirteen Keybearers (Original Characters)::
The main characters are young characters living on the prestigious Midlight City recruited from the KH3 Online HD game as Keybearers to protect their homeland and the magical universe of Kingdom Hearts.

-Rian Rivers/Johnny Thunder (Thunder/Light)
-Talen Brightfire/Blazen (Fire)
-Sierra Stellaserah/Ciel (Water)
-Pierre Brock/Stone (Earth)
-Taylor Mora/Soledad (Fire)
-Violet Kitari/Flora (Wind)
-Axel Joedo/Sharx (?)
-Matt Salazar/Cross (Fire/Wind)
-Kami Tsubasa/Naraku 'Death-Scythe' Shinigami (Death)
-Tenshu Tsubasa/Kage 'Ruin' Rei (Magic)
-Jean-Michel Elincio/Arctic (Ice)
-Denzel/Aegis (?)
-Trayne/Tandem (Speed/Ice)

The Blackheart Dominion (Original Characters)::
The main enemies of the game. They are also known as the Thirteen Keybearers with the attribute of Darkness, hence the Keybearers of Darkness, with a sole goal to capture the main characters' Hearts of Pure Bravery and the Princess of Hearts.

-Maurchel, The Superior (Dark)
-Samshall, The Punisher (Thunder)
-Firias, The Anger (Fire)
-Deimos, The Demeanor (Earth)
-Sage, The Calm (Water)
-Percicle, The Champion (Ice)
-Phantamis, The Illusion (Wind)
-Tidicus, The Charming (Love)
-Ivy, The Poison (Nature)
-Aros, The Mysterious (Twilight)
-Alistare, The Mastermind (Death)
-Nix (Fear)

The Mortal Characters (Original Characters)::
Recurring characters who share a mortal relationship with the main characters.

-Milene Vitali
-The US Secret Service
-Principal Law
-Skyler Vitani
-Trishelle Banks
-Rika Tsubasa
-Noah Tsubasa
-Halee Salazar
-Duke Seven

Kingdom Hearts Characters::
Characters from the Kingdom Hearts series to make their appearances in the fanfic. List subject to change.)

-Donald Duck
-Snow White
-The Seven Dwarves
-The Queen
-Magic Mirror
-Chip and Dale
(New) King Mickey Mouse

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