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-The Escape-


A voice has startled the Blackheart member, who was deep in thought on the failure he had recently at Beast's Castle. He turned around to see Phantamis approaching with a solemn look on his face.


"We got a problem."

"I can explain!"

"No chiz." Phantamis said, "There's been a breach at the Lounge. That Blazen guy escaped!"

"What? What do you mean he escaped?" Tidicus shouted in panic.

"I mean he's gone. Gone like the Wind!" Phantamis argued, "What? You thought I meant he found a magical pink pony and rode outta there up to a rainbow road to candy land?"

"Y'know, sometimes, your words hurt."

"Come on!" Phantamis opened the dark corridor, "We gotta head back to base and help the others find him."

"I'm not going back there!" Tidicus exclaimed, "That Alistare guy is psycho and he doesn't tolerate failure! Look what he did to our leader Maurchel!"

"If you don't come with me now, we'll all be facing failure to his face. We'll deal with that Rian boy later! But now let's move!"

Phantamis grabbed Tidicus by his coat and shoved him into that corridor where he was heard screaming. Phantamis then proceeded down the corridor.

-Dominion's Lounge-

"How can he have escaped?" Firias said, "We took away his powers! ALL OF THEM!"

He and his Dominion fellows, Samshall, Sage, Ivy, Deimos and Percicle, had gathered around the spot where Blazen was held captive. Where the stone wall used to be, was nothing more than a black burnt stain, as if the stone wall got burst into flames.

"Obviously, somebody has been helping him…" Samshall said under his breath.

The dark corridor opened up and shot out Tidicus. Phantamis followed and closed the portal, "Any news?" he asked.

"Not since you left." Samshall added.

" 'bout time you showed up." Deimos angrily spat at Tidicus.

"Obviously, I was forced against my will." Tidicus commented.

"We heard about your failure." Ivy said to Tidicus.

"How did you know?" Tidicus exclaimed.

"We just knew." Sage said, adjusting her glasses.

"And the look on your face says it all." Percicle added.

"Okay, why are we standing around here talking like high school gossipmongers? When there's a fugitive on the loose?" Phantamis said.

"What fugitive?" the voice of Alistare startled the group, especially Tidicus who freaked out.

"Omgosh-Omgosh-omgosh!" he ran up to hide behind Ivy.

"What's going on?" Alistare asked, suddenly feeling the silence among the group, "Are you all plotting behind my back?"

The members shook their heads.

"Why would you even think that, Alistare?" Samshall asked.

"Because the last time there was plotting, somebody betrayed me. Not like I'm not pointing out names or any—!" Alistare stopped talking, his eyes dilated. "WHAT?"

All eyes turned to what he was staring at: the burnt stain! Alistare knows Talen escaped! The members nervously looked at each other.

"Where's the prisoner?" he barked.

"He's been moved." Percicle lied, with a genuine look on his face, "to solitary confinement, remember?" Percicle then revealed to Alistare a floating ball of light and burning fire gracefully hovering above his hand: Talen's Keyblade powers.

"You told us to take care of him once we're done extracting all of his Keyblade Magic from him." He added.

Alistare glared across the members, "Is it true? Cuz he lies… a lot."

Everyone responded with collective nodding and agreement; everyone except Tidicus who suddenly freaked out, "ALL RIGHT FINE!" he yelped, "You busted us! Phantamis called me and informed me that our prisoner was gone and escaped! So we came out here as soon as we could and we noticed that he's been helped by somebody else who breached into our lounge, which explain the burnt stain! And look, I failed you back at Beast's Castle, all right? So please, don't kill me the same way you killed Maurchel! Just PLEEAAAASE!"

All eyes glared angrily at Tidicus. Tidicus gulped, "Oops…"

"WHHAAAAT?" Alistare barked, before facing Percicle, "You LIED to me! You AAALLL lied to me!"

"They don't call me deceptive for nothing." Percicle mumbled as if he didn't care.

"What are you standing around here for? Find this Keyblade freak! NOW!" he roared.

The members dispersed. Alistare grabbed Tidicus by his arm and glowered, "And you…we're gonna have a serious talk about this once this is over."


The Blackheart members were moving around the lounge like ants… to the eyes of a mysterious Keyblade knight who was watching from above. The knight had a suit of armor of ruby and charcoal blend color. His helmet was pointy on top, like Blazen's pointy head, and he donned a black cape. He carried on his arms an unconscious Talen.

Hmph! Pathetic fools. He mumbled through his mask.

"Ngh…" Talen was waking up, catching the mysterious Keyblade Knight's attention. "Uh… what's going on… huh? Whoaa!"

Quiet. The knight covered Talen's mouth with his hands.

"What?" The dominion members looked up right on cue for the Keyblade Knight to vanish into thin air.

"I saw something!" screamed Ivy.

"Then move out!" Samshall ordered and they all took off again.


Keyblade Graveyard

Rian, in his knight form, shot out from the sky and landed his Motorbike touchdown on the deserted soil of Keyblade Graveyard. He got off the bike and snapped a finger. The bike vanished in light. His armor vanished, reverted him back to his regular form, as he was walking further down the desert.

He looked around, "Now, I could have sworn I heard someone crying for help in my vision." he thought, "Oh god… I hope he didn't—!"

He banished that bad thought from his mind, "No man, focus!" he said to himself, "He didn't." he sighed heavily, knowing that time was running out, "Okay…"

"HELLOOOOOOO!" He let out a big shout. An echo followed, ripping through the deserted gloomy place.

No answer.

"YOOOO! Can you hear me out here?"

Still no answer.

He sighed, "Guess I'm gonna have to find him."

And so Rian ventured down the deserted plains until he reached the fissure down to the graveyard, where lo and behold, he saw thousands of Keyblade. Their blades were planted to the ground, looking all worn out and battered up. Just staring at these blades, bought chills down his spine.

"…whoa." His voice quivered, "…this is way different than what I saw in the game." He then faced forward, trying to sound bold, "…all right, I'm still going…"

A couple more steps forward and his Keyblade suddenly came to him. "Huh?"

The Keyblade floated off from his grasp at will and pointed a thin long beam of light, revealing him a new direction. Rian took off running toward that direction. He kept on running and running down the fields of Keyblade, until he reached a bright portal of light.

Before Rian knew it, he found himself in a freaky secluded crypt. The walls were cold, there were no light… but they weren't the one thing that caught Rian's eyes at that moment. It was a silver-marbled sarcophagus, with a Keyblade—an actual Keyblade—engraved on it. The Keyblade looked very much different than all the others for there were some drawings on that Keyblade too; like the kind of drawings you could find in the cover of a magical book.

Rian got even more nervous. He cautiously approached the tomb. He didn't even notice that by the time he was in here, that his Keyblade was gone.

Another flash of light emitted from behind him alerted him again that his Keyblade hasn't left him this whole time, but was floating behind him. The Keyblade willingly reached the tomb and laid itself to rest right on the tomb's Keyblade engraving. The sarcophagus suddenly got enveloped in a bright glow, completely blinding the entire crypt.

Light once again vanished, and the sarcophagus' lid was gone. So was Rian's Keyblade. Rian cautiously approached the opened tomb and slowly peeked inside. He saw a violet-haired young man, lifeless, as if he was laid to rest here. He wore pair of crescent-shaped specs, a black suit with a black tie and pants, and over his suit wore a black trench coat with white fur trim on the coat's collar.

"What the…?"

The young man's eyelids flew open, revealing his bright yellow-colored eyes through his specs. Rian jumped, spooked at his sudden awakening.

He summoned his Keyblade and cautiously pointed at him. "Who are you?" Rian's voice rose up.

The young man, without saying a word, lifted his back up, sitting down. His eyes, dull as a lifeless body briefly stared into space before staring into Rian who was still pointing his weapon.

"Look man, if you're one of them Blackhearts—!"

"You…" the young man spoke, "…you saved me…"


"You… came to save me… did you…?"

Rian stammered, "…uhh… w-well… I…?" his Keyblade vanished, "…I just…?"

The young man slowly stood up; his eyes were still looking dull and unemotional, much to Rian's dismay. He got off the sarcophagus, slowly crept past him and stopped, two feet away.

"Who are you?" Rian asked.

The young man slowly turned around to face him. And then as if without warning, his Keyblade came to him. It looked exactly like the one in the engraving.

"…Keyblade…" Rian gasped.

"…You asked for my name? I do not know." The young man said, "…all I know is that I was locked in here… laid to perish…"

"…wait, you're the one I heard in my vision… right?" Rian said, "…wait, if you don't know who you are then… I guess I have a pretty good idea of who you might be?"

"Do you know something?" mumbled the young man.

Rian was about to respond when a loud crash rocked the entire chamber. BOOOM! RATARATARATA! The whole place began to shake violently. Debris were falling and the earth began to split. Rian looked around for a way out. He finally found it: a bright light!

"Come on!" Rian grabbed the young man's arm and together they ran out of the crypt.

The moment he was out, he saw a thousand heartless, cornering him and the young man.

"STAY BACK!" Rian pointed his Keyblade at the creatures. The creatures wiggled backwards, as if they were preparing to attack or ready to retreat. Rian tossed his Keyblade into the air, and it transformed into his Motorbike. Once again, he was back in his knight form. He jumped onto the bike along with the young man on the back seat, and revved up the bike. He mad-dashed through the thousand heartless, defeating them by colossal numbers with Air Gyre and Charge attacks. Finally he and the young man escaped, vanishing from the graveyard into the sky.

-Mysterious Tower-


Mickey heard Master Yen Sid calling. The alerted mouse quickly reached him to his chamber where he found him staring out the window.

"Master Yen Sid." Mickey said, "What is it? Is something the matter?"

"We have finally found him." Yen Sid responded before facing King Mickey, "our Keyblade Champion."

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