Title; Forbidden Love; Ch 7

Author; DreamInfinity0

Author Note; Spoilers for Episode Prophecy Girl.

Rating; R

Characters; Buffy/Angel, Willow/Xander, Giles, Joyce, Cordelia

Disclaimer; All characters belongs to Joss Whedon

Don't say I'm out of touch

With this rampant chaos, your reality

I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge

The nightmare I built my own world to escape


Buffy sat up in an unknown bed, her green eyes looking around the dark room.

"Where am I?" Buffy whispered in the quiet dark room as she looked down at her legs, noticing she was wearing her night grown. She pulled the sheets that covered her body away wondering where she was. Buffy dangled her legs over the bed as her feet touched the thick rug that covered the floor. She stood up and she knew positively that this wasn't her room. It looked like…….Angel's house but why would she be here. She doesn't remember coming over.

Swallowing her alarm, the young Slayer stood up, taking her first steps in the dark room. Reaching out with her hands she felt herself around the room, hoping to find something to guide her so that she would not trip and fall. Suddenly, she bummed into someone or something as she hurried back, lost in the darkness.


A small voice but familiar caught her intentions. She moved forward as the light came on.

"Angel. How………did I get here?"

"You came here. Don't you remember?" He replied moving forward as he gently caressed her face?

Buffy stared at him noticing she missed him terribly too. Although in the back of her mind she still wanted answers to whom this Darla was and why he didn't tell her about having a dad. Other than that she still had no idea how she came here.

"Angel we need to talk?"

Angel smiled and picked her up in his arms. He ignored her protest and moved her back to the bedroom.

"Angel put me down." She scolded as he walked back in the room she came from and set her down on the bed.

"Angel we need"……….

"No." he whispered in her ear. "No talk, just feel." His mouth was suddenly on hers in a passionate kiss. His arms wrapped around her as pulled her closer to his chest. Her body was flushed against his, and she had to bite her lip from the moan escaping her mouth.


"I can't stay away from you any longer." Angel replied harshly as Buffy noticed the lust burning in his eyes.

She stared into his deep brown eyes and his pale face wandering just for a moment if she was the prey. Because seeing him like this was different. He was certainly not acting like himself. His magnificent and beautiful face was the same, but she could tell by the expression on his face that something was different. Maybe it was the way he was smiling at her, or maybe it was the look in his eyes. The eyes that reminded her of her sweet Angel but then there was that darkness in his eyes that made her think otherwise. Maybe she was imagining things.

Buffy stared at him again and pushed the thought aside as his face leaned forward and kissed her once more.

Buffy kept her hand on his shoulder as he laid her on the bed. He smiled down at her and started trailing kisses to her neck.

In this very moment everything felt so perfect. His body pressed against hers, her body pressed against his. It felt like. She would explode of anticipation.

However, she wondered also if this was wrong. Was it wrong to be having feelings for this man? Was it wrong to be dating a hot older guy when she was still sixteen? She thought about for a moment when she felt Angel hands slid under her shirt, and then it blew her mind.

To hell with it, she thought. She was done thinking. She wanted a piece of him just as bad as he did, and she certainly didn't care if it was wrong. She just wanted this moment of him in her arms forever.

Angel pulled her forward gently sliding her pajama shirt down her back. His hands then caressed her back then cupped her perfect size breast in the palm of his hands.

"Angel", she moaned as he was leaning above her in his magnificent body. She stares at him noticing his clothes are gone and in one swift tear her clothes were gone.

Buffy took a breath as he released her lips.

She will ask later about him buying her some new clothes but for now she just pulled him closer and ran her hands down his back then to the rim of his buttock. She heard a moan or more like a growl that she never heard before. Ignoring it. She pulled him closer when she felt the tip of his shaft rubbing against her stomach.

She stared back up at him embarrassed, wondering if she really wanted to go thought this seeing how big he really was.

His hands go to her face reassuring her. "It's ok Buffy" he said with a smirk. "Just lay there and feel while the heat flows through your body until you can't take anymore."

Buffy gasps as he wraps her legs around his waist. Angel moved forward as his shaft rubbed against her entrance making her moan in delight. His mouth trailing kisses down her neck as it latched on a nipple.

Buffy throw her head back panting heavily.

"Angel please?"

"Please, what lover? He whispered"

"I need"…..

Angel smiled as he once again pushed half way and pulled out. He moved in and out again as her body shuddered. Buffy was unable to think. Her head was swimming and her body was shaking uncontrollably. She didn't know what was happening to her, but she knew the sensation that she experienced was nothing she ever felt before.

"Angel." She screamed.

Angel pressed a kiss to her lips. Her hands gasped his back as her body pressed against his. They passionately kiss again as he pulled her forward again and slid into her. She bit her lip holding back the scream as she opened her eyes.

"Oh my……… Angel harder."

He pulled her closer again as she heard a growl come from him and this time she wasn't hearing things.

She slowly opened up her eyes and stared up at him. "Angel"

Angel smirked and stared down at her. "I'm not Angel; I'm your worst nightmare."

Before Buffy could fully see his face morph, he growled and dived forward, sinking his fangs into the tender skin on her neck. Buffy screamed in pain as that was the last thing she remembered as she blacked out.


Buffy let out a small scream as she quickly wakes up. She opens up her eyes and stares at her friends that stare down at her with worry.

"Willow, Xander?" I was sleeping?" Buffy asked wiping her tired eyes.

"Well yes……….I don't' think I would be here, if it wasn't' a dream……well maybe." Xander joked.

Willow smacked him on the arm as she sat down by Buffy. "Oww. "Xander replied staring at her.

"What? I wasn't talking in my sleep was I? Did I say something because if I did, it wasn't real…….it was"

Xander snickered and sat down by Buffy. "Well if you mean moaning Angel's name in the library. I would call that daydreaming about a really naughty thing except for the screaming part."

Buffy covered her face in embarrassment. "Oh god"….

Willow gave Xander a stern look and stared at her friend. "No one heard you. Buffy it was just me and Xander."

"Ah huh", Buffy replied trying to ignore the fact she was moaning Angel's name in the library. She really needed to get a good night sleep. Well, that's if she can sleep with the dream she just had. She didn't know what it met, but she was positive that the dream was ridiculous. Angel was no vampire, why was she dreaming this? Shaking her head she remembered about the girl named Darla from the university, and what she said. She was getting really tempted about going to this address to find out the truth about Angel. She wanted answers and she wasn't waiting.

"So what were you doing in that dream of yours and what was the screaming all about?" Xander asked.

"Um nothing, it was just a really bad nightmare." Buffy replied as she certainly wasn't going to tell her friends. she was having hot sex with Angel. It was certainly hot but she was surprised when he morph into a vampire and bite her. That was something she would certainly not tell anyone either.

Willow quickly interrupted curious about her friends dream but decided not to push it. She seemed upset about it. "So are you hanging out at the bronze tonight?"

"Um, I don't know……. Maybe." Buffy replied.

"You never turn down to go to the bronze Buf, what's wrong?" Xander said.


"Ah huh I know that look you're worried about something aren't' you. Hope it's not stalker guy."

Willow slapped his arm and smiled back at Buffy.

"Come on Buffy, it will be fun. We can hang out and do something totally off the wall. Like something dangerous, well not too dangerous." Willow replied.

Xander smirked and stared at her. "Ya we can go to the cemetery and see what vampire will attack us first." Xander said sarcastically as he noticed the looks Buffy and Willow gave him. "What, it was a joke. Ha ha."

Buffy smiled and ignored the Xander's humor. He seems to always make the wise crack and the laughs.

Buffy stood up when she suddenly got that tingeing feeling in her stomach.

Buffy leaned over and seen Giles talking to someone in his office.


"Ho korias phanaytie toutay... tay nuktee.'The Master shall rise...' Yes, yes, this is it! 'The Master shall rise, and the Slayer... My God!" Giles said.

"What does it say?" A familiar voice spoke. Buffy picked in the room and seen Angel standing by Giles.

What is Angel doing here, she wandered?

Giles hands the book to Angel and reads what it says. "No this can't be, this must be wrong." Angel says dropping the book on the desk, horrified by what he read.

"I've checked it against all my other volumes. It's very real." Giles says.

"Well, there's must be some way around it. I will not let this happen to her." Angel replied. "I……can't."

"Some prophecies are, are a bit dodgy. They're, they're Mutable. Buffy herself has, has thwarted them time and time again, but this is the Codex. There is nothing in it that does not come to pass."

"Then you're reading it wrong." Angel said harshly. Knowing far well he would do anything in his power to stop this from happening.

"I wish to God, I were! However, it's very plain Angel. If she meet's and faces the master then she dies. You cannot let her; we have to prevent her from finding him."

Buffy heart almost jumped out of her chest when Giles said that.

She was going to die. She can't die, she was the slayer. She was too young; she didn't even get a normal life or go to her first date or prom.

"No." Angel said. "Not if I go there first and stop him."

Giles stares at him in shock wondering if he was wearing to risk his life for the slayer and by the looks of it. He does. He seems like he was really in love with Buffy."

"Angel you are only human. You will surely die." Giles said.

"Then if I do, then Buffy will fight like she was met to. Even so, if I have the smallest chance of stopping him then I am willing to do it for her." Angel replied knowing well enough he could take the master knowing he was a vampire. But Giles didn't need no that.

Buffy was still listening and she certainly had enough of listening to Angel about how he was going to save her once again. She hated when he did that and she certainly hated it now that he was trying to help her. But she knew he couldn't. He was only human or so that is what she hopes. But either way she was not going to let him pay the price for it. She was the slayer and she had a job to do.

Buffy quickly walked out of the room as Willow and Xander stopped her after hearing the conversation.

Buffy stared at them; her eyes beginning to water as tons of thoughts went thought her head. Of how she was going to save everyone if she couldn't face the master. How she was going to save Angel. Her eyes began to tear of how painful her death would be.

"Buffy I know what you're thinking, but you can't face the master. Please." Xander begged.

"We don't even know if that prophecy is true, so there is no reason to panic." Willow stated knowing well enough she was panicking for her friend's safety.

"I don't want to die. I don't want my friends to die, and I don't want Angel to die."

"Buffy you're not going die. Don't say that Buffy." Willow stated trying to move forward but Buffy backed away.

Buffy stared at them knowing they were trying to stop her, but she couldn't. She had to get away, anywhere but here.

"Tell Giles he was a good watcher and that I'll miss him and"………

No, don't say that Buffy. Xander replied as he quickly moved forward and reached for Buffy.

Xander reached for her and grabbed her arm. "Buffy please don't go. You're our friend and I don't want to lose you." Xander replied still holding her arm.

I know…………I don't either. She replied as her fist suddenly hit his face knocking him out. Willow quickly ran to him and caught him before his head hit the floor.

"I'm sorry." Buffy replied as she ran out ignoring Willow's pleas. Furthermore, she wondered at that moment if this would be the last time she would see her friends or Angel ever again.



Darla smiled as she hummed making herself to the main court of the cavern.

"Darla, back so soon." The master replied.

Yes. It wasn't that hard to persuade the innocent slayer. She's still naïve and young. Which is the best way to catch a pray is when their young and stupid?

I see I taught you well. The master smirked.

Darla smiled back.

However, how do you know if she'll take the bait?

I have my suspicion and besides. I think she'll be here sooner than you think.

The master gleamed and stared at her.

True, after all tomorrow is the harvest when all terror will rain down on earth, and I will kill the slayer once and for all.

How do you know you will kill her, Darla asked? How do you know if she won't kill you?

The master smirked and stared at her. Do you not think I could defeat her? He asked irritated?

No, I wanted to hear your answer.

Because Darla it is written. Once it is written there is no changing the upcoming.

The outcome is what it is. Life moves on.

That is how the world works. Birth than life.............. Than death.

………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………


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