Suspicious Minds and Cheating Hearts.

By. Kennedy's Friday Night Delight

A/N: This idea came into my head after I listened to Suspicious Minds by Waylon Jennings and Jessie Coulter. This is the prequel to Got To Go My Own Way. With that being said I only own Ashton Cage.

Christian Cage sighed as he shut the door to his guest bedroom, his baby sister was sound asleep for now in there. It had been a hell of a day for both of them. He shouldn't have let her go the knock out's locker room. There was a whole lot of should of could of would haves that was racing though his mind. Never in his life had been so pissed off to the point where he would actually want to hit a woman. If it wouldn't have been for Rhino he would have throttled Chris Sabin for what he did to his sister.

The younger sister of the instant classic had better days. The whole day started good enough she had went and got a manicure and pedicure with her sister in law. Then she and Christian went down to Orlando for the show. She should have stayed in the locker room with her best friends but no she just had to go see ODB and Christy Hemme her two female best friends. Ashton rolled over tangling the sheets and blankets between her legs. Her face tear streaked, her eyes were puffy, tears still welled up behind her closed eyes waiting to come down once she woke up.

Chris Sabin was an idiot. He just fucked up big time, he was alone in his hotel room. No one was talking to him. Even his best friend and fellow Motorcity Machine Gun Alex Shelley wasn't talking to him. "Of course not, I fucked his other best friend over. I am an idiot." Chris thought before banging his against the headboard. He gave up the best thing that could have happened in his life. Ashton Cage, the shorter better look Cage sibling. They had been together for almost three years, they started dating shortly after she joined TNA and Team Canada. Stupid Taylor Wilde and her easy ways.

Taylor Wilde on the other hand couldn't believe her luck, not only did she success in breaking up one of the longest running couples back stage but she might have gotten her wish Ashton Cage might be out of TNA for good. She overheard Petey Williams and Eric Young talking to Robert Roode about what happened. Eric had said he didn't know if Ashton would ever come back. Taylor did a celebration Yay Me dance followed by a couple of drinks with the beautiful people. Oh yeah life was sweet for the upset queen right now.

Eric Young, Robert Roode, Petey Williams and Alex Shelley were standing the parking lot leaning against their cars. "I think I am going to drive up and see her tomorrow." Eric said. "I will go with you." Petey stated, he was just as close to Ashton as Eric was. "You in Bobby?" Eric asked looking at their fellow Team Canada member. "Yeah. I am in, it will stop me from killing Sabin." Robert agreed. "How about you Shelley?" "Probably. I don't know if she would want to see me." Alex answered. "Of course she would. Unless you had something to do with this." Robert said. "I had nothing to do with it." Alex stated. "Okay. I will call Christian and let him know we are coming up." Eric said.

A/N: This is just the first part, I will have the second part of it up when I get home from work. It will get down to the nitty gritty parts of the cheating and break up in the next couple of chatpers.