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Lock Down

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Chapter 1:

Who turned out the lights?

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Bella POV

I walked out of the gym changing rooms and towards the library. The weekend had finally arrived - for some people. I, however, have to stay behind and do my very long and overdue English essay.

"Bella!" I turned around and saw Angela coming towards me. "Aren't you coming?" She motioned to the doors leading to the parking lot. I shook my head.

"I can't. I have to do that English essay that I've been procrastinating about for so long. I still don't know what I'm doing with it."

Angela smiled encouragingly. "You'll come up with something. You always do. Anyway, I've got to run, so I'll see you Monday."

"I hope so. See you Monday."

I arrived at the library and set all of my things down at my favorite table at the back. I looked around and noticed that I was the only person in here. At least I'd have complete peace and quiet to try and do the essay. I gathered a number of books on different topics that I liked, and got to work.

A good few hours later, I smiled happily at the essay I'd managed to produce. It probably wasn't the best work I'd done, but it'd have to do. I looked at my watch. Oh. My. God. How on Earth did it get to 7.30 pm? Just as I contemplated on where the time went, the lights went out. Perfect.

Alice POV

"Hi, Miss!" I waved to Miss Kenyon, my all time favorite teacher, as I entered the Art studio. She was young, and tall, with long, straight red hair and was an amazing artist.

"Hello, Alice. Is everything okay?"

It was, except for the weird feeling that something was going to happen tonight – but I wasn't going to say that. "Yeah. I just wanted to work on my project."

"Sure. I'll be heading out soon, though. I have a meeting," she pulled a face. "Be sure to tidy up after yourself, won't you?"

I laughed lightly. "I will."

I skipped over to my mannequin and my currently unfinished dress. My design was simple, but the making part was more complicated. It was going to be a black floor-length, spaghetti-strapped dress with a white panel in the skirt and a delicate white flower pattern. Hidden in the bodice was going to be a tight black corset to give more 'umph' to the wearer.

I pulled out all of my fabric, thread, patterns, tape measure, and everything else out of the bag that I'd bought especially for my textiles class, and began measuring.

An hour later, Miss Kenyon came over to me.

"Wow, Alice. This is really good! Be careful with that seam there, it looks a little fragile. Anyway, I need to go now, so clear up when you're done. Don't stay too long – you don't want to get locked in!" She grinned, and I giggled.

"Okay. Bye, Miss."

"Bye, Alice." She left, and I picked up my fabric scissors; quickly becoming absorbed in my design again.

A little while later, I took a peek at the clock. 7.20 pm. Oops, I had totally lost track of time. I wasn't worried, though. It wasn't that late. I made my way over to the sewing machine and loaded up the right tread and setting. I slipped my fabric under the needle and smiled as the loud roaring of the old machine filled the room. Then, the lights went out, encasing me in darkness. I gasped; so much for plenty of time.

Rosalie POV

"See you, Rosie!" my friends giggled.

"Bye!" I waved. "Bitches," I muttered under my breath. Ugh, I hated the name Rosie. It's too girly. I can't believe I hang out with those bimbos. I only ever started hanging out with them because everyone else stereotyped me. Just because I was tall, blonde, with blue eyes and had a 'models figure', they thought I should be friends with the plastic, giggling dumbos. But I was nothing like them. For one, I had a brain; two, I wasn't too fussed about clothes or makeup; and three, my secret passion was cars, not Kellan Lutz.

Every Wednesday and Friday, I stayed behind after school and went to the Engineering Technology room and worked on the cars. Only my parents and my teacher knew about it. I didn't want everyone else knowing. Attention at this school somehow always lead to trouble. I could get myself into trouble quite easily without anyone else's help.

I got to the room (it looked more like a garage) and pulled on some overalls. My teacher, Mr. Thompson, was already under the hood of a banged up Renault Clio. There were two others: a Fiat Punto, and a Ford Fiesta. We were seriously in need of some newer, better cars.

"Hello, Mr. Thompson. What am I doing today?" I asked from beside him. He jumped and hit his head on the bonnet. Oops.

"Rosalie, please stop sneaking up on me," he pleaded as he rubbed his balding head. Bless him.


He sighed. "I'm going to let you construct an engine from scratch as you know all of the parts and what they do, etc. Everything is one the bench over there, so get started. I have to go, so I'll look at it next lesson, yes?"

"Okay." I went to the bench, and began sorting through all of the oily parts. I smiled. I so loved doing this.

I was just attaching the last engine part, when the garage/classroom was plunged into darkness. I screamed. Something else I didn't like people to know: I was afraid of the dark, and the garage had no windows. Stupid architect. And stupid me for not checking the time. No good can come from this.

Edward POV

I knocked on the Music room door and peered round.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked my teacher, Mrs. Weston. She was standing in the centre of the room with a small group of people.

"Yes, Edward. Please come in. I would like you to meet some friends of mine. They own a large music company in Seattle and are very interested in hearing you play one of you own compositions on the piano." She gave me a meaningful look. Translated: Get On That Damn Piano And Play Like You've Never Played Before. I sighed and plastered a fake smile on my face.

"Of course." I walked stiffly over to my piano. This was one of the things I hated about Mrs. Weston. She was forever making me play in front of music companies so she could get more music equipment in exchange for me playing for them to promote their companies. I used to love playing the piano, but now it was quickly becoming a burden.

I sat on the piano stool and stretched my fingers over the keys. I thought for a moment, before launching into my mothers favorite piece, which was also the first one that I'd ever composed, and happened to have been inspired by her. It was sweet and delicate, and I so easily forgot about any audience when I played this one. I closed my eyes and let the song guide my memories of my childhood.

After a long few minutes, I allowed the last notes to linger in the air. I turned to look up at Mrs. Weston and her 'friends'. Mrs. Weston looked overjoyed and fit to burst, and the others either looked awestruck, or completely surprised.

Mrs. Weston began babbling 90 miles an hour while ushering them out the door, forgetting about me, so I decided to remind her.

"Mrs. Weston? Can I stay here for a bit?" She looked back at me and nodded hurriedly.

"Yes, just don't touch anything." Translation: Do Not Get Your Grubby Mitts On Anything Or You Will Die. She's such a lovely woman. I faced my piano again, and began on a new composition.

I'd just got halfway through it when the lights flickered, and completely went out. I frowned. I walked over to the light switch and pressed it on and off a couple of times. Nothing happened. I went next door and also found the lights off, with the switch also not working. Uh oh…

Jasper POV

Why did I have to agree to tutor again? It's not like last time went well. Well, I guess it helps that this time I'm not tutoring a girl. That was just scary. And they happen to know bit more History than she did. That counts for something. I made my way slowly to the history room. There were two main reasons why I chose a classroom to tutor. One, there were more resources to use. Two, it should be safer than a bedroom. Way safer. I shuddered.

I opened the door and found Tyler already there with a load of textbooks around him. At least he actually wants to learn.

"Hello, Tyler," I said.

He turned. "Hi, Jasper. Thanks again for helping me."

"No problem." As long as our clothes get to stay securely on. "Which period is it that you need help on?"

"The Civil War."

Perfect - definitely my strength in History. "Sure. Now the civil war…"

I taught him for a good few hours. It was about 7 pm when he finally knew most of what he wanted to know about.

"We'd better call it a night. It wouldn't be good if we got locked in," I smirked. Yeah, like that would happen.

"Alright. Do you want me to help put all this back?" Tyler gestured to the mass of papers and textbooks scattered on every table. Ah.

"Nah, s'okay. I don't mind." I seriously didn't. And there was something in one of these books that I'd noticed and hadn't read before, but I didn't want someone prying over my shoulder.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. See you, Tyler." A nice not-so-subtle hint that I just laid out there.

"S'laters." He waved and jogged out. Yes, he's gone!

The only door open at this time would be at the main entrance at the front desk, so I probably had better hurry up. That was when I found the right book. I sat on a table and started reading. And didn't stop. That is, until the lights suddenly went out half an hour later. Crap. And I still had all of the stuff to put away. Not to mention I'd have to do it in semi-darkness. Wait…

Why did the lights go out?

Emmett POV

I raced into the changing rooms and dressed quickly into my basketball shirt and long shorts. They were black, orange and white with a number 9 and my surname on the back. I ran out and into the gym for practice. The rest of the team was already there warming up with Coach.

"Sorry I'm late, Coach!" I yelled as I joined them in running laps.

"Don't do it again, McCarty!" he yelled back. After a few more minutes, he blew his whistle.

"We're going straight into a game. Split up into two groups and get in position."

We played none stop for an hour without a break – fifteen minutes over the usual. My team was winning 3-2. I scored 2 baskets with my infamous lay-up shot. We took a quick 15 minute break and went straight back into another game with different players teamed up.

Another hour and a half went by quickly with games and several drills and exercises. We were all incredibly sweaty at the end of it. But for some reason, I didn't feel like I'd performed my best, which is why I stayed behind when the others showered in the changing rooms, and practiced my ass off.

I was sure my muscles were growing bigger. Maybe I could find a ruler or something.

I did another lay-up, then a jump shot, a tricky circus shot, and my personal favorite, a slam dunk. I looked up at the clock on the gym wall (Pretty stupid, if you ask me. It'd be so easy to break it with a bad throw) and it read a quarter past seven. Better hit the showers. I left the ball outside the changing rooms; I'd deal with it later, grabbed my towel and went over to the showers.

I smirked seeing the amount of 'cubicles' with no curtains. People didn't seem to appreciate that I'd done them a favor! No shower curtain was better than a moldy, old see-through one. Besides, it was kinda funny to see their faces when I took the curtain away when they were using it. It was totally MasterCard. (AN: MasterCard = priceless)

I turned the water on and stepped under the weak faucet. A few minutes later, I finished and went to grab my towel, when the lights went out. I could not see a thing. At all. Damn. How was I supposed to get dressed? I am so not going to streak – this is probably some sort of revenge. I felt around and amazingly found my towel where it should be – these so-called pranksters needed some lessons. Oh, I know, I bet my clothes aren't there – not that I'd be able to see them if they were. Maybe they weren't so dumb.

I stumbled out and walked into a wall. Ow. Rubbing my forehead with one hand, I kept my other one on the wall to give me some sort of direction. Eventually, I found the light switch…and it didn't work. I peeked my head out of the door to find that there were no lights on anywhere. Uh oh.

My eyes had sort-of adjusted to the sudden change of light, so I found my gym bag and sifted through it. Huh, all of my clothes were still here. Like I said; worst pranksters ever. I grabbed my boxers and my joggers and yanked them on. I didn't bother with a shirt; no one else would be here at this time (other than Tweedledumb and his accomplices), and I didn't have enough patience for getting my head stuck in an arm hole. I shoved my trainers quickly on my feet and ran out of the changing rooms. And then I saw the basketball. I smiled evilly – firing ammo. I tucked it under my arm, and ran down the corridor.

A moving shadow caught my eye. I hid behind a corner, and made my hands into a gun – with difficulty. I peered round, and saw someone – a dude by the looks of it – and took aim…and…fired!

"AARRRGGHH!" he yelled. YES! Direct hit! I sauntered over, only to see Edward my best mate, sat on the floor, cradling a bloody nose. Okay, that was unexpected.

"Emmett! What was that for?" he shouted.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, avoiding his question – slightly embarrassing answer.

"I was up in music when the lights went out so I came down here to see what had happened. And don't ignore my question, why did you throw a ball at me?"

"Well, I was in the shower after practice, and the lights went out, and I walked into a wall, and the pranksters left my towel and my clothes – which is totally stupid, and the corridor lights were out, and I put my pants on, and I threw a basketball at you."

Edward looked at me like I was mental. No change there, then.

"Pranksters? Use your head, Emmett! Look around you, its 7.30 on a Friday night, and all the lights around the school are out. What does that mean?"

"That the pranksters don't have a date tonight?" Edward rolled his eyes.

"Emmett. There are no pranksters. The school has been locked up for the weekend. Comprende?" Wait. So, we're locked in? And there were no pranksters? Now who's the stupid one.

"Oh. So, what do we do?"

"I was going to go the front office to see if anyone was still there. I don't have my cell phone, so I was relying on there being someone."

My eyes widened. "I don't have my cell either. What if there's no one there?"

He shrugged. "I don't know."

So off we went to the office, making a detour to the loos to get some tissue for Edward's nose. Ha.

Bella POV

I quickly gathered my own books and my essay and put them in my bag, and shoved all of the library books on a random shelf. I walked out quickly and ran down the staircase and through a classroom, becoming increasingly scared by the looming shadows, the approaching darkness, and the deafening silence. I turned a corner and found myself in the main corridor.

My pace picked up as my heart rate became louder and quicker. I stopped watching my feet and concentrated on where I was going, which was when I tripped over something round. And bouncy. I came into contact with the floor, and the ball slowly rolled passed my head like one of those tumbleweeds. How cliché.

I picked myself up and walked into the office to find that I wasn't alone in the school after all. Alice, a girl I sat next to in Spanish, was there talking animatedly to a tall, blonde girl, who I was sure was called Rosalie. She was friends with all of the blonde airheads. Don't judge a book by its cover, I thought, mentally shouting at myself for already stereotyping her when I didn't know her.

"Hey, Alice," I called. She jumped, and turned around.

"Bella!" she screeched. "What are you doing here?" She ran over and gave me a hug, while Rosalie looked at me. I smiled timidly. There was something intimidating about her, but she smiled back.

"Um, well, I was in the library doing my English essay when the lights went out. You?"

"I was up in the art studio working on my dress design project. Bella, this is my new friend, Rosalie Hale. Rosalie, this is Isabella Swan, preferable known as Bella. We have Spanish together. It definitely helps to pass the time," she grinned.

"Hello, Bella." Rosalie said, politely.

"Hello, Rosalie. So, why are you stuck in here?" I asked, trying to make conversation. Rosalie looked a little…nervous? Hesitant? - About answering my question. But she was saved by some loud voices coming from the boys toilets just inside the main corridor.

I looked at Alice and Rosalie confused, but they seemed just as puzzled.

"…already said I'm sorry!" boomed a deep male voice.

"That won't make my nose any straighter!" another – angry – male voice said.

"Yeah, well, who's gonna notice?"


"What's the big deal? Girls won't like you any less."

"I don't care about the girls! My straight nose was my best feature! Its now a bit crooked." He sounded dejected.

"I swear you're gay, dude. You just said that you cared more about your nose than about girls. How long do you spend in front of the mirror every morning, princess?" He laughed.

"Emmett! I am not gay!"

"Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, angel face." He laughed even harder.

"You know it's bad when you laugh at your own jokes."

"I'm not laughing at my jokes; I'm laughing at you, peaches!"

The door opened to reveal a tall, lean but slightly muscular guy with disheveled bronze hair and very distinctive green eyes, who was also known as Edward, my Biology lab partner, and apparently sported a new, crooked nose. He was with another very tall, very muscular (this was quite clear as he was wearing no shirt!) guy, with dark curly hair and dimples, who must be Emmett – also recognized to be on the schools basketball team.

Alice, Rosalie, and I were staring, open-mouthed, at the two new-comers. This was so totally unexpected. Edward and Emmett were walking towards us, but had yet to notice the three plainly stupefied girls. I looked at Rosalie and saw her staring unabashed at Emmett's chest, and mouthing a continuous stream of Oh My God's. Alice also looked impressed by Emmett's physique, however, I think she was more surprised that we weren't alone. I was more content at looking at Edward. I'd had a major crush on him ever since my first day here when I was told to sit next to him in Biology. I decided it was time to intervene, so, I coughed.

Their heads snapped in our direction. Emmett grinned, but Edward looked mortified.

"Hey, there, princess," Alice laughed. I could have sworn I saw Edward blush, even in this dim light. Alice and Edward's parents were friends, and so were they.

"Um, hi, Alice. What are you doing here?" he asked quickly.

"I was in the Art studio doing my project, Bella was doing an essay in the library, and Rose was in the garage when the lights went out." Garage? "What about you and Emmett?" she asked.

"He stayed behind doing extra basketball practice, and I was kept behind by my music teacher, and got distracted with the piano."

"Hello?" I heard someone call. "Is someone there?"

I jumped next to Alice, as did Rosalie. Edward frowned, and Emmett walked forward.

"Yeah. Who is it?" he shouted back, just as a shadow appeared, closely followed by a body.

I squinted my eyes to try and see who it was.

"I go by the name of Jasper," he said, clearly amused.

"Hey Jasper!" Rose shouted.

"Rose? What are you doing here?" Jasper came properly into view, appearing to be completely stunned to see a crowd of five huddled by the office, all apparently stuck in school. He was tall and muscular – more than Edward, but less than Emmett – with blond hair, and blue-grey eyes and a slight southern accent.

"I was in the garage and lost track of time," she mumbled.


"I'll explain later. I've had that look more than once. So why are you here?"

"I was tutoring Tyler and was clearing up when the lights went out. I hate to ask a stupid question, but are we locked in?" He looked at Rose, who sighed.

"Unfortunately, yeah. The front entrance is the only one open after six on a Friday. I was trying to open the door when Alice found me. Do you know everyone?"

Jasper POV

I turned to the rest of them. "Some. I know Edward and Emmett from my classes, but I don't know the two girls, I don't think. Sorry," I looked apologetically at them. The taller of the two smiled. She had long, wavy brown hair, and deep brown eyes, and plump red lips. The other was incredibly small and pixie-like, with spiky black hair, and light hazel eyes. She also seemed quite energetic, and was absolutely gorgeous. The other was really pretty too, but she seemed too shy.

"Don't worry. I'm Alice, and this is Bella." Alice said, grinning. I grinned back, and introduced myself properly.

They all each explained how they came to be locked in the school, when I realized something.

"Um, I have a question." Everyone looked at me. "We've established that we're locked in the school, but has anyone considered how are we going to get out?"

A/N: First chapter finished! And just to clear a few things up:

Bella knows Alice (Spanish) and Edward (Biology). She doesn't know Emmett, Rose or Jasper.

Alice knows Bella (Spanish) and Edward from their parents being friends and she knows Emmett vaguely through Edward. Alice doesn't know Rose or Jasper.

Edward knows Alice (parents) and Emmett (best mates) and Bella (Biology) and Jasper (Music). He doesn't know Rose.

Rose knows Jasper from being next-door neighbors. Doesn't know Bella, Emmett, Edward or Alice

Jasper knows Rose (next-door neighbors), Emmett (English), and Edward (music). Doesn't know Bella or Alice.

Emmett knows Edward (best mates), knows Alice vaguely through Edward, ws Jasper (English). Doesn't know Bella or Rose.

None are related!

(You're probably even more confused now, than you were before!)

Names and ages:

Isabella (Bella) Swan - 17,

(Mary) Alice Brandon - 17,

Rosalie Hale - 18,

Edward Masen - 17,

Emmett McCarty - 18,

Jasper Whitlock – 18


Don't forget to ask any questions! – I know it's a bit confusing at the moment.

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