Chapter 1: Reminiscence

It had been a week since that fateful night when everything had come to pass… a week since Kurama had taken Mariko and died with her… a week since Lucy had walked to her death…

As she was chopping vegetables with Mayu, Nana thought about what had happened. Her train of thought, however, was interrupted by Mayu;

"Looks like you're getting better with those arms, Nana," Mayu commented.

"Oh please, anyone can do this," Nana cheerfully replied.

"At least it's not totally burnt yet," Mayu teased as she walked over to the sink.

"Hey, that was mean!" said Nana.

She looked over at Mayu, who seemed to have forgotten what she was doing and was staring into space. Suddenly Nana was thinking about the past again… she remembered something Lucy had said to her.

"Go live in that house with Kohta and your friends. I want you to do... what I cannot."

This was the last thing that Lucy had said to her before she left. It was a very sad thing to say, and Nana remembered having wondered why Lucy couldn't stay with them like she could. But Lucy was being hunted down… Nana sometimes felt guilty that she was able to continue a happy lifestyle while Lucy never truly experienced such a thing; only as Nyu did she ever experience kindness… but Nana didn't know that Lucy had seen one more person before the end…


"It's because you haven't cleaned in such a long time that this would happen! If you don't hurry you won't get any food!"

"Geez, I get it!"

As Kohta was cleaning, he came across a small black box with the word "Lilium" inscribed upon it. He sat down and opened it, and a soft melody began playing… Kohta felt his heart drop. This was his only reminder of Lucy and Nyu… he picked up the shell inside and delicately placed it in his palm. Kohta remembered how Nyu had broken the keepsake of his little sister, and later found and gave him a new one.

As he sat, staring at the tiny shell, Yuka walked into the room.

"What is it?," she asked.

"Ah, nothing." Kohta smiled, and placed the shell back into the music box.

Yuka stared for a moment, then said "The food's almost ready, I'm going to set it out, so come out soon."

"All right!" Kohta said.

As Yuka walked out towards the kitchen, she realized that she was a little upset by how Kohta had been staring at the shell. Why am I getting distraught over this? she thought. Everyone misses Nyu. Still, Yuka couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous. She remembered her and Kohta's kiss, and how she thought he loved her as much as she loved him. Kohta hadn't shown any special affection towards her any time since then…


All of them ate lunch together, and they reminisced about all the things that had happened to them. As they were talking, Kohta heard Wanta barking. Yuka, having heard it as well, remarked, "I wonder if we have visitors?"

"I'll go and see," said Kohta. He stood up and walked out to the front door. Absentmindedly, he realized that he had left the music box open, as he heard its melody floating quietly from the other room. Kohta saw a silhouette behind the front gate that looked strangely familiar. Suddenly the music box stopped playing, and Kohta heard the loud noise of a bell coming from behind him. He turned around, and realized that it was the old grandfather clock, which hadn't been working for as long as he could remember.

"Huh? It's working…" Kohta stated aloud. He turned around, and suddenly realized that there was no one at the gate anymore; the silhouette had disappeared. Kohta walked over to the gate and opened it, looking out at the street. He saw no one. That's weird…thought Kohta. I could have sworn someone was there…