Chapter 2: Revival




Lucy stood, awaiting her fate. The men fired, and the noise was deafening. The bullets whizzed past Lucy. They grazed her, some punctured her. She felt something on her head snap, an overwhelming pain enveloped her, and she went into a state of shock and fell unconscious.

Eternal sleep…





"She's-f----of holes---"

How can I hear them? What's going on?

"Move ou-!-we-have-to----back-ASAP-"

Where am I?

Lucy's body, riddled, with holes, lay on the cold concrete of the bridge. She couldn't see, or even move. She could only faintly hear the voices of the army, which were growing fainter.

Are they leaving? Why would they leave me? Maybe they're planning to come back with something to transport my body in…

A warmth passed over Lucy, and suddenly she was in agonizing pain. She tried to get up using her vectors, but they wouldn't come out. She didn't even feel them inside of her. Lucy tried to push herself up with her hands, but she collapsed.

Ugh, it hurts… How am I even alive? Did they mistake me for dead?

Lucy touched her chest and felt something warm. She looked down, and realized that she, quite obviously, was soaked in blood. She had lots of bullet holes in her. Lucy wondered how she had survived.

They… must have missed my internal organs or something…

Lucy struggled to get up.

Why am I still alive? I don't deserve this…

After a time, Lucy successfully managed to stand up. She looked around - it was almost pitch black out, save for the moonlight through the clouds. She could barely walk. Lucy found her way off the bridge and walked into the sleeping town.

By the time she found her way to the Kaede House, it was daytime. Lucy was in a trance; she didn't know how she got here - she just wanted to be here. Lucy heard a dog barking on the other side of the gate. That must be Wanta…she thought. She heard voices, then after a small pause, a loud sound that sounded like a gong. She distinctively heard Kohta's voice, saying "Huh, it's working…"

Suddenly Lucy was afraid, afraid that he might not accept her. They had had their final goodbyes… did she really want to impose on their peace?

Lucy ran from the house, down the street and back behind some houses. She couldn't face any of them. Lucy remembered telling Kohta how she was born to kill humans, and that the world couldn't have any more people like her. Lucy suddenly felt hatred for herself. I'm supposed to be dead, I don't deserve to live…

She looked down at her body. Her wounds, characteristic of a diclinous, were already beginning to close up. She felt a slight annoyance that, while she would rather be dead, she was automatically healing herself.

Lucy wandered around town until nightfall, wondering what to do with herself. I'm not even supposed to be here… I should just rid the world of my existence. Yes, I will only make the world a worse place to live in…


Kohta lay awake in bed; he could not manage to fall asleep. He stared at the ceiling, thinking of Lucy… he was sure that she had walked to her death and would not return, and he kept assuring himself that things were better off this way, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't keep himself from missing her.

Not able to fall asleep, Kohta decided to take a walk. Walks at night were something that he had recently taken up doing fairly often. Whenever he was feeling melancholic, he would leave the house and walk to his favorite place on the long stairway that he had been traversing for so many years.

Kohta sat down at the top of the steps and gazed up at the moon. Its pale visage reminded him of Lucy's white complexion, like that of a lily… never until that night where she kissed him had Kohta realized how much he loved her. It was a strange love… she had killed his family; Normal people would never feel how he did. Kohta, however, had an unusual sense of empathy for Lucy. He knew that all her life, she had been picked on and was driven to acts of desperation. When she had shown her tender side to him that night on the steps, and they shared a moment of passion, he had realized that he loved her because she was really a nice person on the inside. How he longed for her to be there at that very moment…

After a while, Kohta stood up. It's getting late, I should go back… thought Kohta. He was about to turn around when he saw a figure walking horizontally across the steps, lower down on the staircase. He realized it was the same figure that had been silhouetted outside the gate earlier…


Lucy stood on a small cliff with white flowers on it, overlooking more of the town. She looked up at the moon. This is the end…she thought to herself. I was never supposed to be here in the first place…

She stepped closer to the edge, then stopped.

She heard something familiar. The very familiar sound of a music box came from behind her.

Tears ran down Lucy's cheeks. She whipped her head around and saw Kohta standing behind her, holding the music box to his stomach. She met his gaze.

"K… Kouta… why…" Lucy stammered.

Kohta set down the music box and stepped towards her.

As Kohta kissed her, Lucy felt a warmth in his touch that she had never felt before, even from him. Their previous encounter was one of parting sorrows. Now Lucy felt the revival of all the sensations that came before, with even more intensity.

"I love you," said Kohta, his forehead on hers and his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. "You're not worthless… during the time that you were gone… I missed you more than I have ever missed anything else… don't do anything to hurt yourself…"

"Kohta…" Lucy was speechless. She had never imagined what it was like to be important to someone. Kohta was the only one who had ever embraced her without malicious intention.

"Kohta… I… love you too…"

Lucy and Kohta shared another passionate embrace, and laid down on the soft grass.

The moon shone brightly onto the lilies around them.