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A/N: Anyway, my newest Zelda fanfic. This is going to be a major revision of my first draft of this story (which was horrendous upon reading, by the way). It's set before the events of Wind Waker, before the Great Sea appeared. I'll mainly be going with the universe of OoT, but taking my own liberties as well, considering this is quite some time after the events of OoT.

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King of the Evil Realm


The skies of Hyrule were black. Clouds billowed restlessly, churning and boiling. They seemed to roll about on the horizon where sky met earth, and the earth trembled.

Below was a terrible scene of Hyrule Castle. The spires were crumbling, massive stone blocks laying dislodged at their base. A buttress shuddered, collapsing at the center and falling, crashing into the ground below with a tremendous blast. The wall beside it fell too. Tiny figures scurried about, crashing into each other in a clash of metal while other scattered, arms flailing wildly. Screams mixed with roars.

A purple light erupted from the Temple of Time, streaking the sky, then exploded in a shower of glass and stone. It was ignored beneath the commotion surrounding it. There was no longer a pedestal, no longer a shrine, no longer a sword to guard. All that remained was the Temple's groundwork, the smoldering traces of a sealed chamber and the emblem of the Triforce etched into the ground.

Fire began to burn in the town that lay at the feet of Hyrule Castle, casting an eerie orange light upon the ruins. The earth shuddered, the sky began to swirl. Darkness gathered in the corners, then leapt out, colliding above the emblem of the Triforce. The energy rippled the very air, the space twisting and distorting.

From that space poured forth monsters, demons of every kind. Moblins, ghosts, jackals, pig-monsters, everything that plagued the land of Hyrule, and more. There were beasts wielding massive swords, black knights astride armored mounts; the view was terrifying. Those that clashed in the plain before the castle scattered too, many falling underneath the charging feet of the demons as they ran loose, whooping and laughing.

The space did not close as the last demon wiggled its way out from between the vibrating air. A dark figure emerged, teeming with dark energy. It's shoulders and chest were broad, arms and legs muscled. A Gerudo jewel shimmered on its forehead, framed by brilliant red hair. The arched nose and the square chin were unmistakable. Broken chains hung from clenched fingers and lips pulled into a grin.



The ancient woman's resounding hum had ceased, the sand that poured from between her fingers trickling to an end. Dim red eyes slid open, staring at the tiny mountains of gold sand before her. Her gnarled figure sat immobile, a purple shroud decorated with the emblem of a Triforce draped over her hunched shoulders like a part of her skin. In a slow motion, one that seemed to creak every bone in her body, she leaned forward, letting her face rest in her open palm despite the sand that still rested in it.

It was impossible. No, it was improbable, not impossible. That realization must have been the most frightening part of the entire ordeal. It was improbable, not impossible.

The woman suddenly straightened up, rising to her feet despite her crooked form. She hurriedly brushed stray grey hairs out of her eyes, sifting them back into the braids that hung by her face. She fumbled about the dark room for her cane, then thrust the tapestry that covered the doorway aside, emerging into the blinding light.

The air of Gerudo Valley was warm and humid. Tall, white clouds hovered on the horizon and a steady breeze blew through the land.

Two female guards turned to the woman, giving her a salute as she hobbled past. The woman didn't look to them, simply grabbed the reigns of a squat mule tethered to a post. She waved away the guards' offer of assistance, pulling herself onto the saddle slowly.

Without a second's waste, she spurred her mule into a steady trot, pulling across the Gerudo Valley Bridge and onto Hyrule Field.