"Kakuzu… Kakuzu… Kakuzu…KAKUZU!!!!"

"For god sake what Hidan!!!" Kakuzu yelled Hidan had been saying his name over and over again for the past 10 minutes and he was trying to count the money for there last bounty.

"I'm bored kuzu" Hidan said lying on the bed looking very ukeish (a tip he had got from deidara the other day).

"Don't call me that and why should I care?" Kakuzu said not even looking up from the money that was on his desk.

"KAKUZU WILL YOU LOOK AT ME WHEN YOU SPEEK TO ME!!!" Hidan yelled as he sat up and crossed his legs.

"Hidan I'm trying to count bug someone else" Kakuzu sighed and began counting again.

"That's all you ever fucking do!?" Hidan shouted once again. Kakuzu let a big sigh.

"Hidan please I'm trying not to lose my temper I'm busy bug someone else" Kakuzu said calmly but Hidan could still hear the hint on anger. Kakuzu began to count once again until he felt someone arms drupe over his shoulders.

"Hidan I'm warning you go away"

"But kuzu" I said sweetly using a nickname always pissed Kakuzu off "I fell lonely sat on the bed by my self" Hidan whispered into Kakuzu's ear. It took all Kakuzu will power not to push Hidan on the bed a fuck him right there.

"Get someone else to sit with you I'm busy" Kakuzu said as he hit the keys in his calculator really hard. Hidan smirked he could tell he was getting to the miser. Hidan swung round and sat on Kakuzu knee.

"But kuzu… I only want you" Hidan smirked. Kakuzu let out a small growing before picking Hidan up and throwing him across the room with a smirk Kakuzu went back to counting.

"Asshole" Hidan muttered as he stud to his feet. "That twat only fucking cares about his money" the jashinist thought as he walked over to Kakuzu desk leaning on it. Kakuzu just looked up at Hidan.

"Hidan please go away your pissing me off" Kakuzu growled. Hidan took a deep breath and sighed if Kakuzu wasted going to listen he was going to make him. The immortal quickly used both arms and pushed all of Kakuzu's money off the desk.

"Count it now asshole!" Hidan yelled really pleased with himself.

"HIDAN!!!" Kakuzu yelled standing up and pinning Hidan to the wall by his throat Hidan just smirked this is what he wanted for Kakuzu to show him some attention.


"I finally got your attention" Hidan smirked again Kakuzu growled and threw Hidan onto the bed.

"You want my attention your not going to walk for a week" Kakuzu growled again.

"Bring it on" Hidan said mockingly. Kakuzu walked over to bed and pinned Hidan hands above his head sawing them to the bedposts. Luckily for Kakuzu Hidan was only wearing his trousers as normal. Kakuzu quickly shed him and Kakuzu of the clothes. Hidan still smirking Kakuzu wanted to wipe the smirk of Hidan face so he quickly thrusts into the immortal with out warning.

"FUCK!!" Hidan yelled pulling his free the thread ripping his skin coursing blood poor down Hidan's wrists. Kakuzu smirks began thrusting into immortal harder and faster each time. Hidan's screams soon turned into moans and the two built up a rhythm Kakuzu could fell himself getting closer to the edge so he started to pump Hidan's length Hidan cant hold back the moans and he soon climaxed all over his and Kakuzu stomachs felling Hidan tighten around him pushing Kakuzu over the edge with a loud growls Kakuzu climaxed inside Hidan. For a few minutes they both led there panting until Kakuzu pulled out of Hidan with a smirk.

"W...What… you smirking…. At?" Hidan panted.

"I hope… you can walk" Kakuzu smirked.


"Cause your picking every penny off that floor"

"Asshole" Hidan grumbled.

"Next time you'll leave me alone when I say then" Kakuzu smirked.