The next morning Guy and Andin woke up. They looked around the room. They were confused at first than they remembered what happened the night before.

"Guy are you sure you want to do this?" Asked Andin.

"Andin he is my best friend, and another thing he came to me. He came to see me even knowing that we parted on bad terms, but he still wants me to share his big day. I may have been angry with him at first, but I found that Riki has chosen to stay with Iason. Not because he has to, but because he chose to that is how I can do this." Guy explained to Andin. While they were getting dressed for breakfast.

Guy and Andin start to look for Riki and Iason. They walk all through the penthouse. Finally they find them in the dining hall having breakfast. The moment they walk into the doorway of the dining hall. Liya runs into the room and goes to the table.

Iason looks at Liya with a stern look. "Liya what I have I told you about running in the house."

Liya sinks down in her chair "sorry father". Then she looks over at the two men standing at the doorway of the dining hall. "Dad who are those two men over there?" Liya asks Riki.

Riki turns his head to see Guy and Andin standing at the door. Riki then leans down to Liya. "Do you remember me telling you about Bison?"

"Yes I do, but who are they?" Liya says with a little smile.

"Well let me finish. The one with the long ponytail is Guy. The one next to him is the partner Andin. Guy and the rest of Bison has agreed to come to the wedding, so they will be staying with us until we are ready to leave."

Liya's eyes go wide as her dad is telling her this. "Why don't they come over here?" Liya asked.

"I'm not sure why doing you go over to them and ask them to set down for with us for breakfast." Riki said with a smile.

Liya gets up and walk over to Guy and Andin. Puts her hand out "how do you do my name is Liya. What is yours?"

Guy just looks at Liya, but answers." Well it's nice to meet you. I'm Guy and this is my friend Andin. I am a very close friend of you father."

"Are you going to eat breakfast with us?"

"Well I didn't know if we were invited to do so."

"Why don't you ask father. He will be able to tell you."

Liya grabs Guy's hand and pulls him to the table. Were Riki and Iason are sitting. The moment Guy gets to the table Riki and Iason look up at him. "Would you mind if we join you?" Guy asks.

Iason looks at Guy "Yes of course you may join us." He gives Guy a little smile.

"I have something I need to discuss with you Guy?" Iason says.

"What might that be?" Guy said with a piece of bacon in his mouth.

"Riki and I are going to pick out are outfits for the wedding and was wondering if you wanted to come along. Than we are going to see Roual. He has something he would like to talk to you about. I'm not sure what. Did he happen to tell you Riki?"

Riki just smiles as Guy nodes his head to what Iason had said. They finished their breakfast, and goes to the tailors. As soon as they are done with that they go back to Eos. Riki takes Guy up to see Roual.

"Let me tell you something Roual can be a little intense, but just don't let him bother you. He is just as harmless as Iason is." Riki says with a smile.

"What is that supported to mean?"

Riki just shocks his head. The make there way to Roual's floor. They walk to the door Roual's furniture opens the door. Roual meets them in the great hall. He gives Riki a hug.

"Ah Roual can you let go. I can't breathe." Riki says in a gasp of air he desperately needed.

Sorry about that Riki I'm just so happy for you. So what brings you here?"

"Well Roual there is something that Iason wanted to ask you, but since I am here I will just do it. Also since that Guy is here."

"Just get on with it." Roual interrupted.

"Well someone is in a cranky mood. Anyways Iason would like it if you would be his best man at the wedding. Also I would like it if." Riki passes and looks at Guy. "If Guy would be my best man. It is up to the two of you to plan the bachelor parties. We will be down stairs when you two are done."

Roual and Guy just look at each other in disbelief they just can't believe with the just heard. All they could do was nod at Riki.

"You two have fun. Just take as long as you need. We will be at the penthouse when you are done. Iason and I want to play before Guy comes back." Riki says with a wink before he leaves.

Well I am kind of at a block. If anyone have any other ideas. I would really like to know what they might be. I could really use the help.