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Edward's POV

I watched bemused as she tore into my room, slamming my bathroom door behind her.

"Bella?" I called, knocking tentatively. I could hear her muttering and cursing through the door. She hadn't calmed down since we'd run into Jasper at the grocery store.

I had to admit that it shook me up, too. Bella was determined to dye her hair back to her original shade of dark brown- she said it was to "proclaim her independence", whatever the fuck that meant. It was amusing to watch her flit around the hair dye aisle. She kept teasing me, suggesting different boxes of bleached blond or dark black dye for me to consider.

I ran a hand through my locks as I caught sight of myself in the mirror. Pffft. Why mess with perfection?

I heard a buzzing from my bed and turned around, confused. I cocked my head to the side when I realized Bella's phone was vibrating inside her purse.

Now, the old me would've immediately dug into her purse and checked it without a second thought. New me restrained myself, but I was still curious. I wanted to know who had called. Did Jasper realize what a dick he'd been? Was he going to apologize? Did he want to see her? I felt an irrational pang of irritation at the thought that I immediately inwardly chastised myself for. What right did I have to feel that way? None whatsoever.

This was possibly the weirdest Thanksgiving I'd ever had- probably the best up until Jasper's "what the fuck" moment. The look my mother had given me… I could count on one hand the number of times I'd seen her look at me that way. With pride.

Now she and my dad were still out, which was very unusual since their visits to my elderly aunt usually lasted an hour at most. I cringed at the thought of my mom trying to give me "alone time" with Bella. Christ, how embarrassing. Lately it seemed that only Bella and I knew that we were only friends. Did I want to be more? I wasn't sure, but I found myself eagerly coveting whatever she gave me. I felt like a different man than when she originally crashed back into my life with all the subtlety of a hurricane.

Now she was locked in my bathroom dying her hair. I knocked again, still eyeing her purse on my bed.

"What?" she called, sounding irritated.

"Can I come in?" I asked, leaning against the door.


"I'm bored."

"That's it?"

"It is my bathroom…" I trailed off.

I heard the lock click and I twisted the door knob, opening it slowly. I most definitely was not prepared for the sight that greeted me: Bella standing over my sink… with her shirt on the floor. She spared me a glance before returning her attention to two small bottles.

"What the fuck?" I unconsciously echoed Jasper's favorite refrain.

She rolled her eyes at me before beckoning me closer with one hand. I tried to look at the floor for about two seconds before I gave up and unabashedly raked my eyes up and down her frame. She was wearing a hot pink bra. She is most definitely trying to kill me.

"Is there a reason your shirt is off?" I finally said, choking a little bit when she turned back towards me with a smirk on her face.

"Why, does it bother you?" she asked innocently. I glared at her for a moment and she giggled slightly before gesturing to the bottles in her hands. "I don't want to stain my shirt," she said matter-of-factly, "rrgo, no shirt."

"Ah. Okay…" I don't know what it was about her that suddenly made me feel so awkward. Maybe the fact that in our prior encounters I knew she hated me, so I could at least act the part of the insensitive pigheaded bastard.

I didn't know what to be now that we were actually friends.

"Want to help?" she asked rhetorically before unceremoniously throwing a plastic thing at my head. I caught it deftly and turned it around in my fingers. It was a fat comb with a dip on the opposite side. I gave her a questioning look, and she laughed.

"C'mere," she motioned with one hand. I approached with the little comb or whatever the fuck it was. She carefully poured one of the bottles into another before shaking it slightly. I handed over the comb at her expectant look, and she screwed it on top of the full bottle.

"This," she proudly proclaimed, "is ready to go!"

"Uh…" I struggled, not knowing the least thing about dying hair, "shouldn't your hair be wet first?" It worked like shampoo, right? Jesus, women do strange things to look pretty.

She shook her head. "No, it goes on dry."

I furrowed my brow in confusion; she laughed again.

It was a sweet sound.

"Here, watch and tell me if I miss a spot," she demanded before leaning down and- my God, she was born to fuck with me- bending over before she started running the dye-comb thing through the back of her hair.

I watched her without making a sound as she quickly ran the whatever-the-fuck-it's-called through every strand of hair. Once she was done she sighed before washing her hands and wrapping one of my towels around her shoulders.

"And now…" she announced with a flourish, "we wait!"

"For?" I inquired, wondering how long that stuff had to stay on. It stunk.

"Fifteen minutes," she said breezily before sliding past me and plopping down on my couch.

"Make yourself at home," I said sarcastically, but I was pleased that she felt so comfortable here.

"Oh, I will," she said with equal measure sarcasm before flipping on the plasma TV that I had mounted on the wall. I sat down next to her and groaned as she turned on a cheesy sitcom.

At what seemed like a short time later, she glanced at the clock on the wall.

"It's time!" she exclaimed excitedly, dashing into the bathroom. I followed tentatively and watched open-mouthed as she turned my shower on and dipped her face and hair in the spray.

"It's cold!" she shouted with a quick laugh, running her fingers through her wet strands.

She turned the shower off after a minute or so. I shifted awkwardly in the doorway, feeling like a voyeur but also not giving a fuck about it. She took another towel and started rubbing her hair against it. She stood up and tilted her head in front of the mirror before making a satisfied noise. Did she just… moan?

"How's it look?" she asked while she laughed, shaking her damp hair back and forth for a moment. "Sexy?"

I coughed. If she looked hot as a dark blond… she looked amazing as a brunette.

"What?" she asked, her voice dropping an octave. "Is it… bad?"

I was completely silent… I think if I opened my mouth, I might've squeaked.

"I hope it's okay…" she continued, taking another step closer to me, "or Laurent will have my ass for not going to a salon to get it done…" she trailed off, taking yet another step. She was still wearing the bra. No shirt. Fuck.

"Do you like it?" she asked, biting her plump lower lip as she gazed up at me.

"Yeah," my voice croaked. Every romantic or lust-filled thought I'd ever had about her came back with a vengeance as my mind was flooded with countless scenarios.

I lifted my hand and gently brushed my fingertips against her cheek, trailing them across her chin and her lips. She parted her lips and I drew in a ragged breath as her lips lightly caressed one finger.

I raised my other hand and brushed it against her damp hair, twisting it lightly beneath my fingers. She closed her eyes and leaned into my hand.

Needing no other prompting, I leaned forward and lightly brushed my lips against hers. Once, twice. They were soft and warm.

Stop this, my mind implored, Jasper loves her.

I took a breath before kissing her again, more firmly this time.

Stop, the taunting continued, she loves him.

She made a quiet sound in the back of her throat before her hands (which had been idle before) curled around my neck. She opened her mouth and lightly traced her tongue against my lips. I groaned and pulled her closer. Our kisses quickly turned passionate and fiery. I moaned against her lips before gripping her legs as she simultaneously wound them around my waist. I managed to prop her up against the sink when she froze in my grasp. I immediately took a step back from her, breathing deeply and fighting every instinct in me to go back and claim her as mine.

"I…" she paused, "I… should go home. I'm… I'm sorry," she said, wiping her lips with the back of her hand before she hurriedly grabbed her shirt and purse.

"Bella," I caught her arm before she left. She sighed before turning to face me.

"I'll see you at school?" I asked carefully, not wanting to freak her out more than she already seemed to be.

"Yeah," she said after a pause before rushing out of the room.

I watched her go before flopping back on my bed, the taste of her still on my lips.

Bella's POV

"So Bells, how was your weekend?" Charlie asked gruffly, rummaging through the mail that had compiled on the kitchen counter. He was spending more time at Tanya's than at home nowadays, and the past couple of days hadn't been any exception.

Well, when I was pissed on Thanksgiving- you remember, I bitched you out that night and called your girlfriend a dirty slut- well, I went over to Edward Cullen's, went to the grocery store, saw Jasper, dyed my hair and let Edward kiss the fuck out of me. Then I went home and now I have no idea how to feel about anything. How about you?

"Not much," I said, hoping he'd just leave me alone like he always did.

He just nodded before heading upstairs. I could hear his clunking footsteps reverberating through the whole house. I gathered my school supplies together and headed off to school.

I was grateful that the first half of the day passed quickly. Mindless gossip and giggling with Rose and Alice took my mind off of what I should have been thinking about; what I'd avoided thinking about. As I walked into the lunch room and sat at our empty table, my thoughts began to cloud over. I had no idea what I was doing, and I didn't know what to do next. My inner-emo tantrum was interrupted by Jasper sitting down at the table. I jumped with a start for a moment before immediately feeling anxious. This was the first time we were alone since we broke up, and I wondered if he'd try to apologize or have a heart-to-heart.

"You look nice today," Jasper said quietly. I felt a piece of my heart that I thought was in place shake loose.

"I…" I should have told him to fuck off. I should have told him that there are other things he should have told me by now, and that I look hot is not one of them. I should have told him that his little episode in the grocery store drove me to kiss his best friend.

But I didn't.

"…Thanks." I said, feeling odd when he trained his surprised but hopeful blue eyes on mine. I immediately remembered how Edward's eyes looked that night right after we kissed and couldn't help but compare them.

Dark green, light blue, dark green, light blue.

I could tell that there was something else Jasper wanted to say, but our moment was ruined when Rosalie sat in the chair between us. I looked to my tray and tried not to wonder why I felt disappointed.

Edward sat in the seat next to mine and offered me a smile, which I returned before, once again, awkwardly looking down. Alice sat next to him and Emmett sat between her and Jasper, thus completing our little circle. Angela was off studying and James was back at his old table since he was still a little pissy about the whole me and Edward being friends thing.

The first few minutes of lunch seemed to pass painfully slow. It was as if everyone knew that something had shifted; that something had changed.

"You know, there's a dance next week," Emmett said as he bit into yet another sandwich, "the Snow Ball. Should be pretty tight, the punch is always spiked." Leave it to Emmett to break the ice.

"Sounds fun," I said dryly.

"But, you have to take a date," he finished, mischief glinting in his eyes. He looked from Jasper, who was staring at the table, to Edward, who was glaring at him.

I fixed Emmett with a death stare of my own, which only made him smile wider. A sharp elbow jab from Rosalie seemed to do what the rest of us couldn't, and he coughed before looking at her with apologetic eyes.

A dance. Great. I looked over at Edward and he gave me a sympathetic look, which made me grin slightly. A chair twisting against the squeaky cafeteria floor made me inadvertently look in Jasper's direction. I could only see his back as he swiftly walked away.

Alice sighed, but Rosalie chuckled. Alice gave Rosalie a sharp look.

"What?" Rosalie scoffed. "He needs to toughen up. Just because she looked at him is no cause for him to stomp out of here."

Edward looked a little guilty, but I felt annoyed. We weren't allowed to even look at each other without Jasper freaking out?

Alice sighed yet again. "I guess he was a little dramatic."

"More like a drama queen!" Rosalie corrected, tipping her Fanta can back in a mock-toast.

"He's a human! Leave Jasper alone!" Emmett screeched in a dead-on Chris Crocker impression, wiping fake tears from his cheeks.

"Babe…" Rosalie said, rolling her eyes. Emmett gave the table a cheesy grin before kissing her on the cheek.

"I've got to go to the library before class." I picked up my backpack and raised an eyebrow when Edward stood up as well.

"I have to pick up a book for American Lit," he offered as explanation. I nodded and waved to our table, trying to ignore the exaggerated look of appraisal that Emmett sent our way. Edward held one of the cafeteria doors open for me, and God help me, I blushed. Things were just… weird. I'll admit that I was upset that night. Jasper had no right to throw such a bitch fit over me hanging out with Edward. Dying my hair (and Edward's reluctant help) had been so unexpectedly fun and liberating that kissing him felt natural. I didn't even think about it. But you probably should have.

He didn't talk about it, and neither did I. Maybe it could just be forgotten. Kisses like that shouldn't. Ugh! The little devil on my shoulder was currently campaigning for a repeat performance.

"So…" Edward began speaking and I was jolted out of my thoughts.

"Yeah?" I asked, surprised when he lightly grabbed my arm. He looked like a deer in headlights for a split second before his face became blank.

"I think I forgot something in the cafeteria…" he said quickly.

I squinted at him. "No, you didn't. You didn't even eat. Why are you lying?" My eyes flickered over to where he had looked before and I stopped cold.

Jasper talking to a leggy blond.

I bit my lip but I couldn't restrain the pang of hurt that flashed through me. She was very clearly flirting with him- flipping her long blond hair and giggling. Jasper didn't seem very interested as she prattled on, but he didn't tell her to fuck off either.

"C'mon," Edward urged, tugging on my arm. I willingly turned away from the unwelcome sight. Jasper never turned, never looked up. I didn't know whether I should be glad that he didn't see me or pissed that he hadn't.

I rounded a corner with Edward and immediately wrenched my arm from his grasp, leaning against an aisle of lockers and taking deep breaths. I took one look at him before looking away. He looked so… sympathetic, God damn it. I wasn't someone to be pitied.

"It's fine," I lied, shrugging my shoulders. Edward's "Do I look stupid to you?" look didn't escape my notice. I looked to the floor scratched linoleum floor.

"Her name is Irina," he said dully. "Very shallow, kind of a bitch. Not Jasper's type at all…" he paused at my grateful look, "…except for the bitch part." He grinned as I squealed indignantly, giving him a playful punch to the shoulder.

I chuckled for a second then shook my head slowly.

"Thank you," I said, looking up at him.

"For what?" he asked, bemused.

"Making me laugh about something this shitty," I explained.

"I could do better," he boasted. "What about if they had kids? Four words: cross-eyed inbred albinos."

I smiled and rolled my eyes as the warning bell rang.

"Time for class?" Edward extended his arm, and I took it.

"Might as well," I muttered, my sullen mood still hovering over me as we walked back to the classrooms.


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