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Sitting on the shores of Titans Island, staring across the bay, listening to the sound of waves crashing against the shore. Robin contemplated what to do next. The Titans were going to split. Tomorrow. His friends, nay, his family, was going to split. It was nearly impossible for him to believe he'd loose another family. Where to go from here? Well, he wouldn't leave Jump City. No matter what. Maybe he would change his costume and name. Nightwing. It sounded perfect. With thoughts of his future well in his mind, Robin contemplated the future of the others.

Starfire was going to Metropolis to get singing lessons. It was her dream to sing opera, and Superman, upon hearing of her wish, (secretly being contacted by Robin), got a hold of one of his friends and the deal was done. She'd leave early in the morning. Robin planned on being there to say good-bye. He planned on seeing her on stage someday. Someday…

Cyborg was going to go work for the United States government designing and building security systems, body armor, vehicles, and weapons. He would leave late afternoon, sticking around just long enough to help maybe put away one more criminal, as well as shoot some hoops or play football. Robin would keep in contact through e-mail, knowing full well that his second-in-command would be doing a great job.

Raven had gotten a job working at a museum in Seattle. The International Museum of Vikings, Myths, and Magic. Collections of artifacts involved with Vikings, Norse Mythology, and magic rituals all stored in one place. The largest collection in the world, Raven had informed the Titans. During her free time, Raven wanted to write a book chronicling the adventures of the Teen Titans, as well as publish some of her poetry and maybe write a few fantasy novels. Robin promised to visit the museum and read every single one of her books and poems.

Beast Boy was going to stay in Africa for a few years. He wanted to go back to his roots, trying to discover a cure for Sakutia, and promised to be back once he was cured. The Titans were shocked to hear this, but supported him one hundred percent of the way. Beast Boy would drop his name, going by Garfield Mark Logan. His flight left at 10:55 p.m., and then there would only be Robin.

They were all going in separate directions, walking along their own paths of life. Robin was sure that they would all meet again, that their paths would cross. He didn't know when or where, but he was sure of it. Until then, he had Cyborg's e-mail, Raven's Facebook account, Starfire's phone number, and Garfield's hotmail account.

The path of life is a winding one, its course as unpredictable as the Joker. For the future is always in motion, flowing like a river to the sea. You never know where you're going to go, what you'll be doing years from now or even tomorrow. The winds of Fate are ever changing. One moment, you could be amongst friends. The next, you could be utterly alone. Don't live in fear. Cherish what you have, for it will be gone someday. All things must pass, even those we wish to last forever. Keep your friends and family close, in your memories, in your heart, in your soul.