A/N: Shortest story I've ever written was over 600 words. Makes me wonder if I'm capable of drabbling…

X xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X

If I didn't know better, Jess, I'd think you were capable of lying to me.

If I didn't know better I'd think I am falling for your lies.

I don't know what you and Stella think you're doing, but I do know you're this close of going rogue, and that worries me.

I know you think you're safe and strong, but here I'm thinking Aiden Burns. There's a reason why they stopped calling it a shield and now it's merely a badge, you know.

I don't want to lose you, babe, but I can't help feeling like I've already have.

X xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X

A/N: One hundred words! But... does it make sense?