On a Military plane General Hawk talks with to new members ,he says"I am General hawk and you

will be meeting Stone a head commander I left in care a important matter to" He paused "But you two

have something special that is why you two became the to new members of sigma 6" "I aim to

be the best I can be sir."said Mad dog, you hear hints of pride. Outcast nodded But she

could have cared less what Hawk said. Mad Dog had talked his way in her head to join and if

she didn't he would have keep nagging till her ears blew up. They landed on the Sea Titian with

a soft landing. Two men were waiting for them as they walked up to them. When Hawk was talking

to one of the men Mad Dog whispered something in Outcast's ear. "Can you just act happy I'm kind

of worryed a but you thats why I "froce" you to come." "Don't worry about me I can take care of me

self" Outcast coldly whispered back. Mad Dog frowned but turned his attention to Stone and the

other man. "Hello, I'm Stone and this chap here is Firefly" as he pointed at the man next to him.

"Hello" as he walked to Outcast( She has her mask down and hood too.)you must be the gorgeous

Outcast ,I heard so much about you from Hawk." He winked and took her hand and kiss it and Outcast blushed a little bit as Mad Dog snickered. Outcast quickly withdrew her hand back as

Firefly said in a sly voice" It will a great pleasure having you on the team." Mad Dog who was finished snickering said" My code name is Mad Dog but you can call me "Mads" if you like."

"And you milady" asked Stone but she knew he knew but she said it anyway. "My name is

Outcast and I hope we can be friends later" Outcast said lamely. "Now that we are done we

can go on with the tour and meeting the rest of the crew" said Stone as he looked at each of

them then looking back at Hawk. Hawk nodded and said goodbye as he turned back to the

that Stone showed "Mads" to his room as Firefly showed Outcast hers. "Here we

are as he should her room. My room is down the hall to the right if you need any thing." She

nod and opened the door but Firefly stilled where he was. Dose he want a kiss or something

but she brushed that thought away quickly. She muder thanks and shut the door in his face.

Fireflys Pov

"Looks like Outcast is going to be mine and am going to get her if it's the last thing too"

said to himself with a evil grin on his face as turned around and walked the hall.

Someone's Pov

In a rundown warehouse in New York a man was sitting on a chair talking with someone

on the computer. Who was this man talking to you himself!"Ssso will you be

joining Cobra, Ssskyler"hissed Cobra. "I need some time to decide commander""Very well"

The competer turns off and Skyler turns around and plays darts. But the dart broad has

Mad Dogs picture on it. As he lands 5 dart on the broad in the middle of Mad Dogs face

he said in a low hiss"I will pay you back for what you done" Then quickly added in a soft


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