Drabble written for duck_or_rabbit on Livejournal with the prompts Slughorn, Lily Evans and James Potter

It was more complicated then most people thought, making a suitable match.

Horace finds it easier to make a chart outlining all possible candidates, outlining their good and bad traits to try and line them up with an appropriate associate.

Business connections were easy. Match making was much more difficult, more subtlety required, more finesse.

Matchmaking Lily Evans was becoming impossible.

Her blood status had made her unsuitable for half of his Slug Club. Not that Horace cared about such things, of course, but the old pureblooded families most certainly would.

Such a mind, such talent, and such wit the girl had. One much be fast paced to keep up with the likes of her, and he was having a rather hard time finding someone good enough for her.

His main problem was that he kept arriving back at the same person - the same person who could keep up and be matched perfectly with. Unfortunately, Lily was not fond of said person.

No, Lily Evans was not fond of James Potter at all.

Horace had tried to imagine hundreds of other couplings. There had been a short time where he had been leaning towards a match with Sirius Black. Strong magic, from an old, noble family, talented… but he know that it wouldn't have worked.

Two people that hot headed couldn't live under the same roof. The roof would be hexed to bits.

But Potter… That could be quite the match indeed. If only she could realise how perfect that would be and open her eyes.

Top in their years, charismatic, motivated, and their personalities complimented each other. The ying and yang. Horace smiled to himself, thinking of the offspring that could be produced. Potential for greatness there.

He drew a dotted line from Lily's name in the left column and connected it to James' on the right.

Now all he needed was a plan.

And some luck.