Drabble written for hrymfaxe on Livejournal with the prompts of Walburga Black and snow

Kreacher is cleaning.

Poor Mistress doesn't like the snow, no she doesn't. The awful white blanket covering her stoop. The House of Black needn't be sullied with something as common as snow.

Kreacher vanishes it, because he is a good elf to the Noble Blacks, doing whatever his Mistress desires.

But Kreacher has a secret. Secretly, he thinks that Mistress is wrong, and secretly he punishes himself for thinking so, thrusting his hand into the smouldering coals in the hearth. Because secretly, Kreacher thinks the snow is pretty.

Kreacher doesn't know why his Mistress doesn't like the snow and he does, because he usually likes everything she likes. She likes the mahogany furniture in the sitting room. She likes eating Christmas pudding. She likes to drink out of the firewhiskey bottles when she thinks nobody is looking. Kreacher likes all of these things too.

Mistress likes things to be stately and proper and sitting in their place. She likes the young Masters to look neat and tidy and silent. She likes to drink her tea while looking into her green back garden, watching as the fanged geraniums snap at butterflies passing.

Kreacher likes snow being chaotic and noisy. It looks like it would be fun for a house elf to run through if their family were to request it. Kreacher has heard of other elves being ordered to play with their young masters and mistresses in the snow, tobogganing and making snow-wizards, but never Kreacher.

Kreacher doesn't see his Mistress looking out the window so he picks up some of the snow. It is cold and sticky, but Kreacher doesn't mind. He makes it into a ball and throws it into the street and it hits a passing muggle, knocking off his strange looking hat. The filthy muggle looks, but he cannot see Kreacher standing on the top step, because Kreacher is hidden and muggles are stupid. Kreacher's eyes widen. Mistress would love this game if he were to be able to suggest it without being punished for not cleaning when he had been asked to. Elves are not meant to be playing games when it wasn't told to do so. Kreacher doesn't want to be threatened with clothes for disobeying. Kreacher must hit his head off the wall for even thinking such thoughts.

Perhaps Kreacher will mention this new game to young Master Regulus. He would find it most fun.