Written for ladybracknell on Livejournal with the prompts of Jasper and icicle

Eight years they had been with the Cullens, and he was on his second attempt to make it through high school. Six months of living in Fremont, Quebec had done nothing to make the French on his tongue sound less foreign nor did the snow crunching beneath his feet feel quite right. Southern men weren't accustomed to the snow, la neige. He agreed with Edward and Emmett, that it was fun to play in, pelting snowballs at each other, but when it just sat there doing nothing, blanketing things, it was rather pointless.

Ice was slightly more intriguing.

Behind the small school, there was a pond that had frozen over, halting the water where it stood. Late one night, he had taken Alice there, skates strapped to their feet, first time for either and had slide gracefully across the surface. He enjoyed the freedom and silence that only happened at three in the morning, when the humans were all sleeping far away and he could relax and just be Jasper the person, not Jasper the bloodthirsty vampire trying desperately hard not to massacre the town. She loved it, skating, and he loved that she loved it. Himself, he was rather indifferent to the event that was skating itself, though he did chuckle at the thought of walking on water.

They sat on the bench under a makeshift roof to remove their skates when Alice looked up. "Do you ever miss the things we didn't get to try as humans?" She shrugged as he watched her. "We never got to skate as humans; we missed the wobbling and falling bits of the process. Makes me a little sad."

"You miss not falling on your bum?" Jasper smiled at her, trying to imagine what she would have been like but unable to see her as anything other then graceful even when blood had rushed through her veins.

"Maybe not that." she giggled. "There are so many things that we take for granted or don't really care about now. Like eating. I have no desire to eat their food, it smells awful, but I wonder what I would have liked as a human…" She sounded wistful and he instinctively wrapped his arms around her tight and she snuggled into his arms. "I remember having quite the sweet tooth. My mother claimed my teeth were going to fall out. I liked sucking on peppermints all day, seeing how long they could last." Jasper could still remember the brown paper bag that they came in and the smell that would accompany the treat and sighed at the memory.

"And now you are a vampire. Freud would have said you have quite an oral fixation."

Jasper punched her playfully in the arm, and she tackled him, knocking him to the ground on his back, where something above him caught his eye. He stood carefully, lifting Alice with him, her legging wrapping themselves tightly around his waist. She watched him as he reached up and snapped something off the roof, and without thinking about it quickly put it into his mouth. "Hmmm. No real taste, but it's the same sensation."

"Un glaçon? Vraiment?"

Before Alice's mouth could close, Jasper popped the icicle from his own mouth and put it swiftly into hers, making her eyes open wide in surprise and he grinned knowing that he had caught her off guard for once. "The way it feels on your tongue is just the way I remember candies being like. Lacks the flavour, but the way it sits against your cheek and melts in your mouth… It's dead on."

"It's delightful, the way it feels." Alice had broken off a piece and was rolling it around in her mouth, closing her eyes blissfully as it passed over her tongue and hummed quietly.

He chuckled and brought his lips down to the spot just below her ear and murmured, "If you think that is good, then you are about to be in for a real treat, ma moitié."