Always Beautiful to Him

Albus Dumbledore strolled contentedly along the stone passages of Hogwarts, as he paused to unwrap yet another lemon drop, he heard a small first year ask one of the prefects about a form that needed signing.

"Ah you need to see Professor McGonagall about that." Answered the prefect.

"Which one's Professor McGonagall ?" Asked the first year, who'd only recently started at Hogwarts.

"You know, the Deputy Headmistress ..." Was the slightly impatient answer, then as the girl stared at him in confusion, "She has black hair ..."

'Black hair ...' Thought Albus, 'No's the colour of the darkest midnight sky, not free like the sky, but captured in the tight bun that she always wears. How I long to set it free to flow down her back like waves in the night. I wonder would those waves capture the stars from the heavens above ? Oh to run my hands through her hair, as it caresses her shoulders with a feather like touch, to brush her skin with my lips and taste it's silken softness.'

"And she has green eyes ..." The prefect continued.

'Green eyes ...' Thought Albus, 'Am I the only one who notices how lovely they are ? They are the deepest most intense emerald green - like the rich summer leaves that hang from the trees, like jewels in the sunlight. Whether her eyes dance and sparkle with rare laughter, or burn with fierce rage and indomitable will, I am caught in their spell and long to explore their hidden depths. Oh if only her eyes would burn for me, light up for me.'

'And then there were her lips, so inviting, so tempting. Whether pursed in a thin line of determination, or blessing him with a smile that softened her normal severe demeanour, he worshipped those lips, and longed to taste them, to make them his. His nightly dreams of his mouth caressing her's made him wake blushing, and burning with unrequited passion. Oh those moments between sleep and waking when it seemed that she truly did lie in his arms, and he still felt her mouth on his. If only those moments would last for a sweet eternity.'

The prefect's voice jolted Albus from his thoughts, just in time to see Minerva walking towards them. Albus felt a soft flush creep across his face as he gazed at her - how was it that the world did not fall on their knees before her loveliness ?

"That's Professor McGonagall now." Said the prefect, and for a split second Albus could almost have murdered him.

"Professor Mcgonagall ? I need you to sign this form." The first year said, as she walked towards Minerva.

"I'm afraid she's busy at the moment." Albus interrupted firmly, and taking his deputy by the arm drew her into an unused classroom, before she had a chance to protest.

"Albus really ?! What has got into you ?" Minerva demanded to know as soon as they were alone.

"This ..." Albus answered, and gathering his courage kissed her softly on the lips, felt Minerva's mouth part under his, her body lean against him, as he drew her closer and closer.

Author's Notes

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